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INNA Teams up With VINAI and jayover for Infectious Single “Stuck in Limbo” Inspired by Flo Rida’s “I Cry” Sampling Bingo Players’ “Cry (Just A Little)” Which Originally Transformed Brenda Russell’s R&B 1988 Hit “Piano in the Dark”

by Jonathan Currinn
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She’s coming through with some iconic dance covers, INNA has done it again, taking an original R&B song from the ’80s and transforming it into an EDM anthem by collaborating with VINAI and jayover, titled “Stuck in Limbo”. This acts as the follow-up to the VIP Remix of INNA’s collaboration with David Puentez, titled “The Love“, as well as her first 2024 solo single, “Cheeky“; VINAI’s collaboration with JKRS and MetaBoy, titled “TiK ToK”; and jayover’s collaboration with Martin Jensen and Chrish, titled “Angel”.

The Bingo Players made this track iconic in the dance world when they interpolated Brenda Russell’s R&B 1988 hit “Piano in the Dark” into an unforgettable future bass track titled “Cry (Just a Little)” with Kelli-Leigh’s stunning uncredited vocals—a song which Flo Rida took global when he interpolated it on his worldwide hit, “I Cry”; and, now INNA, VINAI, and jayover have taken it a step further!

Still from the "Stuck in Limbo" music video with INNA posing with her arms in the air, wearing a black bra and leather pants with blue speakers behind her.

Written by Molly Irvine, Brenda Russell, Giacomo Uber, Ida Botten, Jeff Hull, and Scott Cutler, according to Spotify, with VINAI, Giacomo Uber, and Andy Dust acting as producers, “Stuck in Limbo” has a summer feel-good dance vibe to it which is probably due to it taking inspiration from the Flo Rida hit which was a global success during summer, and prior to that song’s virality, the Bingo Players’ song also became a huge dance hit during summer. It begs to question why this was released in winter, although INNA probably couldn’t wait to release it since she is a club rocker at heart, plus it could gain traction as festival season begins.

Addictive and intoxicating, VINAI and jayover effortlessly impress with their producing skills, giving a journey of club beats that coalesces around INNA’s beautiful vocals, bringing nostalgia to her fanbase since many have likened the sound to her early global hits such as “Hot”, “Un Momento”, and “Cola Song”. While the track is stunning in itself, INNA’s soft voice brings a fun and uplifting sense to the track, going on to touch her listeners because when she’s having a good time recording the song we can hear it and in turn have a good time listening to it.

Alongside the release of the song, a lyric video with a visualiser has been released. While not an engaging video due to there being repeated sections throughout, INNA shines by exuding confidence and positive fun as she poses for a photo shoot. Wearing a black bra and some high-waisted blue cut-flared leather pants with black boots, INNA poses with her blue skateboard, continuing to show that she’s still a sexy skater chick, as the photoshoot visuals focus in on the blue and white theme with blue roses, a blue rotary phone, and a can of blue spray paint in which INNA writes the word “Dance” on a piece of plastic.

Undeniably catchy, this is another hit from INNA that deserves to set the dancefloors alight and it’s great to see she collaborated with Italian DJs and producers, VINAI and jayover, on this one, expanding all three artists’ reach and truly making their mark in European Dance. “Stuck in Limbo” is certainly a track for all your party playlists.

This isn’t the first time VINAI has teamed up with a Romanian female superstar, just last year they collaborated with Alexandra Stan on the song “Believe“, a star whom INNA has also collaborated with a number of times, notably their 2015 track “We Wanna” which featured Daddy Yankee and currently has over 110 million YouTube views. The DJ duo consisting of brothers Alessandro Vinai and Andrea Vinai have been making huge waves in the EDM world over the last few years and are currently Number 51 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs.

As for rising newcomer jayover, he has been gaining traction over the last couple of years, with notable collaborations with the likes of Gabry Ponte and Conor Maynard on “Another Night” and Martin Jensen and Chrish on “Angel”. He’s definitely one to watch and his creativity flows over onto his socials with innovative and engaging videos being released on TikTok and Instagram which has been making an impact.

“Stuck in Limbo”, by INNA, VINAI, and jayover, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Global Records, GEKAI, and Mo.Da, under exclusive licence to Signature which is a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment France. We expect this track to make an appearance on the setlist of INNA’s upcoming North American tour as well as all events and festivals that book VINAI and jayover.

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