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Exclusive Interview: Scott the Pisces Chats About New Single “Delusional” Which Features Mimi Sky

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Levi Farran (@shotby_levi)

Scott the Pisces has done it again, delivering a vibrant summer anthem that promises to stand out on playlists for all the right reasons. His latest single, “Delusional“, featuring the captivating vocals of London-based artist Mimi Sky, is a vibrant pop track with an unforgettably catchy hook and a gorgeous summer soundscape that we’ve loved from the very first listen. Set to be featured on Love Island USA this summer, “Delusional” is poised to make an impact this season.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the creative process behind “Delusional”, exploring how Scott the Pisces and Mimi Sky brought this infectious track to life. From the engaging pop melodies to the immaculate production done from Scott the Pisces’ own bedroom, every element of the song showcases his dedication and artistic vision. Scott the Pisces’ hands-on approach extends beyond the music itself, influencing the promotional material, including the stunning character artwork and engaging social media content that have fans eagerly anticipating each release.

Join us as we interview Scott the Pisces via email to discuss the inspiration behind “Delusional”, his collaboration with Mimi Sky, and what it feels like to see his hard work come to life. Discover the stories and experiences that shaped this incredibly addicting song, and get an inside look at what’s next for this talented producer-songwriter.

Hi Scott, can you believe it’s been nine months since we last spoke? What have you been up to since? And how have the past nine months treated you?

Hey! I know, right? Time has flown so quickly since we last spoke! I’ve had a very interesting last nine months, to say the least; a plethora of highs and lows. I’ve been keeping my head down, working on music, working on myself, always trying to be better than I was yesterday.

We’re all working on ourselves, we all have to believe we can be better than we were yesterday. We feel you! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your new single, “Delusional”, and how it differs from your previous releases?

“Delusional” came about in a very organic yet aligned way. I had the instrumental laying around for a while, but it felt too upbeat at the time for me to write to. A few months later, I was dating someone, and I thought things were amazing, like we had a connection… then out of the blue they just ended things. Through the process of overthinking and trying to figure out where things went wrong, I realised that I do have a habit of letting myself fall too quickly.

As I began to explore those thoughts I had an idea; what if I wrote a song about someone who falls in love with the wrong person, except flip it so it’s from the opposing perspective? What someone may see as love, can be seen as obsession to another.

I wouldn’t say the song is completely based on my experiences, because typically I’m very self-aware and know when to let go, I let people go very frequently, very easily. It’s more of an exaggeration of the experience of rejection, presented in a playful yet bratty way. The title “Delusional” actually came from a friend of mine. I sent her the instrumental, and without giving her context on my situation, she suggested doing something with the word “Delulu”.

This was one of those moments where the universe gives you an olive branch, as you begin to see things fall into alignment.

So ultimately the process for this song was quite different from past records, as I hadn’t fully drawn from present emotions, it was always recollections of past experiences presented in an artful way.

What was the creative process like working with Mimi Sky on “Delusional”, and how did her involvement influence the direction of the song?

It was great to work with Mimi on “Delusional”, I had already written and recorded my own demo version of the song for her. We got into the studio together and went section by section re-recording the parts. I had all the harmonies I wanted ready so it came about fairly easily. The great thing about working with Mimi is how versatile she is with adlibs. We recorded so many just for fun, and the best ones I placed throughout the song meticulously. Compared to the original demo, there was only one line that we ultimately changed.

You’re always so hands-on when it comes to promotional content for your music, and “Delusional” is certainly no different—we’re obsessed with the incredible character artwork you have created. How does it feel having this incredible content after all your time and effort, and how do you believe it enhances the overall experience of the song for your audience?

Absolutely! Thank you. It feels amazing to see it all coming into fruition as it enters the world. Even through the creative process of going from idea, to paper, to full-blown artworks. I believe that the visuals play a massive part in connecting an audience to a song. Creating the characters to tell this story was my way of giving the listeners a visual representation to relate to. I always think the song sounds way better when you sit and watch the lyric video alongside it. Maybe it’s placebo, maybe it’s how the human brain works.

Could you share any challenges you encountered while producing and recording “Delusional” or even moments or challenges from your content creation?

During the process of creating “Delusional”, from the very beginning starting with the instrumental I was going through quite a rough time emotionally. I had just lost a close friend of mine to suicide, and it was a really challenging thing to process. The instrumental itself felt like a way of me creating something positive in a dark time, in a way to feel better.

The problem with this however is when it came to writing lyrics I was left with the biggest case of writer’s block. My mind couldn’t get past the darkness to write something positive. Then in the midst of all that, the person I was dating broke things off, which surprisingly became a turning point, and the obvious motivating drive for “Delusional” as a concept.

We’re sorry to hear about your friend, grief can affect people in a whole host of different ways, we can’t imagine what you went through, what you’re still going through, never mind going through a break-up on top, but we’re glad it all led to this addicting song—it’s still in our head from the first time we heard it. This collaboration marks Mimi Sky’s first release. What inspired you to work together, and what do you think she brought to the table in terms of musicality and style?

Mimi Sky is a pseudonym for a friend of mine who I’ve been working with for a short while. I had the idea for “Delusional” and wanted to pitch it to her, but she didn’t feel like it fit the style she was going for in her own music. We came up with the idea of creating an alter ego, a fictitious character we could use to represent our work. Mimi Sky is inspired by the Episode Stories series, which is a game where people create their own characters and stories. Mimi being a fictional character opened up a world of possibilities creatively, and is why the art style for “Delusional” is cartoon-based. We’re living in her world.

Working with her is amazing because of how versatile she is. The way she speaks / sings in real life is actually a lot different to on the record, as “Delusional” Mimi was emulating how I sang the demo, including my accent and cadence. In a way, Mimi Sky is a combination of both of us.

Your background in music spans from a young age. How have your musical influences evolved since you first started, and how do they inform your sound today?

There’s so much depth to my love for music. I’ve grown through so many different genres from a young age to where I’m at now. The beauty of that is I have an encyclopaedia of knowledge in my head for what makes a good song, and I can pull from that at any time, it’s second nature.

There’s a lot of R&B influence in my brain, and I find myself leaning into that when it comes to vocals; I can hear where they should go. The choices I make in mixing come from my love of hip-hop, especially classic West Coast productions. The sonics were so crisp, bass-heavy but vocals upfront and clear. It’s why I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to mixing. I’ve heard how good music can be, and I want mine to be as close as I can.

The pop influences I have from the likes of Max Martin’s productions allow me to know and feel the melodic maths that goes into a hit. I try to make changes at every moment when my mind starts to turn off, to keep the listener hooked. You’ll notice my songs have multiple hooks, even in the verses. The words may be different, but the melodies are mirror images of each other. Each section is its own chorus.

Can you share any plans or aspirations you have for the future, either as a solo artist or in collaboration with other musicians?

I’m currently taking vocal coaching lessons as I really want to pursue a solo career one day. I have such a strong vision for what I can be, and I don’t want to feel limited anymore. There are songs I’ve written that I would prefer to sing, to tell my own stories, instead of giving them to someone else. I also really miss performing, I used to love the connection I’d get with an audience of real people. I think that experience is what’s going to matter most in the future, especially with AI-generated music; people will want to see a real human playing real music.

Promotional photo for "Delusional" featuring Mimi Sky, which sees Scott The Pisces sitting on the floor at a photo shoot studio, wearing a baby-blue jumper with a pair of blue jeans and some light blue vans trainers. His background is a bright blue that doesn't match any of the colours he is wearing.
Photo Credit: Levi Farran (@shotby_levi)

As an independent artist, what do you find most rewarding and most challenging about navigating the music industry today?

Most challenging is definitely having any type of financial support for my vision. Major labels really do serve a role in that regard, enabling the artist to pursue their vision. I’ve always worked part-time outside of music to fund my journey, which of course means less time working on my craft. I didn’t grow up with money, and the lack of financial freedom is the reason why I haven’t released as much music as I should; I struggle to find time. The most rewarding thing is of course being 100% in control of your music, brand, image, and seeing the work you’ve put in pay off.

Finally, what message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from “Delusional”?

There’s no real message to “Delusional”, it’s a song to feel good listening to. Perhaps the story behind its creation is the real message. In dark times you can always find a silver lining, a way to turn things around. It takes time and introspective thought to transmute a negative experience. Be sure to find an outlet to express yourself, and ultimately no matter the situation, just keep pushing towards becoming who you were meant to be.

Thank you, Scott the Pisces, for taking the time to answer our questions. “Delusional” has such a catchy hook that we’re sure every listener will have it in their heads for days on end—we sure do. We’re excited to hear that you’re taking vocal lessons and want to be the vocalist on your own songs as well as perform on stage—we hope to watch you perform live sometime in the future.

There’s so much to look forward to when it comes to your music career and we’ll be right here supporting you along the way. Let’s be honest, you sure know how to bring the summer beats every year!

Single cover artwork for "Delusional" which sees Scott the Pisces and Mimi Sky in animated character style form.

“Delusional”, by Scott the Pisces featuring Mimi Sky, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. Expect more exciting news from this artist in the future, and we cannot wait to watch his career trajectory soar.

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