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Bird’s Soundtrack Album “Wider Than The Sky” Review: An Ethereal Masterpiece

by Jonathan Currinn
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Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Bird, has once again captivated her audience with the release of her soundtrack album for the short film “Wider Than The Sky”. Unveiled during an intimate showcase on Wednesday, the album seamlessly intertwines with the film’s narrative, creating an immersive auditory experience that lingers long after the last note fades. This album acts as the follow-up to her single “She’ll Turn To Stone” which was the third official single from the album following “The Tides” and “She’s Like A Rainbow“.

Melodic, haunting, folk-pop, Bird knows how to bring listeners into her world. Soundtrack albums are usually hit or miss, mainly dependent on whether you’ve seen the film or not, whether you liked the film or not, and whether they’re centralised to the film itself; however, Bird takes a different approach in which the tracks were created first, and in doing so, you don’t need to have watched the film to connect with these 12 songs. Professional in every way, Bird knows how to deliver, and that’s exactly what she does whilst also crafting a narrative that we can envision, feel, and delve right into.

The ethereal first track, “Intro”, sets the tone, bringing a haunting and serene atmosphere, introducing us to a ticking clock, school children, and a light melody. This leads into the second track, “Happy Birthday”, a tune that we’re all aware of, yet it has a minuscule vibe to it, developed by the music box tune and the flute notes—that easily reminds us of Netflix’s awesome show “Squid Game”.

The third track, “Christmas Waltz”, is a cute instrumental number that has a soft rhythmic quality to it as it repeats to match the title of the song. It leads but then follows, fitting beautifully on the album and creating an eager interest in what the next song will entail. “The Box” goes in-depth, bringing a warped sense of childhood mystery and trauma, navigating a progressive beat that entices as the rhythm expands.

“Café Radio” is the fifth track on the album and has a builder feel to it with a progressive style and a gentle drift that creates a magical sense of wonder, leading perfectly into the next track, “Magic”. This track is hypnotic and enticing in every way, taking the essence of “Café Radio”, taking it to another level, progressing it to the extent that it builds anticipation, and then leaves the listener wanting to hear it all over again—”Magic” is a climax of a song that stands out for all the right reasons.

The seventh track is called “Discovery”, which is a gorgeous, heartfelt track where harp strings hit the listener right in the heart. It’s easily an eye-opening serene track that uplifts the listener, making it the perfect song to follow “Magic”. Aptly named, “Discovery”, it is filled with wonder and spirit, taking us right into Bird’s story.

This is followed up by the last instrumental track on the album, “Cello Showtime”, delivering a thoughtful instrumental with the cello being the centrepiece. Generally, the cello instrument, itself, has this low tone that creates a sad vibe yet, Bird progresses it so much so that it makes a positive impact on the entire track and the other instruments in the song. This easily represents her childhood story which the film “Wider Than The Sky” was created from—a semi-autobiography short film of her experiences during her childhood as her father battled cancer, going from being terminally ill to surviving due to a drug trial (he is still alive today).

These eight instrumental tracks truly take the listener on a journey, transporting us right into Bird’s incredible story and regardless of whether you’ve watched the short film, or not, it’s undeniable how flawlessly crafted these tracks are.

In addition to the soundtrack songs, there are also four bonus tracks. “The Tides” kickstarts this short collection with an addicting backing track and Bird’s exceptional vocals that have an air of a twang to them, bringing a bit of Nashville-influenced country to her folk-pop style. The second track, “She’ll Turn To Stone”, is a track filled with levels of richness and incredible emotional vocal delivery with an awesome lyrical narrative.

The 11th track on the album, “What The Night Knows”, is the unheard song from these four bonus tracks, while the others were previously released as singles. The track enthuses ethereal sounds as classical infuses with folk-pop before the latter takes over as Bird really gets into the track, impressing with her heartfelt vocals and addictive lyrics. “She’s Like A Rainbow” ends the album perfectly with a mixture of Americana and dream-pop, securing an eclectic finish that is set to stay with the listener.

The exclusive vinyl edition, gifted to the showcase attendees, on Wednesday, is a testament to the album’s artistry. The warm analogue sound brings a new dimension to Bird’s compositions, adding even more depth and richness to the listening experience. The vinyl format seems to breathe new life into the already ethereal tracks, making the music feel even more intimate and personal.

Official album artwork for the Bird soundtrack of her short film "Wider Than The Sky" which sees a red card on a deserted countryside road.

The soundtrack album to “Wider Than The Sky” is not just a collection of songs, but a meticulously crafted auditory journey. Each track is a testament to Bird’s talent and her ability to evoke deep emotions through music. Whether you’ve watched the short film or not, and whether you’re new to Bird’s work, or not, this album is a listening experience like no other, full of instrumental storytelling, flawless heartfelt vocals (on the four bonus tracks), and a perfect melodic flow from one track to the next.

“Wider Than The Sky (Official Motion Picture Soundtrack)”, by Bird, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Pop Fiction Records. Check out the rest of our articles on Bird, including her single and music video releases from this album, as well as her showcase in London last week, by clicking here.

Bird kneeling down in comfy light blue clothes and shades, within a studio with instruments around her, playing the guitar.
Photo Credit: Hollybeth Gourlay

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