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“I AM”: David Hernandez Takes Us on an Epic Musical Journey of Growth, Resilience, and Self-Discovery in His New Single and Music Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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David Hernandez, widely known for his standout performance on American Idol, has released a reimagined version of the title track from his debut EP. Titled “I AM”, this updated version captures Hernandez’s personal journey and the challenges he has faced. An awesome accompanying music video has also been dropped alongside this track. The original was titled “I Am Who I Am” and was released in 2011 at just over three minutes long, whereas this new version is almost four minutes long. The release of this single acts as the follow-up to last year’s single, “VICES”.

Reflecting on his earlier years, David Hernandez recounts his upbringing in a tumultuous environment, surrounded by family members struggling with substance abuse and dealing with bullying at school. “I was listening to that old record, going down the memory lane of my life and career, remembering that young kid who was scared yet somehow had the audacity to chase his dream on national TV,” Hernandez recalls. “It occurred to me how much I still relate to him.” This introspection led him to revisit and revamp the track for today’s audience.

Teaming up with Alex Teamer, the original producer of his first EP, Hernandez quickly brought the new version to life. Transforming it into an addictive anthemic pop song, “I AM” fuses together Hernandez’s incredibly powerful vocals with orchestral strings, piano chords, and rhythmic drum beats. While it still maintains the soulful R&B vibes, Hernandez impresses with his vocal range, his emotion, and his journey. It’s clear how far he has come as an artist, delivering with authenticity and integrity with a relatable narrative that just fully allows the listeners to connect with him on a deep level.

Promotional photo for "I AM" which sees David Hernandez lying down on a mustard-coloured couch wearing a beige and yellow shirt that is unbuttoned halfway revealing his chest. He's also wearing black jeans. He is stretched out on his side with his elbow on the couch with his hand keeping his head up.

Self-discovery and self-love are so important and Hernandez encourages us all to find that within ourselves. This comes at the most perfect of moments as Pride Month kickstarts tomorrow.

Talking about the track, David Hernandez shared, “So much of what I sang about in my first album still rings true today. I’ve worked so hard to overcome the traumas of my childhood, and by the grace of God, I have managed to heal so much of my past pain, but I would be lying if I said that some days weren’t still a struggle. I think I will always be discovering who I am until my dying day. There’s a beauty in that.”

The music video, co-produced and directed by David Hernandez and Johny D., was filmed in Burbank at Stage 35. It portrays the contrast of Hernandez’s life as a celebrated artist facing public adulation and private turmoil. The video opens with Hernandez in his dressing room, about to go out and perform on stage, juxtaposed with scenes of media criticism and homophobia, with an unforgettable comment from Simon Cowell on American Idol.

“I remember the initial excitement of stardom when I thought it was all cheering crowds and fancy clothes,” David Hernandez said. “But pretty quickly, the doubts crept in along with the questions: Is this it? Is this me? Did I hit my goal? Have I realized my dreams? Why do I feel so empty?”

The video ignites with Hernandez shedding his costume in a moment of frustration, showcasing his inner turmoil and struggles with his identity. In a fit of emotional release, he trashes his dressing room, further illustrating the intensity of his internal conflict. The scene then shifts to an empty set, where Hernandez stands alone, devoid of the applause and distractions that come with fame. In this moment of solitude, he is left to confront his true self, reflecting on his journey and the challenges he has faced. The stark silence and absence of an audience emphasise the raw, unfiltered nature of his introspection, highlighting the profound search for authenticity and self-understanding.

A poignant moment features a polaroid of a young Hernandez in a Mickey Mouse shirt, and we then see Hernandez wearing the same shirt, symbolising his reflection on past and present. It’s this moment as well as a recording of his mother leaving a message for him and asking what he wants for Christmas, that unleashes his self-belief in who he is and allows him to validate his identity. This launches him into a self-love-inspired visual that is sure to encourage and motivate every viewer to embrace and trust in themselves.

Still from the "I AM" music video which sees David Hernandez wearing a black vest top, leaning against a light-bulb-framed mirror with his knees up and one hand pointing to his forehead in a thinking sign.

Since his rise to fame on the seventh season of American Idol where he finished 12th, David Hernandez has showcased his talents on shows such as The Ellen Show, The Today Show, MTV’s TRL, and TV Guides’ Sexiest Stars. He also performed at Barack Obama’s Inaugural Kick-Off Celebration alongside John Legend and Maroon 5. Drawing inspiration from icons like Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Whitney Houston, Donnie Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Luther Vandross, Beyoncé, and Michael Jackson, Hernandez continues to write and produce his own music, going on to showcase his vocal talent and his incredible songwriting ability.

His previous hits, including “Beautiful”—which has been streamed over 200,000 times on Spotify, alone, and his recent singles highlight his evolving artistry. Hernandez also received acclaim for his performance in the Off-Broadway musical comedy “Naked Boys Singing”, performing an eight-month residency and winning the Broadway World Award for “Best Performer in a Musical”.

Hernandez’s latest album, “Don’t @ Me”, features the singles “VICES”, “MISS YOU”, and “When it Rains, it Pours”, and addresses personal and public challenges, including criticism for his sexuality and past as a stripper. “They still don’t realize how much their words have scarred me,” he shared.

Through his music, David Hernandez aims to connect with listeners facing similar struggles, advocating for honesty and resilience. “It’s why I never want to sugarcoat things in my music,” he explains. “I hate when people act like their life has been a breeze. That’s not how life works. Sometimes it’s incredible and other times it is really f-ing hard. But no matter how hard it gets, it’s important to remember that we all have the strength and ability to push through our pain and turn it into triumph.”

“I AM”, by David Hernandez, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Dat Boy Good Records! With this track, Hernandez reaffirms his journey of self-discovery and resilience, offering a powerful anthem for those navigating their paths. We’re excited to continue to follow his career.

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