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Canada’s Drag Race Season 4: Lip Sync Extravaganza Sends Epic Shockwaves As We Say Goodbye To The Golden Beaver

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a whirlwind of performances and emotions, the latest episode of Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 showcased an unforgettable Lip Sync Extravaganza, leaving fans both exhilarated and heartbroken. It was the first time a Lip Sync Extravaganza took place on the Canada’s Drag Race stage and not one, but two, drag queens would be sent home – alongside the Golden Beaver.

The episode commenced following Luna DuBois’ emotional departure, leaving Aurora Matrix grappling with mixed feelings after their lip sync showdown. The werk room buzzed with anticipation and nerves as the queens prepared for the monumental challenge ahead. With no mini-challenge, they swiftly dived into their transformations, discussing performing techniques and the intimate relationship between their drag personas and bodies.

The main stage came alive with an electric energy as the queens strutted down the runway, each ready to seize their moment. The lip sync battle was structured in three rounds, with winners advancing and losers facing elimination. Canadian supermodel Winnie Harlow graced the judging panel – alongside regular judges Brooke Lynn Hytes, Traci Melchor, and Brad Goreski – adding a touch of glamour to the proceedings and just being completely iconic in her commentary – we need more Winnie Harlow!

The tension was palpable as the queens geared up for the challenge ahead, preparing to battle it out in a series of lip sync showdowns. The runway was ablaze with anticipation as Brooke Lynn Hytes introduced the high-stakes competition.

First Round:

Melinda Verga vs. Kitten Kaboodle to “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain

Melinda’s polished performance showcased her stage presence, while Kitten infused the rendition with her infectious personality. Ultimately, Melinda’s stellar execution earned her the judges’ favour, securing her spot in the next round.

Kitten Kaboodle posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a gold outfit.

Aurora Matrix vs. Denim to “I’m Not Here To Make Friends” by Sam Smith, Calvin Harris & Jessie Reyez

Aurora’s popstar-level delivery and Denim’s surprising clown presence set the stage on fire. Aurora’s captivating rendition ensured her progression, while Denim definitely surprised us by managing to match Aurora’s energy, however, it just wasn’t enough and therefore she became vulnerable to elimination.

Nearah Nuff vs. Aimee Yonce Shennel to “Fever Dreamer” by SG Lewis, Charlotte Day Wilson & Channel Tres

Here’s another rematch, and we’ll finally have a winner! Both queens delivered a high-energy, show-stopping performance, drawing praise from the judges. Nearah’s magnetic stage presence propelled her to the next round, while Aimee faced the possibility of elimination.

Aimee Yonce Shennel posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a gold outfit.

Venus vs. Kiki Coe to “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette

The queens delivered powerful and emotional performances, imbuing the ballad with raw emotion. Venus’ added intensity sent chills to the judges and the viewers, making us feel every single word, going on to seal her victory over Kiki, securing her spot in the subsequent round.

Second Round:

Melinda Verga vs. Aurora Matrix to “Boys Wanna Be Her” by Peaches

Both queens, known for their strength on stage, commanded the performance with their dynamic presence. Aurora’s powerhouse performance granted her passage to the final round, while Melinda may have given as good as she got but it was no match for Aurora and so Melinda ended up ensuring her safety for the week.

Nearah Nuff vs. Venus to “Pull Up (feat. Haviah Mighty)” by Keys N Krates

The queens exuded high energy in a captivating performance, but it was Nearah who clinched the victory, securing her spot in the ultimate face-off, whole Venus was sent to the back of the stage, safe.

Nearah Nuff posing for Canada's Drag Race Season 4 promo for Meet The Queens in a blue-gold outfit.

Final Round:

Nearah Nuff vs. Aurora Matrix to “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles

Jujubee laid the foundation back in Season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race in her lip sync against Sahara Davenport to this song, totally channelling Alannah Myles in one sexy and fierce version of “Black Velvet” that lives rent-free in our minds – the queens could never match up to Jujubee’s performance of this song, surely. Yet, the grand finale witnessed a sultry and skilful showdown between the top performers.

Nearah’s mesmerising rendition earned her the crown in this thrilling lip sync face-off as both queens dominated in an incredible battle that proved their professionalism for drag, managing to give high passion, impressive splits and cartwheels. Jujubee may not have been able to compete with these two queens – even back in Season 2 – but there’s no denying the special emotion and passion she had for her lip sync, which was unfortunately missing in both Nearah and Aurora’s lip sync.

Regardless, this put Nearah on the map, she has finally fully arrived in the competition and we’re excited to see her dance training be explored more in the coming weeks. She has fully cemented her dominance in the competition. Although, her cocky and arrogant attitude is a bit on the much side – especially back in the werk room when she asked if any of the queens actually wanted to lip sync.

Lip Sync Extravaganza: Golden Beaver Retires

The tension escalated as Nearah wielded her Golden Beaver power, sparing Denim from the impending lip sync battle – in the hope that Denim may save her in the future, little did she know that the Golden Beaver would be sashaying away this episode, too. Kiki Coe, Kitten Kaboodle, and Aimee Yonce Shennel found themselves in a fierce battle for survival, lip-syncing to “I Will Love Again” by Lara Fabian. Ultimately, Kiki’s resilience secured her spot, signalling the departure of Kitten and Aimee. We’re sad to see these two fierce queens get sent home, but the competition is hotting up as we count down the weeks to the final.

Before Brooke Lynn Hytes let the music play, she announced that the Golden Beaver would retire, reinstating regular Drag Race rules. With emotions running high, the stage is set for the top six to channel their inner divas in a Rusical based on Brooke Lynn’s life, featuring the return of choreographer Hollywood Jade.

The Cast of Canada's Drag Race Season 4

New episodes of Canada’s Drag Race Season 4 are dropped every Thursday night on Crave in Canada, BBC Three and iPlayer in the UK, and WOW Presents Plus in the US and the rest of the world.

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