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Celebrating Timeless Love: Chris St John’s “With You” EP Takes Listeners on an Epic Emotional Journey

by Jonathan Currinn
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Grammy-nominated recording artist Chris St John has unveiled his latest musical endeavour with the release of the heartfelt EP, “With You”. This soulful collection includes the title track that explores the poignant journey of a young couple evolving through the years, creating indelible memories, and forging an unbreakable bond. This acts as the follow-up to his third studio album “The Saint and the Sinner”.

The “With You” EP was meticulously crafted by a stellar team, with production and mixing handled by Michael Spriggs. Engineered by Dave Hagan at Darkhorse Studios in Franklin, TN, the EP boasts contributions from Music City’s esteemed session musicians, including James Mitchell, Alison Prestwood, Molly Cherryholmes, Dane Bryant, Steve Hinson, Wayne Killius, and Steve Brewster.

“Don’t Ask Me” kickstarts the entire EP off, introducing us to his laid-back guitar pop-rock with a gentle rhythm to start with allowing him to stun us with his awesome storytelling vocals. Easily setting the mood for the entire EP, Chris St John draws us in, engaging his listeners, and inviting us to truly feel every part of this song.

The EP’s title track, “With You”, is the second track on the six-track EP, which narrates the tale of a couple navigating their family life’s challenges as they build up their relationship celebrating triumphs, and sustaining an unwavering faith in love itself. The song encapsulates the essence of a love that withstands the test of time, portraying the beauty of growing up and growing old together. Chris St John shared, “It’s the true story of my life with my wife and family,” infusing authenticity into the music that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level.

While the previous track tapped into his country-rock ballad vibes, “Over Me” sees him take a more upbeat country pop-rock energy, really showcasing the drums and the acoustic guitar. Sultry and imaginative, Chris St John takes us on a steamy episode in a car, really fleshing out his incredible narration within the lyrics, before continuing on the journey with many suggestive lyrics, and some not-so suggestive, Unexpected but memorable, “Over Me” truly immerses the listener into the story, which shows how highly skilled he is as a songwriter.

“When Leaves Begin to Fall”, follows next, which tones down the pace of the EP for another flawless ballad that pairs his honest voice with a strum of a guitar and a violin which are keeping the rhythm of the track. With harmonious female vocals enlightening the chorus and the track as a whole, the listeners feel transported into the world of this song, flaring up gorgeous imagery, especially going into the violin instrumental.

It’s hard to follow that up, but “She’s Gone” is the fifth and last original track on the EP, which delves into a description of a woman who is no longer in his life but meant so much to him. It’s an extremely sweet song full of love and soul from Chris St John which will effortlessly resonate with a lot of people. The acoustic track of “With You” ends the EP in an even more emotional storytelling moment, that allows this singer-songwriter to narrate his story on a whole new level, proving how much every single word means to him.

As fans immerse themselves in the emotional lyrical content of “With You”, they are invited to rediscover the simplicity of life’s priorities—love, hard work, and perseverance. Chris St John’s latest release transports the listener into a world of his making, inspired by his own life, allowing us to not only feel every bit of joy and pain, and the occasional sexual-charged lyric, but also relate to each of the tracks as if they’re our stories as well. With so much imagery in these lyrics, paired with the addictive productions of the backing beat, this EP is set to make one huge impact on all who hear it.

“With You”, by Chris St John, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Halo Records.

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