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Jungle make a smooth entrance at Number 73 on the UK Official Singles Chart with “Back on 74”

by Jonathan Currinn
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It seems the stars almost aligned for Jungle as their latest track, “Back on 74” made its debut on the UK Official Singles Chart at an impressive number 73. While it wasn’t quite the number the title mentions, this soulful piece proves that sometimes, close is just as sweet.

“Back on 74” brings a delightful ’60s soul feel to the contemporary music scene. With lush, hypnotizing harmonies, the track enchants listeners and transports them to a bygone era of music. It’s a musical journey that showcases Jungle’s mastery of their craft, offering a sonic experience that’s as rich as it is timeless.

As the song unfolds, Jungle paints a vivid picture of watching life unfold in the same town. The lyrics remind us that even when things break down, some constants remain unaltered. It’s a theme that resonates deeply and adds an extra layer of meaning to the song’s title.

Watch the official music video to “Back on 74” by Jungle here:

In a delightful twist, “Back on 74” arrives with a pun-like comment about its chart position. While it may not have hit the coveted number 74, the fact that it’s “Back on 74” on the UK Official Singles Chart adds a playful touch to the track’s narrative.

The cinematic style that Jungle has been cultivating in their recent releases shines brightly in “Back on 74. .The song’s visual presentation complements the music, creating a complete and immersive experience for fans.

Beyond its UK debut, “Back on 74” has also made its mark on the international music scene, charting at number 94 in Ireland, number 21 on the New Zealand Hot 40 charts, and a remarkable number 9 on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic chart.

In the UK, the track has carved out a presence, charting at number 94 on the UK Sales Chart, number 91 on the UK Downloads Chart, and number 29 on the UK Independent Singles Chart.

Stream the newly released track on Spotify here:

Listeners can now dive into the soulful sounds of “Back on 74” by Jungle on all major streaming and download platforms, courtesy of Caiola Records under exclusive license to AWAL Recordings Ltd. While it may not be the elusive 74, the song’s debut on the UK Official Singles Chart is a testament to Jungle’s artistic excellence and their ability to create music that resonates deeply with audiences.

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