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“The Wild” Unleashed: Cree Artist Joey Stylez Returns to Hip-Hop Embracing His Indigenous Culture

by Jonathan Currinn
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Canadian rapper and esteemed Cree hip-hop artist, Joey Stylez, is once again setting the stage ablaze with his latest release, “The Wild”. Recognized by CBC among the top 25 Canadian rappers ever, Stylez’s journey to success is grounded in faith, family, and unwavering commitment, a testament to his resilience in overcoming the challenges often faced by North American Indigenous youth. This single release acts as the official follow-up to his collaboration with Rezcoast Grizz on the single “Rodeos Over”.

Embracing the raw essence of hip-hop that resonates deeply with his fanbase, Joey Stylez’s self-produced single, “The Wild”, serves as a departure from his activist-driven tracks, aiming instead to uplift listeners from their everyday struggles. Collaborating once more with Director/Producer Aurelien Offner, the accompanying music video promises a captivating visual narrative that complements the track’s mood.

Rhythmic and beaty, “The Wild” is a hip-hop track that is full of positivity and good vibes. Not one to shy from activism, Stylez brings an edge to his rap as he matches the addictive beat and displays a perfect flow. As the song transitions from verse to chorus to verse to bridge, he shows his stylistic rap abilities and how he can bring it just as much as anyone. Vocally intriguing, he leaves a lasting impression on one’s mind, and when you add that to the message of the song and the catchy nature of it, it’s clear that he’s not just one of the top rappers in Canada, but one of the top next-level rappers in the world.

Stream “The Wild” by Joey Stylez on Spotify here:

Talking about this track, Stylez said: “As Native Americans, we pride ourselves in being land protectors and social rights activists, but on this one, we just wanted to create a mood that could lift people from their problems.”

It’s not just the song itself where Stylez shines, he manages to convey authenticity, realness, and a love for artistry in a variety of forms. He’s clearly a proud Native American and it’s brilliant to see that he wants to put that front and centre – it also goes well with the song itself. The celebration of his culture is admiring, to say the least, as he is not just celebrating himself, he is showcasing Native American culture as a whole from art to people to gaming. The visual relates effortlessly with the song, connecting certain lyrics and bringing a visual form to the song, with Stylez showcasing stage presence and uplifting energy.

Watch the official music video to the track here:

This isn’t the first time Stylez has been in the spotlight. His track “Indian Girl Driving Me Crazy” clinched the Pop Music Video award at the 2022 Native American Music Awards. Notably, his musical tracks have graced popular TV shows like Reservation Dogs and Mayor of Kingstown, along with a feature on the hit series Yellowstone, amplifying his reach to a global audience. In doing so, he’s accumulated millions of streams across platforms, with his song “Sugar Cane” featuring Big Sav being his most popular single on Spotify, right now, with 2.3 million streams.

His artistry spans multiple genres, and Stylez has made waves worldwide both in music and in television. His collaborations with renowned names like Dragonette, Bun B, and Ty Dolla $ign, coupled with live performances alongside icons such as Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, underscore his versatility and broad appeal.

Yet, amidst his musical accomplishments, Stylez remains dedicated to giving back. Conducting workshops and sharing his life story with youth, he aims to inspire and guide them through life’s challenges, drawing from his own experiences and the lessons learned along the way.

“The Wild”, by Joey Stylez, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via BLE$$ED STREET Records.

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