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“Old School Love”: John Galea Releases Memorable Animation Music Video for His Addicting Single Featuring Nate James

by Jonathan Currinn
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Showcasing his awesome song “Old School Love” which features Nate James, taken from his forthcoming sixth studio EP “The Art Of Collaboration”, John Galea shines in this animated music video. The single was previously released in mid-February with two versions of the track, the original version featuring Nate James and the solo edit. The track is the second single taken from John Galea’s upcoming EP, following up last year’s single “Don’t Wanna Die” which featured Ironik; the single also follows up Nate James’ collaboration with MJ Ultra and Tough Love on the single “Lost Ones”.

The cartoon versions of John Galea and Nate James perform “Old School Love” on a stage at what looks like a piano bar or café restaurant club, or potentially a private event. This is the first time that both singers have been transformed into animated versions of themselves, bringing an iconic art style to the table that will certainly make an impact. Animation music videos tend to go down in history as they’re memorable and conceptual.

Screenshot from the "Old School Love" music video which sees a cartoon John Galea at the piano performing on stage.

The music video starts off with a lightning-filled sky, suggesting that it’s not the best weather outside, hence why everyone is inside. Cartoon John Galea is on the piano, playing away, as the song kicks in and he starts to sing along. The scenes cut to the people who are in attendance at this venue, and they are dancing away with big cartoon arm movements, clearly enjoying themselves. The scene later pans out more so, showcasing two cartoon figures, a man and a woman, sitting at a table, with the guy smoking a cigarette. We also see that there are more dancers on the dancefloor.

Nate James soon makes an appearance just as his silky smooth vocals harmonise beautifully with Galea’s soulful voice. We see this cartoon version of Nate James singing away as speech bubbles showcase two dancers—who we previously saw on the dancefloor—possibly connecting to the lyrics where he suggests that we “take it right back to the start”, meaning the relationship that has been on his mind. We then return to the venue panning out to see the right side of the club, where more people are smoking at tables and dancing away on the dancefloor.

Screenshot from the "Old School Love" music video which sees a cartoon Nate James at a microphone performing on stage.

The ending sees a sunny day in a park as the visual zooms into an elderly couple who are sitting on a bench, clearly enjoying each other’s company—effortlessly linking into the song’s narrative what with the title being “Old School Love”, a type of feeling that is the main focus of the entire track.

“Old School Love”, by John Galea featuring Nate James, is available to download and stream, right now. It has been released independently in connection with Zamna Media. Remember to keep an eye out for his forthcoming EP “The Art Of Collaboration’ which will showcase Galea’s work with a variety of artists including singers and rappers that he has worked with throughout his career. The EP is set to be released later this year.

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