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Sax is Back With “Body”: Alexandra Stan Recruits Alex Gaudino and Mufasa & Hypeman for Reinvention of “Mr Saxobeat” Making it Perfect for Summer 2024

by Jonathan Currinn
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It’s here! The reinvention of “Mr Saxobeat”! Reclaiming the track and removing all previous negative energy around it, Alexandra Stan shines in this collaboration with Alex Gaudino and Mufasa & Hypeman, titled “Body”. This acts as the follow-up to Stan’s previous single “Băieții“; Gaudino’s 2023 collaboration with Dopamine and MazZz titled “Saturday”, and Mufasa & Hypeman’s single “World Needs Love”.

Written by Alex Gaudino, Andrei Nemirschi, Erik Smaaland, Giacomo Uber, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, Lise Reppe, Sinai Tedros, and Vasile Marcel Prodan, whilst it was produced by Alex Gaudino, Giacomo Uber, Erik Smaaland, Kristoffer Tømmerbakke, and Mufasa & Hypeman, “Body” brings the saxophone back into dance music and the nostalgia feels with the addicting sample which is completely iconic!

Single cover artwork for Alex Gaudino, Alexandra Stan, and Mufasa & Hypeman's new single "Body" which shoes a metallic female body with the four-letter title in white with each letter taking up huge space in each corner.

For those who don’t know, “Mr Saxobeat” was released in 2010 and became an international sensation, launching Alexandra Stan in the limelight all across Europe and the world. The single was mainly known as her debut, even though it was technically her sophomore single with her debut “Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)” being a soft hit in 2009. She was on the brink of becoming a global superstar and various offers of collaborations apparently came her way, but they didn’t come to fruition and three years later, Stan took her manager, Marcel Prodan, and his label Maan Studio, to court over alleged blackmail, bodily harm, common assault and robbery.

This included an incident in June 2013 where police found them fighting on the shoulder of the motorway in which Stan was taken to hospital and her face was bruised. According to Stan, the incident occurred after she asked for her earnings, and Prodan apparently reacted violently. The Constanța Court found the accusations of blackmail and bodily harm as groundless but gave a suspended sentence to Prodan for common assault and he was fined for damages. The court of appeal doubled down on this, denying Stan’s accusations due to lack of evidence, but confirmed Prodan’s sentence and increased his fine.

The incident and later the court proceedings impacted Stan’s career. Not only was the outcome dissatisfactory for her and her fans, as well as how Prodan allegedly managed her, but her rising international singing career didn’t continue to soar, and not without the lack of trying on her end. It’s been an uphill struggle for her, ever since, but she’s managed to rebuild her career and has come out on top with some awesome collaborations to date, including INNA, Daddy Yankee, Mohombi, Alex Parker, Sak Noel, and Manuel Riva.

Now she’s reclaiming the song that made her an international sensation, by collaborating with Alex Gaudino and the DJ-influencer duo Mufasa & Hypeman, by sampling her own song, “Mr Saxobeat”, in this reinvention, “Body”. The track switches the original sample into an addictive techno sound which has then been built around it which fully showcases the incredible skills of Alex Gaudino as well as Mufasa & Hypeman. As ever, Alexandra Stan’s flawless vocals are hypnotic and magnetic, entrancing all who listen while the lyrics have a sense of style, flair, and meaning.

Taking us all for a ride in her Bugatti, Stan proves that she’s still got it, bringing sexiness and sultriness around a saxophone beat. This is Mr Saxobeat 2.0, taking the original to a whole new level. There’s also a slight nod to her debut single with the drop lyrics of “baparam”. The club tunes in the backing track fully allow Stan to shine even more so, making sure that she takes the spotlight during the verses, bridges, and chorus while the beat goes all out for the saxophone techno drop. The ending bridge sees her hit a falsetto and flesh out some strong emotion to hit the audience with.

Ending with the drop on a loop, “Body” is totally our Summer 2024 anthem, and we can so see DJs picking this up and spinning it in amongst their festival sets—we do not doubt that Alex Gaudino and Mufasa & Hypeman have already got that planned for this summer. We expect some killer remixes for this track, and with the fact that these lyrics make much more sense than the original, managing to portray a narrative and a meaning, we can so see this rise and become a viral hit. With her faultless vocals and the way she’s been building back her career—Alexandra Stan is certainly in need to go global once again.

“Body”, by Alex Gaudino, Alexandra Stan, and Mufasa & Hypeman, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Island Records in connection with GEKAI, Mo.Da, Mutineer, and Universal Music. A visualiser was released alongside the single which shows a metal robot-like feminine body amongst projected silver-grey filtered images. We can only hope that they plan to release a music video soon.

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