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Harley Luck’s Debut EP “Cloud Cover”: An Intense Tale of Teenage Romance

by Jonathan Currinn
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Last week marked the momentous debut release of the emotionally resonant EP, “Cloud Cover”, by emerging indie pop-rock luminary, Harley Luck. This striking collection of tracks delves deeply into the tapestry of teenage romance, encapsulating the essence of pivotal coming-of-age experiences. This acts as the follow-up to his debut single “Stay”.

Crafted entirely by Luck himself, “Cloud Cover” isn’t just a musical endeavour; it’s a soulful exploration woven with themes of infatuation, heartache, and the intricate dance between dreams and reality. Showing his talent throughout, Luck shines in his songwriting and producing, as well as with his vocals, delivering in every single way.

Luck elucidates, “Growing up, I always heard people say ‘I wish I could lay in the clouds.’ With such a soft appearance, they look like the perfect place to take a nap. While they look fluffy and comfortable, their looks are misleading and if you were to try to lay in the clouds, you would fall through.”

He continued by saying, “This idea of wanting something that you know you can’t have is a metaphor for my experiences. There was a girl that I liked and I knew I couldn’t be with because we were friends and I doubted that she felt the same way. Even though I understood the reality of it, I still became infatuated with the idea of it all. This EP is me verbalizing my emotions while going through this rollercoaster of coping with reality.”

The EP’s tracklist is a poignant narrative, a step-by-step journey through the stages of infatuation and heartbreak. “Stay” kickstarts the EP, introducing listeners to his guitar-driven indie-rock and his gorgeous vocals that invite us in with honesty, integrity, and emotion. Heightened by brass segmented rhythms that overlay the addicting guitar and drum beats, Luck takes the spotlight with this track as he touches on lyrics about infatuation and wishing for someone to stay in his life. He then slows it down for “Alive”, allowing his awesome vocals to make an impact as he dives into momentous memories that paint the story of his burgeoning emotions.

The third track is titled “Cut Off”, and it sees Luck taking a pivotal turn as he realises that mixed signals confuse things and that his feelings might mean he can’t spend time with the one he’s fallen for. Drums take the initial opener, raging out what can only be considered a difficult situation and they continue to play a prominent role in the backing track. At the same time, guitar licks bring a more rhythmic rock approach to Luck’s passionate voice, making this track unforgettable.

“Cupid” follows next, which details the painful moment when he realises that his feelings aren’t reciprocated. An awful moment in one’s life – we’ve all been there – Luck doesn’t hold back, effortlessly capturing this moment. This track notably stands out due to its stripped-back sound, where Luck’s stunning vocals harmonize beautifully with the acoustic guitar. Brimming with heart, honesty, and passion, it’s a track that deeply resonates within us.

The EP ends with the track “Cloud” serving introspection as Luck reflects on the journey his lyrics take the listener on. We feel every moment in this EP and this ending notion wraps the metaphor of the EP title around all the tracks, sending chills to the listener as we are filled with empathy for Luck. It’s the perfect track to end “Cloud Cover” as it stands out for all the right reasons and brings a bit of empowerment back to his audience through his contemplation of the journey he has taken us on.

Luck’s indie pop-rock flair intricately intertwines evocative guitar arrangements within each track, echoing the raw emotions that underpin his musical journey. Inspired by a diverse tapestry of artists, the EP promises an immersive auditory voyage, resonating profoundly with a wide-ranging audience. Notably, Luck chiselled these emotionally charged compositions during tranquil nights in an apartment on the outskirts of New York City. Enveloped by the rhythmic cadence of passing trains and the distant glow of city lights, this atmospheric canvas served as a poignant muse, infusing each melody with an intimately crafted and deeply personal essence.

Luck’s musical journey originated as a sanctuary from anxiety, where he skillfully intertwined beats and poetry, fashioning narratives through his music. His profound capacity to channel raw emotions empowers him to craft songs that distinctly stand out. Drawing inspiration from artists like Harry Styles and guided by a vision that celebrates uniqueness, Luck aspires to cultivate a community around his music that embodies the essence of self-acceptance.

“Cloud Cover”, by Harley Luck, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Evolution Records. The EP isn’t just an artistic journey; it’s a personal exploration, an embrace of change in pursuing self-discovery.

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