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“Delusional”: Scott the Pisces Brings the Heat for His Awesome New Summer Smash Single Featuring Mimi Sky

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Levi Farran (@shotby_levi)

Scott the Pisces, the dynamic British producer-songwriter, has released his latest single this week, titled “Delusional”, which features the awesome London-based artist, Mimi Sky. This track is poised to become the sound of the summer, blending playful pop rhythms with funk-infused beats and unforgettable vocals. This acts as the follow-up to his 2023 single “Euphoric” which features Ashley Alisha, a song that we chatted to him about in our first-ever interview here on Good Star Vibes.

“Delusional” marks Scott the Pisces’s fourth official single to date, and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year brings for him. This new release showcases his brilliant ability to create infectious pop tunes, with Mimi Sky providing the vibrant vocals. The song narrates the story of a boy who is infatuated with a girl who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, turning a common relatable theme into a fun, catchy track.

Single cover artwork for "Delusional" which sees Scott the Pisces and Mimi Sky in animated character style form.

The addictive bassline once again sees this awesome rising producer and artist take the essence of summer and infuse it into a song. Knowing what works each year, as summer dance tunes make their way into the mainstream, isn’t an easy task, yet Scott the Pisces has excelled at just that. Add Mimi Sky’s infectious heartfelt vocals that effortlessly convey the song’s meaning while infusing a natural R&B dance flow, and we’ve truly got an unforgettable track; certainly one for all the summer party playlists.

Not only is he an artist and a producer but he’s also an awesome content creator, having taken the reins on every aspect of this song’s promotion, from the lyric video to the artwork and social media content. His hands-on approach reflects his dedication to his craft and his desire to create a comprehensive experience for his audience. The lyric video is a delightful masterpiece, enhancing the song’s narrative while reflecting its summer vibes with bright colours and charming art imagery and icons.

This male artist’s exceptional talent in content creation always impresses us, leaving us eagerly anticipating what visual imagery he will drop next. His artistic vision shines through in this track, especially with the visual representation of the characters inspired by both of the artists. Their charming art style would be perfect for a comic strip or graphic novel, and we can’t help but think these characters deserve their own merch range. Perhaps that’s something we can look forward to in the future.

Reflecting on the creation of “Delusional,” Scott the Pisces shared, “Writing ‘Delusional’, I was tapping into my own experiences. There’s been countless times where I’ve fallen for someone who didn’t want to pursue anything. I wanted to flip those negative experiences into a fun record to listen and laugh to, and it ended up being a super catchy pop song!”

This single marks the first musical collaboration between Scott the Pisces and Mimi Sky, introducing an exciting debut for the latter. Mimi Sky, an alter ego for an anonymous artist, boasts an exaggerated pop star image created and controlled by both artists. This character is expected to evolve further with future projects and we’re beyond intrigued to watch her career in the industry grow.

Promotional photo for "Delusional" which sees a headshot of Scott the Pisces in the photo studio, wearing a baby blue jumper with one hand up against his face with his palm out to the camera.
Photo Credit: Levi Farran (@shotby_levi)

Scott the Pisces elaborated on the production process, “When I first produced the instrumental for ‘Delusional’, I purposely wanted to capture the essence of summer, based on the vibey disco-inspired tracks of late. The lyrics were written by me sitting at the microphone, singing melodies until words formed. The whole song was never written down until I finished the demo. Mimi was able to take that feeling and build upon it with her immaculate vocals,”

Despite being produced, recorded, and mixed in Scott the Pisces’ bedroom, “Delusional” is a polished pop-dance hit that is bound to stand out on summer playlists, for all the right reasons. The song’s blend of electric synths, stellar pop vocals, and a playful rhythm section make it an ideal addition to any pop-dance music playlist, whether mainstream or independent, as well as summer-inspired TikTok videos.

This rising male artist’s ambition and talent have been evident from a young age. Born and raised in London, he began playing the guitar at just eight years old, dissecting songs by his favourite artists and dreaming of a future in music. Now, with “Delusional” already selected for use on Love Island USA Season 6, his dreams are becoming a reality this summer.

“Delusional”, by Scott the Pisces featuring Mimi Sky, is available to download and stream, right now, across all playlists. The track brings a refreshing breeze to the pop music landscape, primed to conquer playlists and captivate listeners with its irresistible charm and dynamic energy. Stay tuned as Scott the Pisces and Mimi Sky make their mark in the music industry.

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