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“She’ll Turn To Stone”: Bird Captivates Listeners With Stunning New Single and Video

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Stefania Besancon

The acclaimed singer-songwriter Bird has unveiled her latest single, “She’ll Turn To Stone”, captivating audiences with her unique blend of atmospheric electronic dream-pop and contemporary folk. The track is part of a collection of releases from her forthcoming album which coincides with the release of the short film “Wider Than The Sky”. This new release highlights this singer-songwriter’s exceptional talent and innovative musical vision, further solidifying her status as a genre-defying artist. This acts as the follow-up to the Pot Of Gold remix of her single “She’s Like A Rainbow” in collaboration with Sleepcub.

Written by Hal Lindes and Janie Price (Bird), whilst it was produced by Mike Hedges, “She’ll Turn To Stone” highlights Bird’s remarkable vocal prowess and emotional depth, framed by sophisticated musical compositions. The song begins with an ethereal melody that slowly intensifies, drawing listeners into an enchanting auditory experience. Subtle percussion elements add layers of richness, crafting a track that is both deeply moving and intricate.

Official single artwork for "She'll Turn To Stone" by Bird which sees a wooden chair against a maroon-painted wall with a cello leaning against the chair.

Accompanying the single release is a fully fleshed-out music video which sees this female singer-songwriter holding up A4 pieces of paper that has drawings on them that correlates to each of the song’s lyrics. Most of the scenes are shot in black and white, but colour soon makes an appearance in the chorus. Bird’s effortless ability to deliver this track right to the camera is both awe-inspiring and brilliant, with a strong attitude and powerful undertones. The video contains footage from the upcoming motion picture “Wider Than The Sky”—which we can’t wait to see.

Speaking to Wonderland Magazine, Bird discussed her new single, “I wrote this in my studio in London with legendary ex-Dire Straits guitarist Hal Lindes, Hal’s guitar part really felt like it had a little of the Led Zeppelin about it musically, so I tried to deliver the vocals in a Robert Plant-esque timing after a suggestion from the song’s producer Mike Hedges. The lyrics are extremely personal, inspired by my mother who is suffering from a rare incurable auto-immune disease called Pansclerotic Morphea, which literally turns the body to stone.”

She continued, “Sally Herbert arranged the strings for me, we recorded them together at Abbey Road Studio 2. While we were recording this song, George Martin’s son Giles came in and said how much he loved it—a great seal of approval to have while recording in THAT room. Coincidentally this track has also already featured in the Bonhams promotional video for the auction sale of the legendary EMI recording console which The Beatles allegedly used at Abbey Road.”

Bird’s dedication to her craft is evident in every aspect of this new single, solidifying her position as a visionary artist within the music industry. The single is a precursor to her upcoming album, and fans can look forward to an album launch event at The Everyman Cinema Kings Cross on June 5, 2024—an event we plan on attending ourselves.

To find out more information about “Wider Than the Sky”, you can visit their official website, alongside the release of the trailer, which you can also view below.

“She’ll Turn To Stone”, by Bird, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. via Bird Music Ltd and Pop Fiction Records. The track resonates deeply with listeners, showcasing her extraordinary talent and personal storytelling, exciting us all for the album release, as well as the motion picture short film, “Wider Than The Sky”.

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