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INNA Joins Forces with David Puentez for New Single “The Love”, Sampling Cascada’s Hit “Everytime We Touch” Originally by Maggie Reilly

by Jonathan Currinn
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Flawlessly delivering EDM at its best, German DJ David Puentez has teamed up with Romania’s biggest dance superstar, INNA, for an unforgettable brand-new single, “The Love”. This acts as the follow-up to David Purentez’s sped-up version of his collaboration with Albert Neve, titled “Superstar” and the Antoine Delvig remix of INNA’s collaboration with Tujamo and Azteck, titled “Freak”.

Probably the closest we’re going to get to an INNA and Natalie Horler (frontwoman of Cascada) collaboration – two huge Eurodance female artists – “The Love” takes the essence of the original Maggie Reilly song, “Everytime We Touch”, switching it up lyrically and delivering a current high-energy EDM track that feels more like a sample from the Cascada version.

According to Spotify, the song credits the original songwriters of the 1992 track, Maggie Reilly, Peter Risavy, and Stuart Mackillop, even though the lyrics have been changed; while David Puentez and Rolf de Vries act as the producers. Addictive from the get-go, David Puentez impresses with full-on energy, bringing a speed-up dance version of the classic track paired with INNA’s gorgeous sultry vocals.

As the chorus comes to an end, the bassline kicks up a notch and Puentez implements a passionate drop that defines the song as a whole. Full of EDM beats mixed with INNA’s voice, the drop is a marvel that fans are going to absolutely love. As the song progresses, INNA brings the fire, adding heartfelt emotion to the lyrics, connecting not only with the words but also with the listeners.

Vocally, INNA has chosen a higher key for the song, clearly taking inspiration from Cascada’s version of “Everytime We Touch”. While she matches Natalie Horler’s energetic style, INNA effortlessly makes the song her own, forging an impact with the altered lyrics and passionate vocals.

While the melodies share similarities, the lyrical narratives diverge somewhat. Both tracks revolve around the theme of love, yet Maggie Reilly and Cascada’s versions emphasise the exhilarating sensations of falling for another person. In contrast, David Puentez & INNA’s rendition captures a fleeting connection – a spark that ignites during a single night, one that you wish would last forever These tracks, though delving into similar themes, portray varied moments that encapsulate the essence of love.


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♬ The Love – David Puentez & Inna

Intricate and open to interpretation, “The Love” gives a positive, powerful voice to those who are single and are ready for something more. Full of high-energy EDM beats with house and trance vibes melded within, the track is perfectly aimed at clubs and festivals, with the lyrics also empowering those of us on the dancefloor who keep our hearts open.

Iconic and unforgettable, David Puentez and INNA have released an absolutely solid dance track that has a high replayability to it. If these artists are anything to go by, we expect “The Love” will be picked up by DJs and producers who will drop incredible remixes – we just need Manian and/or Yanou (the DJs behind Cascada and who make up two-thirds of the Eurodance group alongside Natalie Horler) to pick it up and create an epic mash-up of the Cascada original and this version, as an INNA and Cascada collaboration would be undeniably phenomenal and would certainly flare up nostalgic vibes as both artists were huge on the dance circuit in the ’00s and early ’10s.

“The Love”, by David Puentez and INNA, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Sony Music, Universal Music, Global Records, and Virgin Records. The track follows INNA’s previous infectious collaboration with The Victor, titled “Dance Alone”. INNA is also set to tour North America in April following an appearance at Mexico’s Tecate Pa’l Norte 2024 Festival in March as part of the line-up.

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