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Into the “Distorted” World: 4th Impact’s Flawless Debut US Single and Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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It’s here! It really is here! 4th Impact have released their debut US single and music video, titled “Distorted”. This marks their first solo independent release since moving to the United States of America. Their journey to get to this point has been nothing short of remarkable and now they’re finally on the edge of world domination and we’re here for it every second of the way. They have been teasing this new single and music video through concept videos and iconic promotional photos. The release of this debut US single acts as the official follow-up to last year’s Filipino-language single “Tapat Sa’yo”.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact pose together in a dark studio wearing bright outfits and showcasing powerful stances.

Written by Gary Lee White and Miklos Malek, whilst it has been produced by the latter songwriter and Ben B., “Distorted” is an addictive pop and R&B gem that has some iconic ’00s inspiration mixed with their P-pop style and mainstream energy which is amplified to the next level with their out-of-this-world harmonies. 4th Impact has always managed to blow us away, whether it’s their performances from Superstar K6 and The X Factor, their stunning covers that they release on YouTube, or their incredible original music releases; this is a girl group destined for success and their career to date has been completely inspirational and they consistently prove that hard work really does pay off.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact standing individually in the desert where their music video was set.

That hard work is certainly paying off more so now than ever. These four Cercado sisters – Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina – are beyond perfection when it comes to this brand-new single, “Distorted”. Showcasing their harmonies from the get-go, the hook sinks itself into the souls of every listener, as the beat follows through with a gentle rhythm allowing the sisters to shine vocally both independently and jointly. Mylene kicks the track off with the first verse embodying her breathtaking R&B-pop vocal. Then, the pre-chorus bridge follows bringing a sensual tone with Celina focusing on the sultry lyrics, right before their collective vigour sets the chorus alight.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact giving power stances in front of a red Corvette.

Unleashing total fire, 4th Impact has versatility for days as the “Distorted” chorus dives deep into ’00s-inspired R&B wrapped around a mainstream pop melody. The girl group bring flawless harmonies through vocal runs and the gorgeous notes that they hit during that unforgettable chorus. Irene hits it out of the park with the second verse unlocking heartfelt emotion while Almira beams in the second pre-chorus bridge with her high-registry vocal runs.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact lined up diagonally looking to the left, all wearing black outfits.

It’s the ending bridge, however, that sees 4th Impact take it one step further, with each of the women putting their heart and soul into their individual lines and impressing with their vocals. This is no ordinary four-piece girl group, 4th Impact are absolutely off-the-charts superstars. Following the ending bridge is an infectious dance break that is set to allow these sisters to stun crowds with their faultless choreography every time they perform on stage. Then they nail the chorus one final time with Almira adding overlaying vocal riffs – something we’ve missed in mainstream music for the past half a decade or so.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact all wearing white outfits, posing together with the words "D-Day" over them, suggesting the day of the single and music video release.

Connecting with the song on a deeper level, 4th Impact effortlessly delivers the lyrical message of heartbroken hurt and pain from a relationship after finding out they’ve been cheated on. Full of emotion throughout, the sisters claim that they need a break from this person and that they are falling out of love with them and plan to spend some time with their girls, dancing the night away, hitting up the clubs – we’ll be right there with you 4th Impact!

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact posing together in a blue-tiled studio.

This isn’t just some cheating narrative, though, the words hit the listeners right in the heart when we find out that they were prepared to marry this person, to spend the rest of their lives with them, but instead, they were betrayed and they wish they never trusted this person in the first place. We can only hope that they found some self-empowerment living it up on the dance floor – it’s where we get ours from, and we plan to request this song when clubbing as we need this to be played, just once (well 100 times at least but we’ll be satisfied to hear it once).

Stream the newly-released single on Spotify here:

Considering the impeccable energy they brought to the single, alone, we had high expectations for the music video, and 4th Impact completely blew them out of the water. Fierce and powerful, 4th Impact once again fails to disappoint. Directed by 4th Impact, themselves, with Jake Bañaga & Celina Cercado acting as video editors, this music video is undeniably incredible. Their fashion is stunning, their spirit and enthusiasm are everything, and their dance choreography is taken to stratospheric heights! Choreographed by Airon, Teacher Jobel Dayrit (D Grind), and 4th Impact, we watch as the sisters nail every single move immaculately.

Promotional poster for "Distorted" which sees 4th Impact posing in front of a red Corvette in a studio.

There are various scenes throughout the visual, including a dance studio, a car scene (which is a red Corvette), and a brightly-lit diamond-shaped corridor; but it’s the desert scene that is the main location with 4th Impact grabbing the spotlight in every scene with their iconic dance choreography and the embodiment of the emotional lyrics, which allows the viewers to really feel the track and feel the heartbroken, painful meaning of the song.

With incredible energy, flawless choreography with a dance break, and undeniable radiance, 4th Impact have landed and made their biggest mark, to date, in the music industry. They’re here, they’ve arrived, and they’ve proven their worth on US soil – we always knew they had it in them. This is just the first step in their soon-to-be astonishing and successful career.

Watch the official music video to the track here:

Getting to this point has certainly not been easy for the sisters, first making an impact on Superstar K6 as MICA where they came seventh, before going to audition on The X Factor’s 12th series which saw them place fifth. Their audition on The X Factor has gone on to become The X Factor’s most-viewed video on the official UK YouTube Channel, clocking in 190 million views, where they covered Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj’s hit, “Bang Bang”, whilst their Six Chair Challenge performance, where they sang the Christina Aguilera song “Show Me How You Burlesque” from the Burlesque soundtrack, is currently the 10th most viewed video on the channel.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees Almira Circado from 4th Impact posing in shorts and a fluffy top with a green-tiled ceiling.

Since then, they’ve worked and worked and worked, putting in a tonne of effort to make a career in music, but pushback from labels, over-head management, and various other music industry toxicity has led to them not getting the opportunities and the success they clearly deserve. With the help of their Patreons and various supporters, they took a leap of faith, heading to the US to embark on their music careers.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees Irene Cercado from 4th Impact in the driver's seat of a red Corvette. Her blonde hair is in plaits and she's wearing shades.

They are now a self-managed, independent artist, and it seems that their previous label, ShowBT, closed down – leading to the end of what seemed to be the rise of P-pop on an international level. Now that they don’t have the help of a label, financial costs are certainly a limiting factor. But they continue to fight, they continue to work, and they continue to dream, leading to the success they deeply deserve.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees Celina Cercado from 4th Impact lying on the floor wearing a cute denim dress.

If anything, their debut US single “Distorted”, fully showcases who they are as a group with their absolutely incredible harmonies and their ability to knock out choreography like it’s nothing. “Distorted” is the first giant step into the start of 4th Impact’s successful independent career – this time they’re going to make it and we’re supporting them in every single endeavour.

Promotional photo for "Distorted" which sees Mylene from 4th Impact sitting on the bonnet of a red Corvette, wearing a pink outfit. Her brown hair is bunched up into two buns and cascades down both sides of her body.

“Distorted”, by 4th Impact, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. The girl group also recently announced a US tour, revealing the first two dates, with more expected to come. Make sure you subscribe to their Patreon to get exclusive reveals including hearing new music first, watching videos first, taking part in exclusive live streams, and exclusive updates.

4th Impact US Tour:

  • November 18 – Los Angeles (Pomona)
  • November 19 – San Francisco (Redwood City)

Follow 4th Impact on social media here:

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