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Roger Kuhn Unveils Epic Two-Spirit Anthem “Kaleidoscope” With Velvet Code: A Journey of Liberation and Joy

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Bjorn Bolinder

In a dazzling celebration of authenticity and freedom, Two-Spirit Indigiqueer artist Roger Kuhn has released his latest single, “Kaleidoscope”, a dance-infused anthem that delves into the profound questions of belief and freedom. This marks Kuhn’s return to focusing on his music career after his decade-long career as a psychotherapist, now he’s taking a hiatus from that role to pursue his true passion—music. This acts as the follow-up to Kuhn’s 2023 remix EP “Thank You for the Remix” and Velvet Code’s collaboration with Jamie Adrian on the single “G.I. Joe”.

In this vibrant composition, Kuhn invites listeners to contemplate the meaning of freedom while reflecting on his personal journey. The lyrics of “Kaleidoscope” echo his joy and the exhilaration of being a music artist. The track sweeps you up into the air, soaring you to new heights, and you’re just left in awe, and full of inspiration as Kuhn empowers his listeners. We feel his words and it’s like he’s speaking to us on a whole other level, saying, “Hey, this is me, and I’m loving every bit of it!”

Talking about the lyrics of the song, Kuhn says, “I sing about flying through the sky, never being so high, and how I can’t believe I’m not falling. That’s who I am when I am performing live or writing songs. I am living my ultimate purpose and celebrating my authentic self.”

Promotional photo for "Kaleidoscope" in collaboration with Velvet Code which sees a gold-yellow-filtered shot of Roger Kuhn, standing and reaching out in a gold-encrusted suit and matching trousers that is photographically distorted.
Photo Credit: Bjorn Bolinder

Co-written by Kuhn and producer Velvet Code, whilst it was recorded at Mix Recording Studio in Los Angeles, “Kaleidoscope” is a burst of colour and genuineness that explodes with inspiration, confidence, and empowerment. Full of electronic beats with a rich bassline, this track is set to stand out on any dance playlist, for all the right reasons.

As “Kaleidoscope” continues through progressive waves, Kuhn’s opulent vocals shine through as he establishes himself amongst the kaleidoscopic EDM beats. His heart and his passion for his lyrics are undeniable especially as the chorus hits. Unforgettable and personal, this Two-Spirit artist has fully made a colourful impact with “Kaleidoscope”, spreading joy and pride with every single listen; something so necessary in this world, especially now, and something we certainly need more of.

The soon-to-be-released accompanying music video was shot in Toronto and directed by Joey Arrigo. It is set to capture the essence of the song’s message. Bursting with colours and AI elements, the video signifies emerging from darkness, finding inner strength, and celebrating liberation.

“Gender and sexual orientation can be seen through a kaleidoscopic lens,” Kuhn explains. “When you peer through a kaleidoscope you see multiple shapes, colors, expressions, and beauty, which is what life is like if we allow ourselves to see beyond the ordinary.”

A bi-racial, bi-cultural, Two-Spirit Indigiqueer artist, Roger Kuhn draws inspiration from his diverse heritage, with a father of German and Russian descent and a mother from the Poarch Creek tribe. His childhood in rural North Dakota was a blend of curiosity, wonder, and, unfortunately, moments of horror due to his alcoholic father’s abusive behaviour.

Reflecting on his childhood, Kuhn shares, “I always knew I was different from the other kids my age.” He elaborates on his gender exploration, “I never felt like a boy, nor did I feel like I girl. I grew up loving He-Man, Thundercats, Barbie, and She-Ra. I used to pretend I was Madonna and David Bowie at the same time.”

Promotional photo for "Kaleidoscope" in collaboration with Velvet Code which sees a sapphire-blue-filtered shot of Roger Kuhn, standing and reaching upwards in a blue-sequined jacket and matching trousers that is photographically distorted.
Photo Credit: Bjorn Bolinder

Discovering the term Two-Spirit in his mid-20s was a transformative experience for Kuhn. Coined by Dr. Myra Laramee in 1990, Two-Spirit encompasses individuals who embody both gender traits, occupying a unique gender status. Describing his gender as circular and his sexuality similarly fluid, Kuhn beautifully likens gender and sexual orientation to a kaleidoscope. Hence the title of his new single.

Roger Kuhn, a pivotal figure in the Two-Spirit community, emphasises the foundation of liberation as pleasure, asserting that “pleasure heals”. His involvement in the Levi’s Pride campaign in 2022 and the release of the songwriting anthology “Mvto”(the Muscogee word for “Thank you”) in the previous year showcases Kuhn’s commitment to promoting awareness and acceptance within his community.

“Kaleidoscope” stands as a testament to Roger Kuhn’s artistic evolution, capturing hearts and minds with its infectious energy and poignant message of embracing life’s kaleidoscopic beauty. The single is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via So Fierce Music, The Orchard, and Sony Music Entertainment.

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