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Loreen Captivates In Gorgeous Desert Scenery Music Video For “Is It Love”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Released in the last week, Loreen has stunned her fans worldwide, with her awesome new music video for her latest single “Is It Love“. Already raking in over half a million views on YouTube, this gorgeously-shot visual is rapidly becoming a video sensation for her, as she gears up for her upcoming European tour.

The track is one of our favourite releases of this year, and is a faultless follow-up to her Eurovision-winning single “Tattoo”. The music video is a brilliant performance-based visual with Loreen embracing her Moroccan heritage, what with it being shot in a desert.

Still from the "Is It Love" music video which sees Loreen looking off to the distance with the sunny sky behind her.

Directed by Moncef Henaien, with Joel Hördegård acting as director of photography, we first watch Loreen carrying a toddler on her back, across the desert, before falling to her knees. The song then kicks in with the toddler climbing down off her back and we later see the toddler in the arms of a woman who is walking with three other women across the desert. This singer-songwriter then starts to feel her feelings, as she questions whether it’s love that she’s feeling and whether her other half is feeling love towards her.

She channels these emotions through freestyle dance as she sings the song. These movements are full of intensity and passion, you can tell that she means every single word she is singing as she feels the deep meaning of the song. Camels are found in the background, just chilling.

Still from the "Is It Love" music video which sees Loreen overlooking desert hills.

As the second verse starts, the drums kick in and we watch this two-time Eurovision winner continue to feel this song and question whether it’s love that she’s feeling, going on to move past three men, one of whom is playing a drum that is strapped to his body, while the other two men are playing the maracas. She continues to feel her words, interpreting them into freestyle dance.

As the chorus comes in a second time, horses are ridden at speed towards her, soon encircling her. The song ends and the horses race away with Loreen just standing there, on the desert sands. She then starts to make subtle walking movements whilst showcasing the aftereffects of her inner turmoil of whether it’s love that she’s feeling. That’s when a person wrapped in black garments comes up behind her and wraps their arms around her, dispelling all her anxiety and questioning thoughts, showcasing that it is love that they feel for each other. The final scene sees a horse being ridden across the desert.

Still from the "Is It Love" music video which sees Loreen being embraced by her love-interest, calming her anxiety around whether it is love or not.

This video is flawless and showcases Loreen’s incredible ability to translate all her thoughts and feelings that go into the recording of a song, right into visual form. She’s an icon, with an incredible talent that she delivers faultlessly time and again. We’ll continue to say it – she deserves to be a global superstar.

Watch the music video to “Is It Love” by Loreen here:

The music video isn’t the only visual where Loreen has stunned people around the world in terms of this song, she also performed the track on the 19th season of Idol (Sweden) – known as “Idol 2023”. She performs the track with a group of dancers, batting out flawless choreography which includes tutting dance moves and the many arms dance, making this performance iconic. This performance alone excites us for her European tour – where we will be attending her London date.

Watch the performance at Idol 2023 here:

Loreen is set to take off on a European tour, with Olivia Lunny being the support act, this month. She will start off in Dublin, Ireland on November 7, 2023, going on to perform in Glasgow, UK on November 8, 2023, and then London, UK on November 10, 2023 – the show that we will be in attendance at (so expect a gig review from us). She’ll then tour extensively across Europe hitting countries such as Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Noway, Finland, and of course her home country of Sweden, amongst many more. Many dates are sold out, although reseller tickets may be available – we recommend you only buy from trusted sources. You can find ticket information on her official website.

Loreen Tour Dates

  • November 7 – Dublin, Ireland – The Academy Dublin
  • November 8 – Glasgow, UK – St. Luke’s & The Winged Ox
  • November 10 – London, UK – Electric Brixton
  • November 12 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
  • November 14 – Antwerp, Belgium – Trix
  • November 15 – Berlin, Germany – Metropol
  • November 16 – Warsaw, Poland – Klub Stodoła
  • November 17 – Hamburg, Germany – Docks
  • November 19 – Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller Music Hall
  • November 20 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega
  • November 23 – Stockholm, Sweden – Cirkus Arena
  • November 26 – Helsinki, Finland – Vanha Ylioppilastalo
  • November 27 – Tampere, Finland – Pakkahuone
  • November 29 – Tallinn, Estonia – Noblessner Foundry
  • November 30 – Riga, Latvia – Palladium
  • December 1 – Kaunas, Lithuania – Kauno Arena
  • December 4 – Zürich, Switzerland – X-TRA
  • December 5 – Paris, France – Alhambra

“Is It Love”, by Loreen, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Universal Music.

Stream the track on Spotify here:

Follow Loreen on social media here:

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