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Dance Alone: INNA and The Victor’s Electrifying New Music Collaboration

by Jonathan Currinn
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An Eastern European dance hit that we can’t get enough of, INNA and The Victor join forces for this new single and music video, titled “Dance Alone”. A Romania and Kosovo link-up, INNA has once again collaborated with a rising star from another country, truly bringing dance music to the entire world. The release of this track follows the remix EP of INNA’s collaboration with R3HAB and SASH! titled “Rock My Body” and the remix version of The Victor’s collaboration with Rina titled “Ça Je”.

Written by Alex Cotoi, Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu (INNA), Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, and Wayne Hector, whilst it has been produced by Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, and Alex Cotoi, “Dance Alone” is a trance-induced dance track that perfectly implements INNA and The Victor’s vocal styles. Addictive throughout, the laser-wave beats take centre stage, wrapping effortlessly around both these artists’ voices.

Still from the "Dance Alone" music video which sees INNA lying on her front on the white studio floor, with her arm outstretched and the trench coat covering her.

Sonically inducing, INNA and The Victor’s voices are brilliantly paired bringing the same vocal level, making this the perfect matchup. Their interpolated voices synergise effortlessly, with them swapping from female vocals to male vocals and back again, allowing them to tell the story of the lyrics. The words delve into missing their partner when they go away, and so they would rather dance alone than with anybody else because no one else is suitable.

This heartfelt and passionate song deeply resonates with both artists. Given their demanding schedules as singers, it’s no secret that INNA’s global tours and her partner Deliric’s international rap career often lead to extended periods apart. It’s safe to say they’ve mastered the art of navigating the challenges of long-distance relationships. When INNA sings this song, it’s natural to envision her drawing inspiration from her experiences with Deliric.

As for The Victor, his relationship status remains a mystery – there’s no sign of a partner on his Instagram, which might suggest he’s single. However, the heartfelt and resonant delivery of this song by The Victor clearly indicates a personal connection to the lyrics. It’s evident that he has experienced similar emotions at some point, perhaps even stirred by moments of homesickness.

Still from the "Dance Alone" music video which sees The Victor surrounded by microphones.

Now, we have to have to have to mention the incredible production of this track. Marco & Seba & SICKOTOY (Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac, and Alex Cotoi) have done a flawless job. The backing beat is faultless, the dance drop is gorgeous, the rhythm is top level, the melody is absolute fire, and the addition of vocalise from The Victor just adds flavour. Then you’ve got INNA’s sultry vocals full of passion and heart showcasing her 15+ years of experience, then The Victor parallels with his vocals, and we’re left with this awesome dance tune that’s like no other and is set to lead the way as winter festivities blunder in.

This is one of those songs that will either be a treasured fan-favourite that doesn’t get the credit it oh so deserves (much like many of INNA’s promotional releases – yes, we’re looking at “Nobody” and “Say It With Your Body”), or it’s one that DJs are going to pick up, remix the house down, deliver across DJ sets at events and festivals, and then a brilliant remix EP is released. We’re so hoping for the latter.

Watch the official music video to “Dance Alone” by INNA and The Victor here:

There’s more to this track though, as INNA and The Victor have dropped a music video which has been directed by Jimachez who also acted as Director of Photography with Andrei Radulescu handling the editing – he also colour-graded Alexandra Stan’s “Bine cu puțin rău“. The visual is a pure performance video with both artists performing on a white set, individually. The segments are interpolated alongside the vocals, allowing them to showcase their passion for this track.

Both artists take the spotlight throughout the number. INNA flirts with the camera, bringing careless sexiness and sultriness, with her black trench coat and underwear. She may have 15+ years in the music industry, but she certainly looks just as good as she ever did – we all remember her “Amazing” and “Sun Is Up” music videos and her body is still just as hot (an intended pun nod to her debut single “Hot”). Continuing to be a natural in front of the camera she expresses the song through freestyle movement that makes the audience believe everything she’s singing.

Still from the "Dance Alone" music video which sees INNA lying on the floor, with a trench coat covering her and a microphone cable in front of the camera.

As for The Victor, he starts off by wearing a jumper under an oversized jacket with supersized pockets and matching trousers, accessorised with a necklace and some shades, surrounded by microphones – this is the first time many INNA fans have come across him, and he manages to make a brilliant statement from the get-go. He later transitions into a diamond-patterned oversized shirt with matching trousers and a white t-shirt, still sporting his shades. He lets his vocals do most of the work, but he personifies the vocalise with a rhythmic step and vibe to his movements.

Stream the newly-released song on Spotify here:

“Dance Alone”, by INNA and The Victor, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Global Records. Once again, INNA has dropped another flawless collaboration, this time with The Victor, and we are loving how she is using her platform and high-profile stardom to lift up rising talent from around the world, giving them a boost in numbers across the board from streams to followers to new fans.

From the last three years alone, INNA has collaborated with Colombia’s Farina (“Read My Lips”), Germany’s Henri Purnell (“Pretty Thoughts”), Lithuania’s Gaullin (“Pretty Please”), Nigerian-American rapper Thutmose (“Maza”), Türkiye’s Ilkay Sencan (“Talk”), Türkiye’s Reynmen (“Wherever You Go”), Dutch masked DJ Melon (“Hello Hello”), British rapper and singer Stefflon Don & Kosovo-Albanian singer-songwriter Dhurata Dora (“Yummy”), Moldova’s Eva Timush (“Bad Girls”), Italy’s Gamuel Sori (“Party Songs”), and British DJ Azteck (“Freak”), amongst others.

With over 6 billion YouTube views according to Kworb, 9 million monthly Spotify listeners, 1 billion Spotify streams according to Kworb, and currently 139th most viewed artist on YouTube, also according to Kworb, putting her in front of the likes of Lana Del Rey, Camila Cabello, Avril Lavigne, and Madonna, INNA continues to show exactly why she’s the top Eastern European artist in the world.

Still from the "Dance Alone" music video which sees INNA holding a trench coat open showing her black underwear, as a red filter is used.

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