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Alexandra Stan completely shines in her latest collaboration with VINAI titled “Believe”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Once again proving her incredible singing talent, Alexandra Stan has teamed up with VINAI for the awesome new single “Believe”. This is another huge collaboration for this Romanian superstar as the Italian brother duo VINAI have made gigantic waves in the EDM scene, going on to amass more than 216 million Spotify streams for their hit single “Rise Up” featuring Vamero which is half the amount that Stan has amassed for “Mr Saxobeat”.

This acts as the follow-up to Stan’s single “Bine cu puțin rău” and VINAI’s collaborative remix with Marnik of R3HAB, INNA & SASH!’s single “Rock My Body” as well as their collaboration with Marnik and Naeleck on the single “Boyz In Paris”.

Written by Alessandro Vinai, Alexandra Stan, Andrea Vinai, Lewis Gardiner, and Taneisha Jackson, whilst it has been produced by Lewis Gardiner and VINAI, “Believe” is an anthemic tune that really allows both artists to fully shine.

The track starts off with Stan’s sweet vocals over a synth beat allowing her voice to hold the listener from the get-go. As the track progresses, VINAI showcase their skills by adding addictive beats and layering them over the rhythm, building it up out of nowhere. There’s an increase in dance vibes as the chorus hits, with Stan increasing her word flow to match the energetic pace of the song.

Undeniably emotional, Stan’s vocals are pure fire. Pouring her heart and soul into this – we expect nothing less from this Eastern European star – listeners feel exactly how much this track means to her. Sending chills to the listener, Stan proves that she’s so much more than what others give her credit for, with this flawless vocal delivery we can’t help but hope that more top DJs are lining up to work with her. She’s certainly working the circuit with epic past collaborations with Sak Noel and NERVO.

The lyrics of this new song delve into the concept of love and how being with someone can raise your heartbeat, create a chemical reaction, and create an undeniable connection. Stan sings about how she feels when she’s with this person and she asks whether that person believes in love and is feeling the same way that she is. If her relationship history is anything to go by, it’s not a surprise that she delivers this song so incredibly well, as she has admitted that she loves love and being in love, and she continually proves that with her dating life. She clearly believes in love and so do we.

Sonically addictive and incredibly catchy, VINAI and Stan’s “Believe” is another perfect collaboration that we cannot get enough of. While the festival season may be over, this is set to become the winter dance track that we cannot get enough of, and we have no doubt that it is set to go off on VINAI’s DJ sets.

Stream “Believe” by VINAI and Alexandra Stan on Spotify here:

“Believe”, by VINAI and Alexandra Stan, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Spinnin’ Records. We cannot wait to see what these remarkable artists release next.

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