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4th Impact Absolutely Stun in Awesome New Single “ALL AT ONCE”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Once again, the Filipino girl group, 4th Impact, has released another flawless track, this time acting as their official US sophomore single, titled “ALL AT ONCE”. Not ones to disappoint, they blow us away with their incredible vocals, effortlessly showcasing that being an independent artist has truly allowed them to strike gold. This acts as the follow-up to the US debut single “Distorted“.

Written by Nicolas Farmakalidis and Rachel West, whilst it has been produced by Ben B. and NicoTheOwl, “ALL AT ONCE” is a pop ballad like no other, full of exceptional vocal runs and heartfelt emotion that very few singers and groups would be able to sing. Completely out-doing themselves, 4th Impact bring more than just their faultless angelic voices to the table, they take it to a whole other level, set to give chills to every single listener.

Continuing the heartbreaking theme, “ALL AT ONCE” is a total different vibe than “Distorted”, but these Cercado sisters know exactly how to make a statement, and it’s undeniable how incredible they sound on this track. Accompanied by a gentle backing beat, 4th Impact deliver like no other group, raising the bar when it comes to harmonious vocal runs that see them level up piece by piece; especially during the chorus where they reach that falsetto with crisp clarity, impressing in every single way. In doing so, they not only manage to prove themselves in the US but all around the globe.

Connecting with the track, all four sisters shine, smoothly conveying the hurt of someone walking out of a relationship unexpectedly and how that can impact the one left behind – their world crumbling down. Full of relatable lyrics that resonate deeply with those facing tough times, “ALL AT ONCE” is a testament to resilience, something this girl group know more than most; 4th Impact are fighters, time and again proving themselves, showing up, delivering, and making every performance unforgettable – we still don’t know how they didn’t win The X Factor or Superstar K6, where they came fifth and eighth, respectively.

Not holding back, Almira Cercado, Irene Cercado, Mylene Cercado, and Celina Cercado unlock their gorgeous vocals whilst still staying true to themselves with a slow rap being added for the second verse. Stunning with exceptional professionalism, these four singers bring their all for this track and we guarantee that this is going to be a must-listen at any of their shows – we’re totally calling it, this is our favourite song that they’ve released to date. It’s giving us Mariah Carey meet JoJo vibes but more so, in fact, we reckon Mariah Carey and JoJo would struggle to pull off this pure perfection of a track.

Flawless from start to finish, “ALL AT ONCE”, by 4th Impact, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. The release of this track accompanies their return to the Philippines after eight long months in the US – they’re finally back home, they can see their family, and take care of their adorable dogs. Their fight is not over though, they plan to continue to work hard, perform in the Philippines, promote themselves, conquer December, and completely make 2024 their year! You’re got this 4th Impact!

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact posing together with a blue-tiled ceiling behind them.

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