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Avril Lavigne’s Iconic “Sk8er Boi” Look Recreated as a Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurine – We’ll See You Later Boy

by Jonathan Currinn
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Avril Lavigne fans, get ready to rock out with the latest addition to your music collection! The punk-pop sensation’s legendary “Sk8er Boi” look has been transformed into a Funko Pop! vinyl figurine, and pre-orders are flying off the shelves faster than you can say “See you later, boy.”

Inspired by Lavigne’s iconic ensemble from the 2002 music video, this collectable figurine is a must-have for any of Lavigne’s Black Stars (her fans). Sporting the trademark backward cap, the red-and-black striped tie, and black-and-white striped socks, the Sk8er Boi Funko Pop! perfectly captures the rebellious spirit of the era.

Product image of the Avril Lavigne Sk8er Boi Funko Pop!

But hurry! While Lavigne gears up for her upcoming Greatest Hits tour, you can secure your own piece of pop-punk history by pre-ordering the Sk8er Boi Funko Pop! online at various official websites including Entertainment Earth, HMV, and the Funko Pop! website.

Product image of the Avril Lavigne Let Go Funko Pop!

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your Avril Lavigne cravings, Funko is also offering a “Let Go” album figurine commemorating the 20th anniversary of her debut album. Complete with a miniature Lavigne standing in front of the album cover, this limited-edition collectable is a must-have for any true fan.

This special Funko Pop! vinyl figurine is also wearing a look inspired by the album cover and is standing in the same spot as she did 20 years ago when the album cover was made—which is also a huge reference to a 20th anniversary Instagram post where Lavigne stood on the same New York road crossing, recreating the album cover 20 years later.

Whether you’re a seasoned Funko Pop! collector or simply looking for the perfect gift for the pop-punk music lover in your life, these Avril Lavigne Funko Pops! are sure to hit all the right notes. The Funko Pop! is available to pre-order worldwide, right now.

With the Sk8er Boi Funko Pop! already gaining momentum among fans with the figurines set to ship out in May, now is the time to secure these figurines before they’re gone for good. And with Lavigne’s enduring legacy as one of the reigning queens of punk-pop, these Funko Pops! are sure to become cherished collectables for years to come.

But let’s not forget the significance of the “Sk8er Boi” moment itself. The official music video for “Sk8er Boi” remains one of Avril Lavigne’s most iconic visuals, boasting over 257 million views on YouTube to date. The song, a rebellious anthem that captured the hearts of fans around the world, has become a cornerstone of Lavigne’s discography, with over 539 million streams on Spotify—second only to her hit debut single “Complicated”.

For many fans, the “Let Go” era represents a pivotal moment in music history, when Lavigne’s raw talent and unapologetic attitude propelled her to superstardom. Now, with the release of the Sk8er Boi Funko Pop!, fans can relive those electrifying moments and pay homage to one of the most iconic looks in pop-punk history.

The question remains, what looks of Lavigne should be made into Funko Pop! vinyl figurines next? We think they so should do a Funko Pop! trio for “Girlfriend” featuring the three Lavigne looks from the music video. Then there’s the “Complicated” look with the skateboard, the gorgeous white dress she wore on the Iceland black sand in “Head Above Water”, and we can’t forget about the “Rock N Roll” music video with the saw-inspired guitar.

So, what are you waiting for? Can we make it any more obvious? Head over to Entertainment Earth, HMV, and the Funko Pop! website to snag your Avril Lavigne Funko Pop! before they’re the ones to say “See you later, boy”.

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