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Exclusive Interview: Laura White chats about her latest single “Lemons”, her career to date, and her upcoming appearance as a guest speaker at RESTIVAL

by Jonathan Currinn
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In the world of music, transitions often mark the path to artistic growth and evolution. Laura White, whose soulful and captivating vocals have graced the airwaves for years, has embarked on a thrilling new phase of her career. With her latest single, “Lemons”, released in August 2023, Laura White has offered fans a tantalising taste of what’s to come. This marks her first solo release since “Happiness” in 2020, a track that was made for the hit TV show “The Bold Type”, with her true solo single prior to this one was 2019’s “Nobody”.

“Lemons” is a soulful gem that showcases her artistic prowess and serves as a testament to her enduring talent. But that’s just the beginning; Laura White has promised that more music is on the horizon, leaving her dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting the musical treasures she’s yet to unveil.

It’s a privilege to have Laura White join us for an insightful conversation for this exclusive interview. In an industry known for its twists and turns, Laura White’s journey is a testament to perseverance and creative brilliance. Beyond her latest musical endeavours, she’s received accolades as a songwriter, including a Brit-certified silver disc for her work on Steps’ album “What The Future Holds”.

Laura White’s collaborations with renowned artists like Lucas & Steve, Cash Cash, and MOTi have left an indelible mark on the music landscape alongside her incredible songwriting tracks for the likes of INNA, Galantis, and Steps, sparking curiosity about what future collaborations may await. We’re immensely proud of her achievements and look forward to the positivity and inspiration she’s bound to bring to this interview.

Laura, congratulations on your latest single “Lemons”. It’s been a significant solo release for you after 2020’s “Happiness”. Can you share the inspiration behind this soulful track, and what can fans expect from your upcoming music?

“Happiness” was written for Netflix’s “The Bold Type” I love it but my [last] single release was 2019’s “Nobody”! “Lemons” is the new era of Laura White music! I’m proud of “Lemons” I wrote it with two of my favourite creatives in Norway set up in a camp from my wonderful manager Paul Kennedy and it’s about seeing the positive in every situation!

You recently received a BRIT-certified silver disc for your songwriting contribution to Steps’ album “What The Future Holds”, specifically the track “One Touch”. How does it feel to have your work recognised in this way, and how does songwriting contribute to your creative journey as an artist?

So much! Songwriting was my tool, I worked on for decades, and I can’t believe I’ve become a songwriter as much as an artist it’s made me so proud! I love to write songs for artists as huge as Steps! They asked me to write a song and I wrote “One Touch”, just me and my diary, on a summer’s day on Richmond Green, lovely! I got my Brit Certified disc the other day!

Your songwriting credits on INNA’s songs “Nobody” and “Blow It Up” have not only been well-received but have been a huge milestone. Can we expect more songwriting credits on music from this top Eastern European artist in the future? Or other Romanian artists? We could so imagine you writing songs for Alexandra Stan or Antonia or Karmen or any of the Global Records’ artists. In fact, we’d love a collaboration between you and INNA – we can dream, right?

I’m so happy INNA cut the songs, she’s huge around Europe and I saw her sing “Blow It Up” at Tomorrowland and was blown away! I’d love to write for more European artists for sure! 

Global Records need to hit you up, now. You’ve had recent songwriting credits, including Hannah Grace’s “Love Takes A While To Grow” and Tarryn Stokes’ cover of your 2019 song “Nobody” (which could become the winner’s single if she goes on to win The Voice Australia on October 1, 2023). What is it like to see other artists interpret your work, and do you have a favourite interpretation or cover of your songs? (I think you know we love INNA’s “Nobody”)

It’s so incredible, and, yes, all writing supports my artistry, it gives you such power as an artist to be able to write. I loved the version of “New York Raining” by Rita Ora because the production was so amazing when it was finished and I loved the rap element that Charles Hamilton brought to the track. Hannah Grace is a rarity for me in writing, I prefer to write a song and then place it if necessary with an artist but me and Hannah always write so well, just me and her and a piano. It’s a joy to hear her sing on every song we create.

What’s your creative process like when you’re writing songs for different artists, and how do you adapt your style to suit their unique voices?

I honestly hear it all In my head, me and my piano. Whether it’s rap, film, dance, soul, to me I hear the bones of a song and make it be the greatest it can be. I don’t try to wear a certain artist hat I think it can mess with the art of it.

Turning to your upcoming appearance as a guest speaker at RESTIVAL, could you tell us more about what you’ll be discussing on November 18, 2023, and what you hope attendees will take away from your talk?

I’m so excited to be asked to be a speaker at RESTIVAL! I’m not a festival type person, I like to hear music in a focused jazz club setting with everybody listening so RESTIVAL to me is everything I love – realness, inspiration, and soulfulness! I hope to inspire everyone who comes along by sharing my music and life journey, I worked from the very bottom so I am sure everyone relates and gets inspired to never give up.

Laura, you gained recognition on “The X Factor”, and you’re aware of some of the controversial comments made by previous contestants about their experiences on the show. At Good Star Vibes, we promote “Good Vibes Only”, and we’re proud of your journey and accomplishments. If you’re comfortable discussing it, could you share some positive aspects of your time on the show that contributed to your growth as an artist?

The X Factor was, for sure, life-changing. Good and bad, I personally never used the show, I looked at it for it’s amazing platform, the things that hurt me, I grew from, and when I didn’t get chances – I made my own and became the writer I am! I will say, I loved my live performances so much and it will always remain the greatest day of my life knowing I’d made the Live [Shows] – after years of gigging in tiny places I knew I had got my chance to be heard.

“Something I Feel”, your collaboration with Denis First in September 2022 is your latest collaboration single. Could you share some insights into the creative process behind that collaboration and what you enjoyed most about working with Denis?

Again, it’s a joy to write a song and see it get a life of its own. Me and my friend Roberto, who is Sleepwalkers, wrote this and cut it with Denis later! It was written in 20 minutes, it was the only day I had writer’s block and Roberto took me for a coffee and a walk to just have a good day out if not make anything and I came back with a song! I love him! I hope I meet Denis one day too.

You’ve worked with some of the biggest EDM artists in the industry including MOTi, Cash Cash, Max Styler, and Lucas & Steve. What has it been like to work with these artists? Are there any artists in the industry you’d love to collaborate with? (We think R3HAB would be a brilliant collaboration for you)

Dance-wise, I think a collaboration with David Guetta could be wow or Rudimental something really soulful and UK sounding. I sang to them once in a studio for some tour rehearsals they were great. Other artists I’d dream to collaborate with are Alicia Keys / Drake I love a rap-soul collab like I did with Ms Banks and Bugzy Malone.

What’s it like seeing that these songs that you feature on have amassed millions of streams? On Spotify, seven of these tracks in your current popular songs have over 10 million streams – that’s beyond impressive!

I can’t believe I’ve amassed billions of streams my Galantis record “Love on Me“ has had over 600 million now! It’s crazy!

Your involvement with the 22Bullets album “Life Begins After Dark” on the song “You Came Along” is also a recent feature for you. What drew you to this project, and how do you view the synergy between your style and 22Bullets’ music?

“You came along” I wrote in Brighton stroking a big fluffy cat! My dream day, haha, again, so nice to collaborate with the boys.

Your music often carries deep emotions and resonates with your audience. What message or feeling do you aim to convey through your music, and how do you hope it impacts your listeners?

I hope to inspire and bring fight and happiness I’m a girl who is about happiness and fighting for good music and your dreams.

Beyond music, you’ve had a diverse career. How do your experiences in various creative endeavours, including songwriting and singing, contribute to your overall artistic identity?

Songwriting made me who I am today it gave me fight& focus and turned any pain into joy by creating something magical.

As someone deeply passionate about music, can you share a personal musical moment or memory that has left a lasting impression on you and continues to inspire your work today?

I’ve done everything from singing for prime ministers to singing with Mariah Carey and do you know when my heart bursts the most…? When I walk into a studio nervous, with a song in my head… and when I create it in a scary big room and then sing it when I’ve finished creating it… and my voice flies. To turn it into a song is so magical! I leave and think, “Another one! I won again!” I walk – or these days run – home haha and look up at the trees thankful for my dreams happening.

Laura White posing in front of a building, outside, wearing a white with black polka-dot jumper-jacket with faux-fur collar. She's beaming with happiness and wearing a black skirt underneath her jacket.

Before we conclude, Laura, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your incredible contributions to the world of music. Your talent and dedication have inspired countless fans, including us at Good Star Vibes. Is there a special message you’d like to share with your fans who have been with you on this journey, and what can they look forward to in the future? We’re excited to see what the future holds for you, and please know that we’re here, supporting you every step of the way.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. My music and my resilience, my strength and focus daily on my craft and staying true to my art are all for my fans who’ve supported me.

Thank you, Laura White, for taking the time out, to answer our questions. It’s been a true honour to interview you and you really have gone on to change music for the better. We love your iconic new single “Lemons” and we’re super excited about this new Laura White era! You’re a total superstar and we can’t wait to continue to support you and follow your continued success.

“Lemons”, by Laura White, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Dizzi Records. While we await more incredible music from Laura White (whether it’s her own music releases or written releases), join us in listening to her amazing songs on her artist profile, either on Spotify below or wherever you stream your music. Also, quick note, cheer on Tarryn Stokes to win The Voice Australia on October 1, 2023, as it’s a cover of Laura White’s original song “Nobody”.

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