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Johnny Bloom Releases Epic Debut Single “Roarin’ 20s” Paying Homage to Swing in Collaboration With Velvet Code

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a bold move to revive the spirit of the Jazz era, Johnny Bloom has dropped his debut single, “Roarin’ 20s”, an upbeat fusion of swing and pop that pays homage to the past. Bringing undeniable energy and a brilliant vocal, Johnny Bloom delivers with the help of Velvet Code, taking the swing music style into the 21st century, making it modern and fresh.

Bloom, a small-town Illinois native with a passion for music that spans generations, draws inspiration from the infectious rhythms of New Orleans street jazz and the blues. His new track is a lively concoction of blues, ragtime, marching music, and African folk rhythms, infused with a modern twist.

Written by Johnathan Wilkinsbeck (Johnny Bloom) and Marlon Wurmitzer (Velvet Code), whilst it was produced by the latter, “Roarin’ 20s” kicks off with a Charleston-inspired sound clip that transports the listener right into the past—we’ve heard this sound so many times that we know exactly what era we’re travelling to. Then the first verse hits and Johnny Bloom matches the beat with his vocals, giving an updated sense of style to the soundbite, effortlessly intriguing the listener.

Velvet Code soon embellishes the beat, giving it a progressive modern twist as the song expands. Matching it all the way is Johnny Bloom with his flair and finesse. The chorus is an addictive fun segment that is sure to stick with listeners for the rest of the day, encouraging us all to slide with him like it’s the “Roarin’ 20s”, and slide is exactly what we will be doing. Fun and catchy, this is a brilliant debut single from Johnny Bloom, and his vocals on the ending bridge see him add heart and passion to the track, showcasing how much he believes in this song.

Reflecting on the track, Bloom shares, “I’ve always been incredibly interested in American music through the generations, and the history of New Orleans street jazz, blues, and bandstand music, in particular. My main purpose with ‘Roarin’ 20s’ is to help revive a style of music I am passionate about, and to broaden people’s tastes in music. I have discovered that diversifying the music I listen to has absolutely changed my life for the better and I hope it will do the same for listeners.”

Hailing from Auburn, Illinois, Johnny Bloom’s musical journey was shaped amidst the backdrop of a childhood marked by his parents’ divorce when he was just 6-years-old. Seeking solace, he immersed himself in the lively realm of marching bands and theatrical performances. Despite his aspirations for music, Bloom took a divergent path by enlisting in the United States Navy, driven by his grandfather’s Cold War-era service as a welder.

“Since I was a really young kid, I always wanted to join the Navy,” he says. His grandfather helped to raise him for a great deal of his young life. Wanting to carry on his grandfather’s legacy, Bloom enlisted in the United States Navy, when he finished high school, serving as a nuclear reactor operator. Bloom, who is openly gay, was out to his officers and fellow sailors. “My grandpa passed away when I was 14, but I know he would be proud of the commitment to the US military that I made through him.”

Following his military service, Bloom reentered civilian life with a commitment to advancing his musical ambitions. Infusing his compositions with a captivating blend of vintage allure and modern vibrancy, Bloom draws inspiration from a diverse spectrum of artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, Ray Charles, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga. This eclectic mix of influences allows Bloom to take an innovative approach to his music, promising a distinctive and engaging sound.

“Roarin’ 20s”, by Johnny Bloom, is available to download and stream right now, across all platforms via So Fierce Music and distributed by The Orchard and Sony Music. This is just the first release from Bloom, and we’re excited to watch his career in the music industry soar.

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