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Embracing “mood pills”: The Dream Eaters’ New Captivating Melodic Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Brooklyn’s visionary duo, The Dream Eaters, known for their evolution from dreamy pop harmonies to a multifaceted video art project, have stirred anticipation with their latest musical revelation – the compelling single, “mood pills”. This acts as the follow-up to their previous single “I’m Not in Right Now”.

Emerging from the depths of their artistic odyssey, vocalist Elizabeth LeBaron from Calgary and singer-songwriter Jake Zavracky from Boston have meticulously crafted an alluring dream-pop sonic experience that ventures beyond conventional boundaries.

At the heart of their latest offering, “mood pills” encapsulates a poignant exploration of the complexities within relationships in the face of mood-altering substances. Elizabeth LeBaron candidly shares her personal journey, narrating the challenges posed by medication and its profound impact on interpersonal dynamics.

“I was diagnosed with depression in 2021 and it took a few tries to figure out what medication worked for me,” reveals LeBaron. “Those first few months of navigating how it affected my relationships felt a lot like what this song is saying.”

The dreamy-pop beat coalesces brilliantly with the depth of the lyrics as this duo captivates its audience with their emotional vocals and story-telling vibes. Connecting with their listeners, this highly personal journey is effortlessly relatable regardless of one’s situation. The addictive track is only enhanced more by their passionate performance visual as part of their lyric video.

We watch The Dream Eaters sing the song with a red filter and transformative editing that sees the duo pan in and out during the visual, while the lyrics overlay the screen. The ability to connect on a deeper level with their audience is a talent that many don’t have, but the duo faultlessly bond with viewers, bringing passion and raw honesty that truly resonate with all who watch.

With an illustrious journey tracing back to 2015, the duo has traversed a musical landscape, crafting a tapestry of captivating pop melodies and a collection of enigmatic, darkly humorous music videos. Following a trail of EPs, their debut album “We Are A Curse” in 2017 marked a significant milestone, followed by the mesmerising sophomore album “Pagan Love” in 2018, solidifying their presence across Eastern US and Canada through extensive tours.

Venturing further into their creative ethos, The Dream Eaters embarked on a groundbreaking web series, “The Dream Eating Freakshow”, in 2019, enthralling audiences upon its release in September 2020. This multimedia expedition, coupled with a steady stream of engaging content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, has nurtured a devoted and ardent fanbase.

The release of “mood pills” signifies not only a musical milestone but also a testament to The Dream Eaters’ unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. As fans eagerly await the next chapters of this riveting odyssey, this new single stands as a testament to The Dream Eaters’ evolution and their steadfast dedication to artistic innovation.

“mood pills”, by The Dream Eaters, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Song Dynasty.

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