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Exclusive Interview: Scott the Pisces chats about his new music, his latest release “Euphoric” featuring Ashley Alisha, and his career to date

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Levi Farran (@shotby_levi)

The rising electronic-pop artist who crosses into a multitude of genres, Scott the Pisces, agreed to answer our questions for an exclusive interview. This marks the launch of our brand new site and also kickstarts this awesome new section, making history as being the very first artist to be interviewed by Good Star Vibes. His been making waves with his music in recent years, along with a summer 2022 smash that we still can’t get enough of as of today, titled “Summer ’22” in collaboration with BINX.

He recently followed that single release up with a brand new track that he dropped this year, titled “Euphoric” featuring Ashley Alisha. Once again, he has shown how incredibly talented he is and we’re so here for it! He has been working with a variety of artists, recently, and we were so honoured to be able to interview him. In our Q&A interview, we asked him about his most recent releases, the highlights of his career to date – including his songs appearing on Love Island.

Hi Scott, how are you doing today? We hope you’re enjoying the heatwave the UK is currently having. We’ve heard you have new music coming out soon, can you tell us more about it?

Hi there! I’m doing fab! … but this heatwave has been overwhelming! I feel like we barely had a summer and now the weather has been trying to pack it all into this weekend. Yes, a lot of new music is in the works! Mostly in aid of other artists; I’ve been songwriting, producing and engineering a lot of cool projects for some really talented people. As of the last few weeks, I’ve also begun taking a few vocal coaching sessions to further develop my own skills. It’s been very exciting and most importantly fun!

Your recent release, “Euphoric”, featuring Ashley Alisha, has garnered attention. Can you share the creative process behind this track and the inspiration behind its euphoric sound?

“Euphoric” has been doing really well since its release, I’m very happy about its reception so far! I was honestly so glad when it finally released, as we had been sitting on this record for a whole year! The inspiration for the song, from my side, started as a demo idea I had laying around on my computer. The actual foundation of the song began in 2019. The project file was labelled “Mermaids & Dolphins”, and it was a super basic version of the pre-chorus into the drop/hook. I remember wanting to create something which would take the listener on a journey, going from a softer intimate sound to a massive tropical synth-infused landscape. I was playing a lot of an MMORPG called Runescape at the time, in a way reliving my childhood and there was something about the sense of fantasy and magic in that which sparked the inspiration. I spent a lot of time in that game exploring vast landscapes, usually nearby water, and I’m certain that my childlike wonder and fantasy play a massive part in my sound. I think that’s why a lot of gaming channels on YouTube lean towards my music too.

How did your collaboration with Ashley Alisha come about for “Euphoric”? What was it like working together on this project?

Once I had the production near complete, I knew I needed someone who could connect the dots; to bring emotional lyrics and vocals into my synthy fantasy creation. There’s no one better at making a connection than Ashley Alisha. She was my first and only choice for the record, I just knew that Ashley would be able to channel the energy I was going for in creating something magical. I hit her up with the idea, we bounced back and forth with ideas until she sent over a demo vocal which as expected blew me away! Ashley had previously worked with me on the title track for my debut EP Ocean Blue, and to me Euphoric felt like it could be a sister to that song; they’re intended to be listened to back to back. Ashley and I worked remotely, as she lives in Los Angeles and I’m based in London at the moment. It’s so nice when, even over a long distance, you can communicate ideas with someone and have them get you instantly.

“Euphoric” is captivating and blends electronic elements with Ashley Alisha’s vocals. What was your vision for the track, and how did you achieve this unique sonic fusion?

The vision for the production was to create something which felt expansive. There are a lot of elements which make up the feeling of the song, many you wouldn’t think of unless you listen closely. The main lead synth in the choruses is actually a vocal that’s being bent into a melody synthetically. I think that’s why I titled the demo “Mermaids & Dolphins”; to me, the leads sounded like they were singing underwater. Although an electronic song, the backbone of the rhythm section is very R&B, specifically in the verses. I knew I wanted a more intimate feel during the sections between choruses. The dynamic between sections is what allows the song to breathe. When you mix the production with Ashley’s lush vocal landscape, it truly comes to life.

Scott the Pisces posing for a photoshoot, wearing a white vest top over an open grey shirt. He has one arm on his knee.
Photo Credit: Levi Farran (@shotby_levi)

Last year, you dropped “Summer ’22” with BINX, which was a fantastic summer anthem. Can you tell us about your creative process behind this track and what inspired its upbeat, nostalgic vibe?

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to create that classic pop sound from my childhood, that Katy Perry / Kesha sound around 2009-2013. “Summer ‘22” was my way of paying homage to them while proving to myself that I could also do it! I knew I wanted to have a guitar as the main instrument since it was the typical foundation for songs of that era. The song started with me playing the chords to a song called “Semi-Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind, which was a classic from my younger years, although I really didn’t realise what they were singing about back then!!! Oops! I took those chords, changed the rhythm and used that loop as the base for the song. Next came the drums. I really wanted to add that grooving rhythm section but I didn’t want it to be simply four-to-the-floor so I went with an Avril Lavigne-style drum pattern, using heavier pop drums to keep the feel I wanted.

The rest of the song was built around that. When it came to structure, I really wanted to have a two-section chorus. You know when halfway through, the melodies all switch. The best example I can give is Jermaine Stewart’s “We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off”, the first half is the full hook, and section B is the “Na Na Na” part. I made sure to communicate this with BINX when I approached her with the instrumental! I was already in contact with her, as this project came right after I had produced her single “Sea Salt”. We did some serious brainstorming and threw around ideas till we came up with the concept of “Summer ‘22”. There was a lot of back and forth on this song, we really wanted to nail that perfect pop sound. BINX would send me a vocal, I’d send her back a vocal and we’d pick the best ideas together. This project took me into overdrive when it came to finally mixing it down. There were so many tracks and I felt defeated at times, restarting the entire mix process at least three times. I was trying to mix it on my old Hifi system as I hadn’t bought my new monitors yet, the struggle was real! I’m so glad that it came out and had the reception it did, being featured on Love Island USA was the highlight of my year.

Looking back over the last year since the release of that track, how has your music progressed?

My workflow has changed completely since then, back in January I revamped my entire room to be more of a creative space. This meant I finally fleshed out a new set of equipment to work with, including a new workflow through Native Instruments Maschine, using the MK3 pads. Essentially it has allowed me to quickly jot down ideas on the fly, in a fashion I’m more comfortable with. With the new setup, in the first half of the year, I was producing nothing but R&B / Hip Hop instrumentals. The drum pad setup called me towards it, it felt like the right move. I’ve also been able to incorporate my voice into projects a lot more now, without it feeling like a hassle. This has been super liberating for me.

I feel creatively free right now which has been brilliant but also daunting as I’m still uncertain of my next move for my own music. I’ve got enough material to release a full R&B project completely leftfield of my eclectic and electric pop sound, so I might just do that! Music is changing quite rapidly of late, with the sound of the early 2000s making a comeback. There’s a lot of that inspiration in my music, more so in the unreleased songs I’m sitting on. I’m thinking that with the trajectory I’m going at, there will be a crossover point where what I’m making becomes the mainstream sound. Fingers crossed it leads to something great!

With three official single releases over the past three years, including “Crazy About You” featuring Raene, can we expect a sophomore EP anytime soon? Or even an album?

I have been contemplating releasing another EP, but my biggest fear right now is how the world is in regard to attention span. It feels like songs are getting shorter, and quickly forgotten, especially in contrast to how it was when I grew up. I come from a transitional era where you’d still buy a CD and live with that album until you could afford another one, but you could still jump onto YouTube and listen to singles. Sometimes I wonder if people still appreciate full projects, as opposed to singles. I think if I’m to release another EP, it’ll have to be one with a concept, in which the songs take you on a journey.

You dropped your debut EP, “Ocean Blue” in 2021. What was it like to focus on such a project, and how did you feel when it was received so well?

During the time, creating “Ocean Blue”, it was at a point where I’d lost my regular job and I had all the freedom to pour myself into the project. It was like seeing a glimpse of what my life could be like if I had the complete financial stability to solely focus on music. I really loved working on the project as a whole, it was an interesting time of learning and skill-building for me. From learning to create my own artwork and lyric videos to designing my own merchandise to promote myself as a new artist. It was a clean slate for me to work from and I thrived within that. When the music finally came out it was a massive relief and I felt super accomplished within myself, knowing all the work I had put into it had finally come to fruition. Being able to see “Scott the Pisces” go from just an idea to a fully-fledged brand was a proud moment. I was so happy with how it was received, as it was a slight step away from my old sound. I was supported by a lot of those around me which is the nicest feeling, knowing others believe in you.

Your music often combines electronic and pop elements. What draws you to this genre fusion, and how do you see it evolving in your future releases?

The limitless possibilities electronic music brings, and being able to shape that into perfect pop formulas. Anyone can create a pop song, but finding ways to do it in a way that’s unique to yourself is where the challenge lies. I love working on pop music because to me it’s the pursuit of creating timeless moments which don’t necessarily have to fit to one era. The freedom which comes from fusing these genres together is wonderful because I can go either way with the music that I’m creating. If I want to lean more into the electronic side, I can still incorporate a pop formula which makes the song an earworm while staying true to the intended sound. I can see myself creating anthemic music in the future, as well as more experimental and intimate songs.

As an artist, you’ve demonstrated a hands-on approach to your work, from creating lyric videos to designing artwork. How important is this creative control to you, what inspires your visual concepts, and what are the challenges you face as an independent artist in this digital age?

Creative control is massively important to me. You only get one chance at leaving a legacy while you’re here, and I don’t want someone else to be dictating that for me. I’ve also found difficulty in relying on others in the past, so being self-sufficient in all the areas an artist needs to be has been extremely beneficial to me. The inspiration for my visuals and concepts comes from many places. A lot of it is from childhood, but sometimes an idea will just come to me and it’ll just fit perfectly. Rick Rubin and Pharrell talk a lot about how we are antennas for ideas, and I like to think that’s true. Sometimes the idea comes from within, and sometimes it’s from an unknown source, with the key to unlocking it being the moment you’re in; being tuned into the right frequency for the right idea for you.

One of my biggest challenges, and my biggest hate is the need to be on social media. If I had a choice I’d have abandoned it a long ago in aid of peace of mind. It’s a double-edged sword. While it’s made finding a fanbase a whole lot easier, and being creative a lot more accessible, it’s also easy to fall into self-destructive habits from the overconsumption of it. The hardest challenge I face as an independent artist is having the money to back myself. Without a label, you really have to rely on yourself financially, and this makes things really difficult when you’re trying to balance a real job with finding time to make music. I often find my energy is being stolen from me in the pursuit of money, so much so that on days I’m not at work, I struggle to find the motivation to create.

Your previous work under the name Spectrum achieved over a million streams for tracks like “Take You There”. How do you reflect on your journey from Spectrum to Scott the Pisces in terms of musical growth and identity?

Spectrum was a younger, naive version of myself. One I still admire to this day nonetheless. It was a time when I felt like the possibilities were truly limitless, where opportunities were constantly presenting themselves to me from a really young age. I started that journey as Spectrum when I was 14 years old! The trouble with that alias was finding a way to connect the two audiences I was building. On one hand, I was creating these emotional electronic songs within the EDM genre, and on the other hand, I was performing as a DJ at Jungle / Drum & Bass events across London and the UK. I was building two different fanbases, essentially splitting the audience each time I’d release a song. If I could do it differently I would have created two aliases, one for each as I absolutely loved both sides.

Moving away from Spectrum was tough, as it felt like I was abandoning all the progress I had made. I was walking away from millions of streams to start fresh. Something I have trouble with is taking leaps, and this was one of them. I’m truly grateful that things worked out and that I’ve created a new foundation in such a short amount of time. Scott the Pisces has given me the opportunity to make more fun music, to reinvent myself as an artist, and to tap into my imagination without worrying about appearances. My music has grown to be so much better than it was previously, both in skills, mixing, musicianship, and songwriting. I feel as if I connect with my audience more than ever. I know I’ll always have a battle within myself regarding my identity as an artist. There’s more than one side to me and I need to accept that and lean into it within the music. Scott the Pisces is my opportunity to be truly myself.

Close up of Scott the Pisces who has his hand in front of his face in a "rock on" sign.
Photo Credit: Levi Farran (@shotby_levi)

Looking back at your career so far, what moment or achievement stands out as the most significant or personally rewarding?

There are so many pieces of the puzzle that to this day continue to blow my mind that they happened. You have to understand that I came from a family with zero musical background, and no industry links, so any moments that I’ve manifested truly feel magical. The first ever big moment I had was at the age of 18. I was interning for a small music marketing company, and I woke up one day to a text asking if I wanted to perform for Chase & Status’ tour after party at Ministry of Sound! It caught me by surprise and I immediately said yes. That night I was able to play two full DJ sets in different rooms, it was the first time I was able to meet some of my heroes in music. A few years later, I got a call from a friend who was releasing my music under their label, saying The Chainsmokers had reposted our song. That was when I really felt like something was brewing for me!

The most recent two moments have been the most significant. The first one is having my song being used on TV for the first time, on Love Island of all shows. It was the first time I’d ever received a substantial payout for my music, as well as international recognition. It told me that I had eyes on me and that I was on the right path. The second one, and to this day the most unbelievable for me, was meeting my childhood idol Snoop Dogg on my 25th birthday. From a really young age, my sister would play his CDs in the car all the time. He’s a universally, generationally loved legend, and so meeting him was the highlight of my life. He was extremely kind and even made sure I received my very own Death Row Records chain, which meant the world to me as that’s the label my favourite artists were all signed to (Tupac, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg).

Merchandise has become a significant part of an artist’s brand. What are your thoughts on merchandise, and do you have any plans to release new merch in the future? We’re still obsessed with your branded hoodies.

Independently, merchandise is EXPENSIVE!! I love creating new merch to promote my brand, as it’s a way of uniquely expressing myself. The biggest issue I have run into is the production costs, and not being able to currently sell my products because I don’t think the price is reasonable for the fans. I’m currently obsessed with creating “All Over Prints” as you can see with my current hoodie line. They cost way more than a simple logo, and that’s been the biggest obstacle for me. I definitely do have plans to create new merchandise, as I’m always brainstorming! My favourite merchandise-related thing right now is seeing my stickers plastered around! When someone tags me in a picture of their skateboard, or laptop with the stickers it warms my heart.

Lastly, what message or advice do you have for your fans and aspiring artists who look up to you?

In a world where the majority of what you see is make-believe, just be yourselves. The world is too saturated with people all trying to fit the same archetypes because they’re popular. If you strive to be unique in your own way, you’ll find that others of the same mindset will gravitate towards you. Block out all the noise, laser focus on your goals, and don’t read into what others say or think about you, it’s mostly projections of their own insecurities anyway. Dedicate time towards finding balance in your life, follow your heart and most importantly… wear sunscreen!

Thank you, Scott the Pisces, for the official first interview on Good Star Vibes! Your music is always uplifts us and are total summer soundtrack staples. We also love your advice and your integral honesty throughout this interview – and sunscreen is a total must during this heatwave! We cannot wait to see what you release next and whenever merchandise becomes cost-effective we’re totally buying that all-over print hoodie!

We cannot wait to see what you go on to release next, and we’re super excited to hear your music on TV placements! Love Island totally needs to use your tracks more often!

We highly suggest you check out Scott the Pisces music, right now! His latest single, “Euphoric”, features rising singer-songwriter Alesha Alicia.

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