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Jazzy’s “Feel It (Club Edit)” Elevates to Number 35 on the UK Official Singles Chart

by Jonathan Currinn
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Jazzy, the dynamic Irish DJ sensation, has been making waves on the UK Official Singles Chart with the electrifying “Feel It (Club Edit).” This high-energy anthem, designed to inspire clubbers and festivalgoers, has reached an impressive peak at number 35.

“Feel It (Club Edit)” made its grand entrance onto the chart scene with a debut at number 83, steadily climbing from the 45th position to its current standing at number 35. This remarkable ascent is a testament to the song’s infectious energy and Jazzy’s ability to connect with listeners.

Watch the official visualiser to “Feel It” by Jazzy here:

The lyrics of “Feel It (Club Edit)” deliver a simple yet powerful message: “Love will lift us up again / Can you feel it, can you feel it”. This uplifting message resonates with audiences, creating a sense of unity and euphoria on the dancefloor.

While “Feel It (Club Edit)” has etched its place on the UK Singles Chart, its influence extends beyond the chart’s borders. The song achieved a notable position at number 22 in Ireland, further showcasing its international appeal.

Within the UK, the track has also made its presence known on various music charts, including number 38 on the UK Sales Chart, number 34 on the UK Downloads Chart, and a commendable 21st place on the UK Dance Chart. These positions underscore the song’s popularity across different music genres and settings.

“Feel It (Club Edit)” is not just another dance track; it’s an anthem destined to inspire joy and celebration. The “Club Edit” represents the official track release, with Scottish DJ Hannah Laing contributing to its production, enhancing its energy and appeal.

Stream the Club Edit version of the song on Spotify here:

This exhilarating release graced the music scene on July 21, 2023, and is set to leave an indelible mark on dance floors worldwide. As Jazzy’s music continues to lift spirits and ignite the party scene, we eagerly anticipate the future production numbers she is set to drop that will keep us living it up on the dance floors.

“Feel It (Club Edit)” by Jazzy is available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms, proudly presented by Chaos / Polydor Records.

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