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Exclusive Interview: Belle chats about “Beautiful To Me”, her music career, and being a rising star

by Jonathan Currinn
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Rising up in the music industry is Belle, who has already gone on to gain huge momentum with tens of thousands of streams across platforms. Add that to her rising following across social media and her hundreds of thousands of YouTube views across her music videos and live performances, and Belle’s truly stepping into her own. We were lucky enough to interview her about her career to date.

Tomorrow will see Belle release her brand new single and music video, titled “Follow Ur Heart”. This release will act as the follow-up to her previous single “Beautiful To Me” which is her current most-streamed and most-popular track on Spotify, with the music video also becoming her most-viewed visual on YouTube. The fact that her last single has reached so many listeners excites us for her new release! We’re sure “Follow Ur Heart” will gain even more success for this incredible rising star.

We were honoured to exclusively interview Belle last week where she took some time out to answer our questions about the music she’s released so far, what it’s like being a rising star, and her career to date.

Hi Belle, we hope you are having a good day today. What’s it like to be a rising star in the music industry, at the moment?

Gosh, I’m just so incredibly happy to be able to be doing the thing I’m most passionate about. Music is something that has and always has been with me and I’m giving everything I possibly can to make my goals happen, with a support network that I’m literally so lucky to have. This is just the start of my journey and I can’t wait for whatever happens next.

“Beautiful To Me” has garnered a lot of attention since its release in July 2023, already going on to become your most-streamed single on Spotify. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song and what it means to you personally?

“Beautiful to Me” was one of the first ever songs I wrote when I was 13, so it definitely feels like a full-circle moment now that I can officially share it with the world! It was inspired by a friend of mine who was struggling with her confidence and she often used to ask me how I had the guts to do the things I love or just having the bravery to be myself.

I remember being so baffled by this because she was and is a person I look up to in so many ways and it was hard to comprehend how she could feel like that about herself. The situation triggered an idea as I know that everyone, including me, has been in a situation where we don’t feel worthy enough and compare our journeys to others. “Beautiful to Me” was my message to say that you are worthy and beautiful enough just as you are.

Your music video for “Beautiful To Me” is visually captivating. Could you share some insights into the creative process behind the video and how it complements the song’s message?

Thank you so much! I genuinely have so much fun on the creative side of my music and music videos are definitely at the top of that list aha. The original idea for the video was to have a band to be with me, but I thought maybe if I was the band things could get a little more interesting haha.

One of the main messages I put out is that you can be anything and everything you want to be if you give it a good try. I guess me being every instrument in the band emphasises that point! I’m also a massive fan of pop art and was inspired by the colours and uniqueness, which influenced the “Beautiful to Me” music video as well.

“Yeh so Wot” was released in May 2023. What was the driving force behind this track, and how does it differ from your previous singles?

“Yeh so Wot” is one of my more rock/pop songs, that I honestly love so much. I wrote this song about a time in my life when people around me would try and dictate who I was and tell me the things I should or shouldn’t be. We’re often told that the best way to deal with negativity is to just ignore it; that’s not how things work. “Yeh so Wot” is about when you find the strength to stick up for yourself, and just think ‘yeh so wot’.

You mentioned that you wrote “Just B U” during lockdown. How did the unique circumstances of the pandemic influence your songwriting and creative process for this track?

I mean, we all had a lot of time on our hands during lockdown, and in a selfish way, it was honestly the best time for me, creatively. I took time to reflect after a tough year, previously and became so connected to music. I’ve always written poems growing up and also sang, but it wasn’t until 2020 that I put those two things together. “Just B U” is all about being authentic and true to yourself. Without lockdown, I believe I wouldn’t even be doing this interview right now.

Your debut single, “Run”, was released in 2022. Looking back, how do you feel your music has evolved since then, especially with the release of “Beautiful To Me”?

It’s a really strange feeling looking back on my music and how much has happened in the past year or so. I think being 16, I’m changing and growing literally every day haha, and I’m glad I can use my music as a way of seeing that growth. My songs I put out are always authentic to how I am or feeling at the time, I don’t see that ever changing.

“Just B U” encourages self-confidence and self-acceptance. What message do you hope listeners take away from this song, and how do you personally embrace these values in your life?

I mean you kind of hit the nail on the head there aha! I hope that people can listen to this song on their bad days and remember how ace they are, or even on their good days, just as a reminder. I think everyone needs a little nudge to remember who they are sometimes, I hope that “Just B U” feels like that positive affirmation sticker you put on your bedroom mirror every morning!

As a young artist, you’re already making a name for yourself in the music industry. What has been the most exciting part of your journey so far?

I’ve been so overwhelmed with the response to my music so far, and that is honestly the best part. My one big goal with my songs is to be able to help people who are still on their own journey to find their voice, and knowing that I’ve helped even one person find theirs is genuinely so humbling.

Your music blends elements of pop and rock. Are there any specific artists or genres that have influenced your musical style?

Ahh oh my gosh, I have so so many inspirations when it comes to music. I’ve grown up with artists like Avril Lavigne, Pink, and Alanis Morissette who have definitely influenced my music, and possibly my attitude too haha.

Belle wearing a red and black checkered shirt, standing to the side and with her head tilted towards the camera.

Being the daughter of a ’90s superstar like Lolly must come with unique experiences and pressures. How do you navigate these expectations while staying true to your own artistic vision?

I mean I’ve never really thought about it like that, my mom is my best friend and I’m lucky to know that she will support me with whatever I want to do. She inspires me a lot, and also gives me the harsh advice when I need it haha.

Your music style is very mainstream pop-rock which is very different from Lolly’s ‘90s mainstream pop (dare we say cheesy pop?). What do you think about your mom’s music releases? Do you ever or did you ever, as a child, teasingly sing “Hey Mickey” or “Viva La Radio”? (Yes, we say ‘mom’ too, brummies in the house! haha)

Haha up the brummies! You know what, I don’t think I was ever bothered with my mom’s songs, I do remember being jealous when I was little that she was able to eat so many lollipops in photoshoots though aha. I do also look at photos now and wonder why she didn’t keep all those clothes!

Would you ever consider flipping one of her hit tracks into a mainstream pop-rock Belle song? It would be kind of iconic, would it not?

I think it’s her legacy and I should probably leave her tracks alone haha… although you never know what the future holds!

You’ve been very open about the challenges of trying to be yourself in a world filled with external influences. What advice would you give to young people facing similar struggles?

I mean, we live in a world where society pulls us left, right and centre trying to tell us who we’re meant to be. My advice would be that It’s important to take a step back every once in a while and remember what you’re passionate about and who you want to be. It’s easy to get swept up in it all. but if you remain grounded and focused, the world is your oyster.

As an emerging artist, what are your goals for the future of your music career? Are there specific milestones you’re aiming to achieve?

I have a lot of huge goals with my music, and I used to share them very openly. I’ve realised that there are some things that are to be kept for yourself to conquer and hopefully, my actions will speak louder than my words! Helping people find their worth is something I will always strive to do, but the rest is something you’ll have to find out through my journey.

Your music often carries empowering and uplifting themes. How important is it for you to use your platform to inspire and encourage others?

I’ll always strive to share an empowering message through my songs, I don’t believe there are many influences in the industry right now that have this aim and I’m hoping that I can be the person to change that.

Your parents have been supportive of your music journey. How have their guidance and experience influenced your path in the music industry?

I’m very lucky to have parents who support my career path, although I’m sure they would’ve rather me be a doctor haha. They’re realists and I know I can trust their opinions and advice on things, whilst also slapping me back into the real world when needed. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

What can we expect from you in terms of new music or projects in the coming months or years?

There are a lot of ace things coming, this month actually. New music and new projects that I have a lot of fire for, I can’t wait to share!

Finally, for fans who may be discovering your music for the first time, what would you like them to know about Belle as an artist and as a person?

Ooo well I’d like to think if you like a bit of experimental pop and want to feel good about yourself then my music is the place for you.

Thank you, Belle, for taking the time to answer our interview questions, we love the music you have released to date and cannot wait to hear your forthcoming tracks. We just know “Follow Ur Heart” is going to be huge for you!

As we all await the release of her new single, why not join us in listening to Belle’s music profile on whichever streaming platform you use? Bring on the release of “Follow Ur Heart” – we cannot wait.

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