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“Alienated”: ZAYN Unveils an Intimate and Captivating Rare Live Performance of His New Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Intimate and stripped-back, ZAYN has surprised us all with a captivating live performance video for his latest single, “Alienated”, the second release from his upcoming album “Room Under the Stairs”. The fourth studio album from this multi-platinum-selling recording artist, songwriter, producer, and philanthropist is set to drop on May 17, 2024. This new release follows up his first single from the forthcoming album, titled “What I Am“.

This much-anticipated LP, co-produced by ZAYN, himself, alongside multi-Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb, promises to be a deeply personal and introspective project from the artist. It’s undeniable how much this male solo artist has worked on this project and his releases to date effortlessly showcase his passion and belief in this collection of works.

The live performance of “Alienated” allows ZAYN to fully shine, bringing his signature falsetto to an intimate setting, marking his return to live performance after a hiatus since 2016. In a statement about the song, this singer-songwriter and producer shared that “’Alienated’ was the first song I wrote for the album, so it kind of set the tone for the whole project—it shaped the way I wanted to approach the sound of my own voice, the styling of the guitars and the overall sonic direction.”

Sitting on a wooden stool, ZAYN faultlessly impresses with his incredible vocals, layering gritty notes around soft tones and gorgeous emotion. Proving he can not only sing note-perfect but can also make the audience feel every single lasting word, ZAYN floors us all with this track, let alone with this beautiful live video session. Can he just do a full live intimate show for this whole album, please?

“Room Under the Stairs” is a culmination of six years of creative work for ZAYN, crafted at his rural Pennsylvania home studio. The album promises to delve into themes of healing, introspection, and growth, offering listeners a glimpse into his current state of mind and musical evolution. Describing this album as his most honest and vulnerable work yet, he aims to create a raw and stripped-back musical experience that feels personal and relatable.

“Working with Dave Cobb has been an amazing experience. The way he’s elevated the music is second to none, and he has done an incredible job helping me create this record. I hope we can take listeners on some whimsical, magical journey, and that they enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it,” ZAYN said in a press release. “I think just being where I was at that time, staying away from things and living with my own thoughts inspired me to want to write something from that place. I’ve got to put this out as a whole body of work, it’s something for myself, not even just for the world.”

Press photo for "What I Am" which sees ZAYN in the middle of a field, wearing a black coat.
Photo Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

As excitement mounts, fans can indulge in exclusive offerings tied to the album pre-order. Special vinyl editions, including a signed ‘Studio Edition’ with unique cover art and a limited-edition colour vinyl, are available for purchase from his official store. Furthermore, two CD versions, one signed, both featuring special booklets with lyrics, cater to collectors and fans alike.

“Room Under the Stairs” Tracklist:

  1. Dreamin
  2. What I Am
  3. Grateful
  4. Alienated
  5. My Woman
  6. How It Feels
  7. Stardust
  8. Gates Of Hell
  9. Birds On A Cloud
  10. Concrete Kisses
  11. False Starts
  12. The Time
  13. Something In The Water
  14. Shoot At Will
  15. Fuchsia Sea
Artwork for "ROOM UNDER THE STAIRS" which sees a blue shadow of ZAYN's face on the side against a white background with a countryside scene seen as a darker blue in ZAYN's shadow.
Official album artwork for “ROOM UNDER THE STAIRS”

With the release of “Alienated” and the upcoming album “Room Under the Stairs”, this male star continues to push boundaries as a versatile artist, ready to take listeners on a whimsical and magical musical journey.

“Alienated”, by ZAYN, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Drop Zed Music under an exclusive license to Mercury Records / Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings. Look out for his forthcoming fourth studio album, “Room Under the Stairs”, which is set to drop on May 17, 2024.

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