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4th Impact Offers Fans an Exclusive Glimpse Behind-The-Scenes of “Distorted” Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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Renowned girl group 4th Impact has given their fans an exciting treat with the release of the “Behind-The-Scenes of Distorted” video for their US Debut Single. The single and music video, which made its debut in early October 2023, received widespread acclaim, and fans have been eagerly awaiting a look behind the scenes of this mesmerising production.

In the newly released footage, the talented Cercado sisters, Almira, Irene, Mylene, and Celina, provide a candid and intimate view into the making of “Distorted”. The video takes us on a journey through the intricate choreography, costume fittings, and the collaborative effort put into creating this visually stunning music video.

4th Impact’s strong vocal harmonies, combined with their striking stage presence, have garnered them a dedicated fanbase around the world. With “Distorted”, they continue to showcase their versatility as artists while capturing the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Fans can catch glimpses of the group’s dedication and passion as they rehearse their dance moves, pose for photography shots, take us to the desert, and show glimpses of costume fittings as well as hair and make-up. It’s an opportunity for fans to connect with the group on a more personal level and gain insight into the creative process.

As per usual, all four girl group members are full of energy and excitement about filming the music video. We also love to see sneaky shots of their mother, who’s support for 4th Impact has always been next level!

Watch the “Behind-The-Scenes of Distorted” video by 4th Impact here:

The Behind-The-Scenes video for “Distorted” is a testament to the hard work and artistry that went into this production. It’s a must-see for all 4th Impact supporters and those who appreciate the extensive production of making a music video as an independent artist.

As the group continues to gain recognition on the global music scene, this behind-the-scenes glimpse will undoubtedly enhance the fan experience and further solidify 4th Impact’s status as one of the most exciting acts in the industry.

Don’t forget, 4th Impact is set to go out on their very first US tour, starting off with two dates in California, although we expect there will be more to come. We highly suggest you check out their “Distorted” single and music video.

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