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Ava Morgyn Unveils “The Witches of Bone Hill” – A Bewitching Tale of Nordic Magic

by Jonathan Currinn
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Author Ava Morgyn has recently unveiled her latest literary creation, “The Witches of Bone Hill”. This exciting release brings forth a tale of family secrets, Nordic witches, and an enigmatic world that seems to hold more mysteries than answers.

Morgyn’s narrative centres around Cordelia Bone, whose meticulously crafted life and career in Dallas appear to be on shaky ground due to her philandering husband’s criminal debts. When her sister, Eustace, reaches out with news of their great aunt’s passing and the need to deal with her estate in a quiet town in Connecticut, Cordelia sees an opportunity to change her circumstances.

Upon their arrival at the Victorian mansion that awaits them, the sisters quickly realise that their inheritance is encased within a dynasty trust, overseen by their late aunt’s ageing attorney. He insists they not only keep the house but also reside in it while remaining tight-lipped about the ancestral rituals that seem to shroud the property. A mysterious groundskeeper, who refuses to leave the carriage house, and a crypt filled with departed relatives only add to the intrigue.

As the sisters come to terms with their new situation, they stumble upon a family secret, uncover the truth behind their mother’s past, and face an enigmatic adversary that has haunted their lineage for generations. The narrative takes unexpected twists and turns as the sisters must discover their latent power to mend their strained relationship, reverse their deteriorating health, and embrace the lineage they initially sought to escape—a lineage that now holds the key to their survival at Bone Hill.

Praise for “The Witches of Bone Hill”:

The Witches of Bone Hill is a potent spell of legacy and sisterhood. With its haunted manor, powerful magic, and many mysteries, this eerie tale will keep readers up well into the night.

Rachel Griffin, New York Times bestselling author of “The Nature of Witches”

Wickedly wonderful… Ava Morgyn imbues her story with a haunting sorcery all her own, making this compulsively readable new dynasty of powerful witches impossible to put down.

Paige Crutcher, author of “The Orphan Witch” and “The Lost Witch”

Ava Morgyn’s “The Witches of Bone Hill” is not merely another book release; it’s a captivating journey into a world where mysteries and magic seem to coexist. The book is available in e-book and paperback right now, published just yesterday under the publishing house, St. Martin’s Griffin.

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