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“Cum se împarte dragostea”: Puya and Antonia Reunite After 10 Years for Bold Statement on Love and Materialism in New Single and Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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They’ve done it again! Puya and Antonia have collaborated on a brand new single titled “Cum se împarte dragostea”, 10 years after they originally teamed up on the huge Romanian hit, “Hurricane”. Unfortunately, this isn’t a sequel to the flawless narrative shown in the music video of “Hurricane”, but Puya and Antonia still bring a super solid visual, with sponsored scenes and the beautiful chemistry between Antonia and her fiancé, Alex Velea—could this music video be hinting they’re already married or at least they’ve set a date? This acts as the follow-up to Puya’s collaboration with Alex Velea titled “NETFLIX” and the DOMINO official remix of Antonia’s “Amor”.

Still from the "Cum se împarte dragostea" music video which sees Puya as a barber dressed in a blue tracksuit as he styles Alex Velea's hair who is sitting on a chair talking on the phone.

Written by Dragoș Grădescu (PUYA) and Nicoleta Darabană, whilst it was produced by Alex Cotoi, “Cum se împarte dragostea” is a beautiful Romanian-language track that just hits us right in the heart. Antonia Iacobescu’s gorgeous voice compliments Puya’s nostalgic hard-hitting rap, just like it did for “Hurricane” all those years ago.

The title, “Cum se împarte dragostea” translates to “How to Share Love” and the lyrics are full of irony as these two artists sing about how being in a relationship can only be happy as long as hard-earned money is shared, half and half, gifting your lover with material things from diamonds to shiny cars. They say money can’t buy you happiness but Puya and Antonia jokingly deny that completely.

Still from the "Cum se împarte dragostea" which sees Antonia sitting in a chair in a make-up room.

If our rough translation of the lyrics (thanks to Google Translate) is anything to go by, these tongue-in-cheek words are meant to showcase what love isn’t and how you can’t buy love. Puya brings his typical nostalgic hard rapping to the table that is set to be back on a resurgence this decade and we’re excited to hear how he puts his passion and identity in the flow of the verses. Antonia contrasts with her beautiful voice that is full of heart and her typical fierceness that makes her one of the biggest Romanian singers in the world.

Still from "Cum se împarte dragostea" music video which sees Antonia eating Magnum ice cream, she's seductively pulling the spoon out of her mouth.

Almost a call out for all those rumours that float around certain celebrities that they’re only together for the money—something we’re sure Antonia has experienced or even Alex Velea, vice versa, since they are both two of the top Romanian stars in the country and are certainly the Romanian power couple; however, if you can’t tell how madly in love they are, like actual love, then you’ll never see it, regardless, especially since they’ve been together for 10 years (same amount of time since Puya and Antonia last collaborated—it’s also highly possible that the Romanian rapper introduced them as Alex Velea has collaborated with the Romanian rapper a number of times in the ’00s).

Still from "Cum se împarte dragostea" which sees Puya dressed as a Driver, driving a limo.

On top of this, we reckon Puya was inspired by his wife, Melinda Gardescu, to write this song as he is one of the top Romanian rappers in the world and so it’s fair to say that horrible rumours must’ve been spread about her only being interested in his money, but they married in 2011, and have three children together, effortlessly putting to bed the possible rumours. We can’t help but love the cheeky call-out Puya has made with these incredible lyrics, and the way they flow out of him while Antonia matches his passion for the meaning of the song, this just goes to show how prolific these two artists are.

Still from "Cum se împarte dragostea" music video which sees Antonia lying backwards on a chair with her feet up on a table. She's wearing a plain white shirt with the top few buttons undone and silver knee-high boots.

The accompanying music video has been directed by Ioana Stan with David Mogan acting as Director of Photography while Loops Production handled the production of the visual. Starring Puya and Antonia as well as Antonia’s fiancé, Alex Velea, we watch Antonia being obsessed with Alex Velea, accepting a variety of material gifts which leads to a huge amount of sponsored scenes including the likes of the mobile phone company Honor, the ice cream brand Magnum, and the skincare brand Nivea.

Still from the "Cum se împarte dragostea" music video which sees Antonia in a wedding dress and Alex Velea looking smart, cozying up in the back of the limo.

Puya takes on a variety of roles from being a Priest to a Barber to a Driver to a Marriage Officiant / Celebrant all the while rapping with passion and grit—he delivers in every way really showcasing why he’s one of the top Romanian rappers and why he has managed to stay relevant in the industry for decades.

Still from the "Cum se împarte dragostea" music video which sees a close-up image of Antonia slightly hiding her face with her hands as she looks at the camera.

Antonia matches Puya’s presence in the video, delivering with a laid-back fashion and style. Looking stunning throughout, she really delves in deeply for this character, the one being described in the song—a woman who is only after the wealth and material objects from her partner. Matching her fashion and style, Alex Velea guest stars amazingly, supporting both Puya and Antonia in the music video all the while being a main character whilst not taking the spotlight. He acts unaware of Antonia’s lust for expensive things and his money.

Still from the "Cum se împarte dragostea" music video which sees Antonia and Alex Velea standing at the altar while Puya is standing opposite them, officiating the wedding.

The ending sees Antonia and Alex Velea get married by Puya—is this a hint that they’ve already gotten married? Or that the wedding is just around the corner? The two got engaged in July 2021 and have two sons together, while Antonia also has a daughter from her previous marriage. While both parents live chaotically busy lives, it’s likely difficult to schedule a specific wedding date, not to mention all the preparation that goes into wedding planning. At least, for now, they have this music video, even if they are playing characters.

The final scenes see the great friendship between Puya and Alex Velea as they perform TikTok-worthy dance routines, including the running man, totally in sync. Far from the “Hurricane” video with the potential to create crazy lore or a theory or a backstory on how the characters from “Hurricane” become the characters in “Cum se împarte dragostea”—now that’s something we’d love to read—Puya and Antonia completely knock it out the arena with this track and video.

Official single cover artwork for "Cum se împarte dragostea" which sees Puya and Antonia sitting in a confessional booth, as Antonia confesses her sins.

Addicting, unforgettable, comedic, stylish, and professional, these two Romanian artists do not disappoint, this song deserves to become a bigger hit than “Hurricane”. 10 years since their first collaboration and they’ve gone and topped it, bringing a polished track with a catchy hook and a perfect rap flow wrapped around facetious lyrics with a brilliant music video, “Cum se împarte dragostea” is set to dominate this year and we cannot wait to watch it continue to gain momentum—it’s already earned over 1.4 million YouTube views.

“Cum se împarte dragostea”, by Puya and Antonia, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Scandalos Music and Global Records.

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