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Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 Throws Epic Twists and Turns with “Out Of The Closet” Episode, Leaving Fans Gooped and Gagged!

by Jonathan Currinn
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The latest episode of Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 brought forth a whirlwind of drama and creativity, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. Following the departure of The Girlfriend Experience in the previous episode, tensions simmered in the werk room as the remaining queens prepared for a sewing challenge featuring Brad Goreski’s closet treasures.

Aurora Matrix’s decision to gift the coveted golden beaver to Kiki Coe after her win sparked both congratulations and discord among the contestants. While some praised Aurora’s choice, others, notably Denim and Venus, expressed surprise and disagreement considering Kitten Kaboodle’s track record, since she won the previous week, setting the stage for brewing tensions; however, Kitten understood and conveyed that she knows that no one can rely on others, especially for the golden beaver, and it’s down to each queen to do their best week-on-week.

Kiki Coe posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a gold outfit.

The episode kicked off with a high-energy mini-challenge involving a photoshoot with vibrant wigs, ultimately won by Nearah Nuff. Brad Goreski then unveiled the main task: transforming his old clothing into upcycled couture – a challenge that sparked a frenzy as queens scrambled for fabrics and devised their designs.

As the queens delved into their creations, the werkroom buzzed with a mix of confidence and apprehension. Venus struggled to recall her sewing skills, while Luna DuBois leveraged her fashion school background. Meanwhile, Aimee Yonce Shannel’s “fresh out of the shower” concept with towels and loofahs raised scepticism among her peers.

With guidance from Brad and a flurry of last-minute adjustments, the runway presentation commenced. Judges Traci Melchor, Brad Goreski, Brooke Lynn Hytes, and guest panellist Christian Allaire (journalist and Vogue fashion and style writer) scrutinized the queens’ upcycled couture, praising Kiki’s emotional garment while critiquing Aimee’s deviation from the challenge’s essence, Melinda Verga’s lack of transformation in her design, and Nearah’s shortage of polish.

Aimee Yonce Shennel posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a gold outfit.

In a tense deliberation, Kiki, as the winner, faced the decision of awarding the golden beaver to save one of the bottom queens. Nerah and Aimee argued with full-on drama, enough that they both suggested to Kiki to save Melinda as they’re both confident enough that they can beat each other in the lip-sync for their lives.

We didn’t think Kiki would actually take them up on the offer, but that’s exactly what she did saving Melinda by gifting her the lifeline, surprising everyone, while Aimee and Nearah faced off in a lip-sync battle. With the lip-sync song making history due to it being the first time a song from the Drag Race franchise alumni has been used as a lip-sync song, Aimee and Nearah battled it out to the addicting track “Come Through” by Season 1 winner, Priyanka featuring Lemon. Their electrifying performance led to another twist – both queens were granted a shantay, with no eliminations for the week.

Looking ahead, tensions escalate in the werk room, especially after that super tense lip-sync and the double shantay, flaring the drama even more. On top of that the contestants have to gear up for the iconic Snatch Game, and if Brooke Lynn Hytes’ teaser was anything to go by, there’s another twist to come, We have to admit, Canada’s Drag Race really has stepped their game up, making sure the viewers are on the edge of their seats – this is literally one of the best seasons of Drag Race, across all the franchises, in the last few years! We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Nearah Nuff posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a blue-gold outfit.

New episodes of Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 are dropped every Thursday night on Crave in Canada, BBC Three and iPlayer in the UK, and WOW Presents Plus in the US and the rest of the world.

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