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Trap Metal Revolution: Sam Kallan Stuns With “Come Up” Single and Video Featuring Mikey Rotten

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Markee Ruffin

Sam Kallan and Mikey Rotten are showcasing their incredible musical talent with their team-up on the single release, “Come Up”. This captivating track transcends boundaries and defines a new era in the trap metal genre. This acts as the follow-up to Sam Kallan’s single “Spiders” and Mikey Rotten’s EP “Impending Doom” and he has recently followed this single with a collaboration titled “Rot” with Big Texas.

Taking trap metal to a whole new level, Kallan and Rotten flesh out this one-and-a-half-minute song with an awesome beat, a catchy rhythm, and unforgettable lyrics. The dark metal vocals from Rotten have a solid quality to them that completely explains why he has millions of streams on Spotify as there is a richness to them that works perfectly for this track.

He flows along with the beat bringing out clarity while dominating the hook of the track—determined to get these lyrics stuck in our heads and that’s exactly what he does. The drop is magnetic, bringing out Kallan’s awesome production skills which he then adds some twisted vocal beats to the trap drop delving the track into phonk music as the bassline distorts and Rotten returns for more catchy lyrics.

Amplifying the trap metal game, Kallan and Rotten bring a brilliant fusion of raw emotional intensity and sonic beats. “Come Up” is a track that is set to expand the world of trap metal, showcasing incredible depth and rhythmic energy, It’s a brilliant start of 2024 for the genre and for both of these artists, with the track already soaring up to become Kallan’s most-popular track on Spotify.

Accompanying the single release is a dark music video where both artists perform this track. We watch as Rotten rips pages from a book while they’re in a room where photos adorn the walls. There’s a red filter on a few of the visuals, which only adds to the darkness. As the song continues, the visuals transition even more so, which disorientates viewers, only adding to the sinister and eerie feel of the music video—which definitely relates well to the trap metal genre as a whole.

Having only debuted in 2021 with “Photobooth”, Kallan is quickly becoming a rising star in the music industry. Hailing from the challenges of a small city, he has skillfully crafted a dark style, drawing inspiration from iconic acts such as Slipknot, Three 6 Mafia, Linkin Park, and Suicide Boys. Following his debut, Kallan unveiled the EP “HELLoween” in 2022, propelling him further into the spotlight. Since then, he has consistently released a series of singles, solidifying his presence. Kallan has also embraced collaboration, emerging as one-third of the dynamic Half Dead Trio. Their debut single, released last year, was followed by two more, showcasing the trio’s continued evolution in the music scene.

Promotional head shot photo of Sam Kallan with the hood of his black hoodie up over his head and his long dirty-blonde hair covering his face.
Photo Credit: Markee Ruffin

Featuring on this track is Rotten, who is a resilient force in the music industry. He arrived in LA with just $300, initially pursuing a DJ producer career. Sheltered by a friend, he secured a spot at ExchangeLA as a resident DJ for bass music nights. Rotten faced challenges as he started to embrace a punk rock DIY mentality, he serves as a rapper, producer, engineer, mixer/masterer, visual artist, and video director/editor—navigating a low-budget, label-free path with unwavering determination. His most-streamed track, at 1.3 million streams, is “Knock ‘Em Down” which was a collaboration with Wolfgang Woe and Azide, while “Demonstrate” follows closely behind with 1.1 million streams, which saw him collaborate with Volt and Xavier Wulf.

“Come Up”, by Sam Kallan featuring Mikey Rotten, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Graveyard Cartel.

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