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Mr Saxobeat star Alexandra Stan strips off in sensual music video for new single “Bine cu puțin rău”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Stunning us all with an artistic music video which goes with her beautiful new single, Alexandra Stan drops “Bine cu puțin rău”, which translates to “Good with a little bad”, in English. Known worldwide for her international debut single “Mr Saxobeat” (even though “Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)” was technically her debut single), this global superstar knows exactly how to turn heads, make an addicting heartfelt pop song, and continue to prove that Romania has some of the best artists in the world.

The release of this track follows up her previous single “Bobo” and it’s quite possible that she teased a brand new album or single within this music video as the guy has various words on strips of cotton hanging from his shorts, along with her name – there isn’t enough to be a tracklist for her next album, although we wish there was.

Her previous album was the awesome “Rainbows”, which we still adore today, so we can’t wait for even more new music from this superstar. What we do see is “Sentimente mixte”, “Bine cu puțin rău”, and what we think is “ de planuri”, which all translates to “Mixed feelings”, “Good with a little bad”, and “ plans” – the latter of which we were kind of hoping was a sequel track to her hit single “1.000.000” featuring Carlprit (we can always hope).

Watch the official music video to “Bine cu puțin rău” by Alexandra Stan here:

Written by Cristian Maier and Stefan Mihalache, whilst it was produced by George Emanuel Calin, “Bine cu puțin rău” is a Romanian-language pop ballad that really showcases Alexandra Stan’s incredible vocals. Full of emotion throughout with a subtle but sensual vocal, Alexandra Stan always manages to bring us in when she’s singing in Romanian, letting us into her passionate world.

While she manages to deliver the same concept in English songs, such as “Take Me Home”, it’s Romanian songs like this one that really allow her to show her effortless vocal talent. Add on the intricate yet subtle backing track where light drums and soft percussion accentuate her voice and this is one perfect track for the end of summer.

As for the music video, which has been written and directed by Vlad Oancea with Paul Tatcu acting as Director of Photography, we watch Alexandra Stan with her love interest (played by Tudor Criveanu) spending the day on the beach together. If there’s anything that Alexandra Stan has learned over the years, it’s that sex sells, and it certainly does if you compare numbers. The video sees her go nude as well as topless, as well as wearing hot swimwear.

Yet, she’s not the only one as we also see Tudor Criveanu strip down to his swimwear and he also goes nude when he’s sitting on a chair and Alexandra Stan sits on top of him. Regardless of the sex-sells clips, there are also high fashion moments including a tight-skin wet dress she wears while standing on the rocks, holding what looks to be squids in each of her hands; then there’s the lifeguard swimsuit making us think about Baywatch; there’s an intricate netting outfit that she wears in the water; as well as the white wet crop top she wears that seems to have an image of her topless on it.

Oh, not to mention the scene where she’s in a deck chair and two crabs are lying across her cleavage like a bra, but the one that stands out the most to us is the beautiful headshot with the plane in the background as she slides on some sunglasses – her makeup is totally on point during that scene!

While fashion moments aren’t key for Tudor Criveanu’s scenes, we do see him wear a variety of shorts and swimming trunks, as well as some hats at the beginning. He stands out most when he takes a bite of that grapefruit (this is not a euphemism, he actually takes a bite of a grapefruit).

As well as his sunburnt back which has Alexandra Stan’s name on it as well as “Bine cu puțin rău” and the year 2023 – either that really hurts and it’s going to take months to heal and disappear, or it’s photoshopped (to be fair, if it was us, we wouldn’t mind having Alexandra Stan on our backs, even if it is just her name, the title of her current single and the year).

Stream the newly released song on Spotify here:

“Bine cu puțin rău”, by Alexandra Stan, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Universal Music Romania. She has also officially confirmed that her next single in the works is titled “Parara” with Rawdolff as she performed it on Virgin Radio Romania.

Follow Alexandra Stan on social media here:

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