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Fierce Showdowns and Dazzling Displays: Wrapping Up the Excitement of Canada’s Drag Race Season 4’s Grand Finale Episode

by Jonathan Currinn
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The glitter has settled, the heels have clacked their final beats, and Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 has crowned its winner. The grand finale, which aired last Thursday, saw the fierce Venus ascend to the throne after a captivating lip-sync battle against Aurora Matrix.

The journey to the crown was nothing short of spectacular, with the top four queens—Aurora, Denim, Nearah Nuff, and Venus—facing the ultimate challenge: creating and performing their debut singles. Under the mentorship of Canadian pop icon and Grammy Award-winning Nelly Furtado and the choreography expertise of Hollywood Jade, the queens brought their A-game to the stage.

In a poignant moment before the grand finale of Canada’s Drag Race Season 4, the queens experienced a heartfelt sit-down chat with the reigning queen, Gisèle Lullaby. Gathered behind a set of velvet curtains, each queen had a one-on-one conversation with Gisèle, sharing personal reflections on their journey to the crown. In the interview session, they also discussed the challenges they faced and the triumphs that brought them to this pivotal moment.

Venus posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a yellow-gold outfit.

The atmosphere was a mix of vulnerability and celebration as they bared their souls to the reigning queen, forging connections and capturing the essence of their unique drag stories. Following the soul-baring conversations, the queens embarked on a photoshoot on the ship’s bow, creating an iconic moment similar to Titanic, as well as comedic shots of taking the crown from Gisèle.

The queens next faced the monumental task of crafting their debut singles under the mentorship of none other than Nelly Furtado, who also joins the judging panel as the guest judge alongside mainstays Brooke Lynn Hytes, Traci Melchor, and Brad Goreski. The air was charged with creativity and nervous excitement as they all got ready to lay down their vocals. Nelly, a beacon of musical prowess and looking beautiful in her glamorous-yet-casual outfit, guided the queens through the intricate process of writing and recording their tracks.

Denim posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a yellow outfit.

Aurora, eager and open to constructive feedback, showcased her musical prowess in a single take. Denim navigated the challenge with determination, perfecting her timing and pace. Nearah, armed with a lyrically rich verse, wasn’t quite open to Nelly’s lyric editing suggestions. Venus received style tips and words of encouragement. The collaboration with Nelly Furtado not only honed the queens’ musical talents but also added an extra layer of stardust to their journey during the Grand Finale.

As coronation day comes around the queens discuss each other’s initial thoughts of one another in a final mirror talk. Then it’s time for the ultimate battle on stage. Aurora kicked off the performances on the main stage, delivering a tight and energetic routine that left the judges captivated by her lyrics and dance moves—delivering “hot” and “top” hooks that we’re still singing now! Denim followed, infusing her performance with equal parts cuteness and inspiration, showcasing the resilience that earned her a place in herstory as the first trans man to compete in Canada’s Drag Race history.

Nearah Nuff posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a blue-gold outfit.

Nearah, with popstar-level choreography and lyrics, impressed the judges despite the challenge of wordiness in her song. Lastly, Venus, with her undeniable popstar energy and stage presence, delivered possibly the most fleshed-out song with her name being an iconic hook, leaving a lasting impression on us all. The queens then strutted down the runway for the “Coronation Eleganza” category, alongside the previous eliminated queens, each serving their best looks to leave an indelible mark on the finale. The eliminated queens’ glow-ups are undeniable, especially Melinda Verga considering her entrance look to this coronation look!

The top four queens really went all out for their “Coronation Eleganza” looks. Aurora took inspiration from her Asian heritage, delivering an exquisite look that we could watch on repeat as she strutted the runway. Denim followed suit taking inspiration from her Trans journey as she showcased a stunning topless look with top surgery inspiration that totally floored us. Then there was Nearah who looked elegant in a sapphire blue gown, and Venus brought a royal dress fit for a crowning, but it didn’t quite bring the wow factor, unlike her previous looks of the season.

The emotional journey continued as the queens shared their personal stories, reflecting on the struggles and triumphs that brought them to the final stage, while Brooke Lynn held up their best photo with Gisèle. Denim’s historic journey as a trans man, Venus pulling herself out of darkness to chase dreams, Nearah overcoming small-town struggles, and Aurora reconciling with her religious Asian parents, all added layers of depth to the competition.

Aurora Matrix posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a baby pink outfit.

As the judges deliberated, the backstage atmosphere was charged with anticipation. The eliminated queens joined the finalists for a heartwarming reunion, clearing the air, and toasting to the end of a remarkable season. We have to say that this is the best Canadian season to date—we love a good twist or two—and probably the best Drag Race season we’ve watched in years! The untucked segment also saw a celebratory return of the Golden Beaver as the queens toasted to the phenomenal season.

The final lip-sync showdown featured Venus and Aurora, both queens giving it their all to Nelly Furtado’s “Try”. The passion and raw emotion in their performances left viewers on the edge of their seats, it really felt neck-and-neck. In a moment of grandeur, Gisèle made her entrance to pass on the crown and sceptre.

With bated breath, the announcement came—Venus emerged victorious, making her the first Indigenous queen to win Canada’s Drag Race. She received the sceptre from Gisèle with surprise at how heavy it was. As the confetti fell and the cheers echoed, Venus embraced her reign, promising a stellar journey ahead, and winning the grand prize of 100,000 CAD.

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The finale wasn’t just a celebration of drag excellence; it was a testament to the diverse stories, struggles, and triumphs that make each queen unique. Congratulations to Venus, and we can’t wait to witness the extraordinary reign of Canada’s newest drag superstar. We’re excited to see these queen’s careers soar as they were all flawless individually. We’re not sure how Season 5 could possibly top this! And, let’s not forget that Season 2 of Canada’s Drag Race vs. The World was also announced last year, so we’ve got that to look forward to as well.

The Cast of Canada's Drag Race Season 4

While we wait on those seasons, we currently have RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16 taking place where both the first and second premieres have been shown with Charlize Theron and Becky G strutting their stuff as the guest judges for the MTV Spring Break Talent Show and the Queen Choice Awards Talent Show, respectively. On top of that, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World Series 2 has been revealed to start on February 9, 2023,

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