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Tina DeCara Unleashes Stunning Electro-Pop Anthem “Bones” Featuring Helveeta

by Jonathan Currinn
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In the realm of electrifying pop music, Tina DeCara stands out as a shining star, and her latest release, “Bones” featuring Helveeta, only cements her position in the industry. The track acts as the follow-up to DeCara’s feature on Michael Goldstein’s single “The Day That I Marry”; and Helveeta’s single “My Reason” which was the original soundtrack song to “Our Secret Song”.

Produced by Helveeta and co-written by Seann Bowe, this single is now available on all major platforms, promising to leave listeners inspired and empowered. The beat starts off rhythmic, drawing listeners in from the very start and bringing a tropical end-of-summer vibe. DeCara’s vocals make an impact from the very first word with her incredible electronic voice that is filled with the intent to make sure you never forget this song.

Single cover artwork for "Bones" which sees Tina DeCara lying on the floor with her left hand to her face as silver tears fall from her eyes.

Magnetic synths fly in, wrapping around DeCara’s addictive voice, for the chorus, turning this into one infectious song that we can’t stop listening to. Empowering listeners with her words, DeCara delivers emotional integrity as she strengthens herself up, refusing to let her now-ex destroy her.

Unforgettable and enchanting, “Bones” truly allows DeCara to shine showcasing her electronic-pop artistry. Her experience in the music world is undeniable, with her collaboration with Thoreau, titled “Illusion”, going on to become her most popular streamed track on Spotify with over 1.2 million streams on the streaming channel. Hailing from New York, DeCara carries an authenticity that resonates with fans from every corner of the world. This authenticity has not gone unnoticed in the past few years, during which DeCara has made her mark on the music scene.

Moreover, DeCara has ventured beyond music, showcasing her talents in singing, acting, and dancing on the national docu-series “Saturday Morning Fever” on FUSE TV. Now she’s heading out on her own as an independent artist, starting a whole new exciting era.

Stream “Bones” by Tina DeCara featuring Helveeta on Spotify here:

“Bones”, by Tina DeCara featuring Helveeta, marks her first independent single release and is now available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. It represents her continued ascent in the music industry, combining her unique vocal prowess and diverse influences into an empowering anthem. It’s clear that DeCara’s journey as an artist is one that promises to inspire and move audiences worldwide.

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