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“Băieții”: Alexandra Stan Astounds in Her Most Beautiful and Most Personal Single to Date

by Jonathan Currinn
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Romanian global superstar, Alexandra Stan has unveiled an addictive new solo single, titled “Băieții”, that deserves to be played on repeat. With an upbeat tempo and flawless vocals wrapped around sexy lyrics, it’s no wonder that “Băieții” has been gaining traction. Unfortunately, a music video hasn’t been dropped alongside the release, although the baseball-inspired single artwork is very suggestive that one is on its way. This acts as the official follow-up to her collaboration with VINAI on the song “Believe“.

Written by Alexandra Stan, Bastien, and Vlad Ciresan, whilst it was produced by Andy Horjea, “Băieții” is a relaxed pop song that suits Stan down to a tee, it’s these sorts of songs that truly allows her to show that she has one beautiful voice. Lucious guitar strings strike a rhythmic chord from the get-go with Stan’s soft vocals warping nicely with the beat, giving a very sensual opening verse. The lead-up bridge that flows into the chorus gives an expectational hook that grips listeners and journies us into the chorus.

The backing track truly fleshes out for the chorus, with guitar riffs and drum beats but in a pop-rock relaxed style, determined to allow Stan’s gorgeous vocals to take the limelight. The song has us reminiscing about her addicting track “Take Me Home” which totally deserved so much more recognition than it initially got! While this song is beyond catchy, it’s when we delve into the lyrics that we realise this is quite possibly Stan’s most personal song, to date.

It’s no secret—even Stan admits this in the song—that Stan’s dating life is one of the most talked about topics in Romanian pop culture due to her willingness to date openly. She’s known to go from one guy to the next, with news reports always suggesting she’s dating any guy she’s seen with, even if they’re just on friendly terms. So, it’s not a surprise to see she’s released a song that pretty much addresses this, but in a positive light, fully admitting that she likes to date, specifically singing, “I like boys”.

Official single cover artwork for "Băieții" which sees Alexandra Stan in a baseball outfit with a baseball bat on a baseball field with a men's muscular arm tensed up in the foreground which is adorned with a heart tattoo with the name "Alexandra" wrapped around it, on his bicep.

Our rough translation of the lyrics—thanks to MatchLyric—sees her discuss a variety of boys she’s been on dates with (we presume the names have been changed) and the reasons why they didn’t work out. Whether the events are specifically true or not, we have to give it to this songwriting team for the breathtaking poetry that has been used.

While we know Romanian is a romance language, we have to admit that this is probably one of our top Romanian-written songs purely based on the stunning rhyming that has been created within these lyrics! Putting the song-crafting aside (yes, we said crafting because this song is pure art), we love the positive spin in the chorus making us realise that it’s okay to love yourself while also loving the feeling of falling in love.

Passionate and heartfelt, Stan has again put her all in this song, fully bringing the song to a close with the ending bridge full of hope and wishfulness as she dreams of the day she finds her one true love, gets married, and has kids. Yes, she likes boys, she’s human after all, but she also loves herself—and there’s just no denying how empowering this song truly is.

“Băieții”, by Alexandra Stan, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms via Universal Music Romania. We can’t help but hope that a music video is on its way for this track, as we can’t get enough of it. We also expect that she’ll be dropping her new album later this year.

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