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Discovering Tranquility: Waiting for Smith Opens Up About “Nature’s Mind” in Exclusive Interview

by Jonathan Currinn
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In an exclusive interview, we had the opportunity to dive into the creative world of Waiting for Smith, an artist who skillfully transcends the boundaries of mere entertainment through his music. With his latest single, “Nature’s Mind“, he gracefully extends an invitation to join him in a tranquil space where the serenity of nature harmoniously weaves into the fabric of emotive lyrics.

In this intimate conversation, Waiting for Smith, led by Harry Lloyd, opens up about the origins of “Nature’s Mind”, the impact of his South African sojourn, and the deeper message that weaves through his music. Join us as we explore the melodies and the mind behind this artist, shedding light on the intersection of music, nature, and the human soul.

Hi Harry, we hope you are having a good day today. “Nature’s Mind” is a song that seems deeply connected to your experiences in South Africa. Could you tell us more about how this journey influenced your music and the creation of this song?

Yes, of course, Having arrived in South Africa, there was all this space. This space to connect to nature.

My days were starting with ice-cold swims in the ocean, walks with Wild baboons and long hikes into the mountains. When looking out over the sea one sunset, with my bare feet in the sand, this stillness came over me. Walking through the mountains with my fingertips lightly touching the grasses and tops of the bushes, my mind would be completely empty. In the connection felt with nature, there’s only space for contentment and connection to the eternal.

When laying in bed one evening the thoughts of going home one day made me sad.

How do I take these feelings home? How can I share what I felt?

The words and melody…“These four chords sound like the sea, when I play them they bring me peace” came to me…

If I can close my eyes, and take myself to the beauty of nature, my body will always feel calm and feel safe wherever I am. And that’s what “Nature’s Mind” is about, the reminder to everyone to connect to that place that it is within us all…our own nature, our stillness that lies behind all the noise.

The press release mentions the importance of “inner tranquillity and harmony with nature” in your music. How do you personally achieve this balance, and how does it reflect in your work?

Firstly I do yoga every morning, which gives me an opportunity every day to warm up my body and connect my mind and digest the simple miracle that I’m alive again, it sounds simple but it’s true. I survived a big accident and I never forgot that. I also work out, have barley grass water, a cup of herbal tea and then a coffee. This sounds like a lot to keep on top of but I enjoy being healthy and focused just as much as I do unhealthy.

It’s addictive feeling at your best and I need it to do what I do. I can’t be singing about joy and waking up five days a week with depression. One of the greatest things that has helped me with this new routine is moving out of the city into the country, entering from my own garden and being close to the woods, it makes it a lot easier. Before I would leave the house and get distracted by all the cafés and bars.

Your music has resonated with audiences across the globe. What do you think it is about your music that makes it universally appealing?

I guess I’m saying something that has been said since the dawn of time in a new way, principles that helped ancient society to flourish. Do what you love, connect to nature, be present as a parent, live close to the ground, hear the voice of doubt but don’t let it make your decisions for you. Of course, these are all easy to talk about but if we really are about living them with our full hearts I think we open up extraordinary lives and potential for ourselves.

Also, I really love people, I have a lot of love to give because I believe we are all in essence from that place. Guess I’m singing from joy and like the listeners to feel comforted. I genuinely want to help people, plus I love a song anyone can hum, it feels deeply connecting.

With such a strong following on social media including across YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as impressive streaming numbers with over 3.5 million Spotify streams, how do you engage with your fans, and how do they influence your creative process?

Just trying to be more myself, I feel when you’re truly yourself you find your people. Someone sees the truth in you.

“Nature’s Mind” is described as a poignant reminder of the solace found in nature. How do you hope this message will impact your listeners in today’s fast-paced world?

Bring them more peace and a feeling they can find that, wherever they go. There was this story told by a monk who said he used to take his monks, after years of disciplined training, to a busy swing door in the financial district of New York. All the commuters’ energy and stress would be passing through. He said if they could find peace there then they could find it anywhere and the training had been a success. I love the idea that someone will listen to this on their commute and it will make them smile.

Can you share some insights into your collaboration with producer Danton Supple on “Nature’s Mind”? What was it like working together, and how did it contribute to the song’s unique sound?

Yeah, for me it was kinda love at first sight. I felt Danton and I connected quickly. We met at his second studio space in Strong Room although we mainly started things in the West London space. Then finished things off in RAK Studios. where he is now.

Anyway, I remember sitting down, being offered a coffee, and then we just didn’t stop talking for like two hours. I think I played him four tracks and explained to him this idea I had for a record. An album called “Raised Up”, which was really all about raising others up, to invite more positivity into their lives. As I had just come back from South Africa, where I really had found my joy. He was very excited straight away and that enthusiasm continued through the whole album.

For this project, from the first day, it was complete joy, so much laughter, and that meant it only attracted people who also were up for a great time. Every player we met was full of life, full of passion, and wanted to do something really well.

So we worked in and around the power cuts, early starts sometimes at 5:30 am – both me and the producer Danton were stretching, doing yoga, working out, eating well and really feeling at our best. At the same time, we went out and drank margaritas, went hiking, had a beer to the sunset, surfed and had beautiful long chats. So in the music, you really hear and feel the energy of joy and vitality.

You have tour dates coming up, and recently performed a headline show at The Camden Assembly. What can your fans expect from your live performances, and how do they differ from your recorded music?

Just performed at the Camden Assembly. It was electric!

For me, shows are a chance to express the whole of the human experience. At the moment my focus is on beautiful emotions/actions – like joy, poignancy, ambition, dance, song, and even the release of anger. When that is achieved people see themselves somewhere in you and in everyone around.

My job is to simply be in service to the moment with as much joy and enthusiasm as I can give. My mission every show is for people to walk out of that room a different person then when they walked in…more open, more loving, more joyous, more optimistic and more free. It has a positive ripple effect. When I sing and perform I don’t think about what I’m doing at all, I am simply in service of joy, so I try to leave myself at the entrance.

Could you tell us about your upcoming European tour with Isaac Anderson? What are you most looking forward to during this tour?

Just singing with the crowd, really seeing people light up as they sing:

“That weather it gets better, if you let her, if you let light in” and “I’m beautiful, I’m safe, I’m loved and I’m actually free. I don’t need to be no-one else I just need to be me”

I can already hear it. In some rooms they’ll be around 800-1,000 people. I feel this could be the most joyous moment of my life.

Also I’m gonna tell some jokes, I love hearing people laugh en masse. It’s magic.

You’ve been on the musical scene for a number of years now. How do you think your sound has evolved over the years, and what can we expect from your future releases?

It’s always getting close to who I am. When I was sad and full of sadness my songs reflected that, like “Song for Grace”, when I was trying to understand how to be happier songs like “Trying Not To Try”, “Tidal Wave”, and “Skylight Dawn” were written.

I’m now feeling very joyful, I truly found my stride in South Africa recording with a choir. So the music will continue to reflect that and I really want it to help others find their joy and invite more positivity into their lives. That’s why the new album next year will be called “Raised Up”. It’s a call to anyone listening to raise up to a happier way of life. The secrets are within the songs.

In the fast-paced world of the entertainment industry, how do you manage to maintain your authenticity and stay true to your artistic vision?

Great question. Daily practice. I try to make decisions from a place of calm and passion not anxiety or fear. I do that by working out, doing yoga, and trying to eat well, I surround myself with good friends, great conversation, my kittens, loving relationships, and I don’t watch or consume any news. I treat my mind like my gut. So I’m careful about what I put in it.

I love gardening and eating from my garden. And I try to give thanks every day for the things that are working in my life. After having a life-changing accident and nearly not being here. I’m really in the business of becoming as aware as I can be, spreading as much, having as much fun, and helping as many people along the way.

As we wrap up our conversation, is there a special message or something you’d like to say to your dedicated fans who have been following your musical journey?

Just go for it! You are enough, this is your moment! Find your unique gift to the world, never give up, practice the art of appreciating things, and if that gift is of service to humanity then I thank you and send you all my love.

See you at a show! Let’s make this world epic together! yehhhhhhhh sing it “I’m beautiful, I’m safe I’m loved and im actually free. I don’t need to be no-one else I just need to be me.”

Thank you, Waiting For Smith, for taking the time to answer our questions. We love the note that you ended the interview on – you’re an inspiration to us all.

“Nature’s Mind”, by Waiting For Smith, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Four One Seven Records.

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