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Bird Stuns at Intimate Showcase Event for Her Short Film “Wider Than The Sky” Alongside The Album Release at Everyman Cinema, King’s Cross, London

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Hollybeth Gourlay

Wednesday night, the Everyman Cinema in Kings Cross, London, played host to an enchanting showcase by the multifaceted artist, Bird, about her new soundtrack album and short film “Wider Than The Sky”. The event, celebrating her new album release, was a unique blend of live performance and cinematic experience, culminating in an insightful Q&A session which saw Bird, actress Willow Bell, and Mike Fairall answer questions.

Taking to the stage with a live band, multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Bird—known for her ethereal voice and emotive songwriting—delivered an intimate set of four songs; two from the official soundtrack of her short film “Wider Than The Sky”—”The Tides” and “She’ll Turn To Stone“—as well as some new songs including a track titled “Heaven”. The venue’s cosy atmosphere added a layer of intimacy, making the audience feel like they were part of something truly special. On top of that, this amazing singer also got the audience involved in her song “Heaven”, spreading a bit of positivity with a layer of audience choir acoustics for a complete atmospheric sound, like no other.

Bird’s performance was nothing short of captivating. Her delicate yet powerful vocals filled the room, and the live band provided a rich, dynamic backdrop that complemented her sound perfectly. She ended her set in a standout moment by playing the cello, showcasing her versatility as a musician. The addition of the cello added a haunting, melancholic depth to her performance, highlighting her classical training and her ability to blend different musical elements seamlessly.

Official single artwork for "She'll Turn To Stone" by Bird which sees a wooden chair against a maroon-painted wall with a cello leaning against the chair.

Following the live set, the audience was treated to the 11-minute short film, “Wider Than The Sky”, which accompanies the new album. The award-winning film, a visual representation of Bird’s music, and semi-autobiographical, was a beautiful, poignant piece that enhanced the emotional impact of her songs. Its stunning cinematography and evocative storytelling provided a deeper understanding of the themes explored in her album.

“Wider Than The Sky” is a poignant short film that delves into the extraordinary power of imagination through the eyes of a young schoolgirl named Jenny, played by Willow Bell (best known as Millie Tate in Emmerdale). Faced with her father’s cancer diagnosis, Jenny retreats into her creativity, constructing scenes for a shoebox theatre that becomes her refuge from the harsh reality. The film beautifully blurs the line between reality and imagination, capturing Jenny’s isolation and her fervent wish for her father’s recovery. The story takes a magical turn when Jenny and her mum visit a cafe, where they meet and converse with the owner, leading to a transformative and hopeful experience.

Directed by Phil Taylor and written by Janie Price (Bird), “Wider Than The Sky” draws heavily from Price’s own childhood experiences, reflecting the deep emotional impact of her father’s battle with cancer. Despite being told his condition was terminal, he is still alive today thanks to a miraculous recovery after trying an experimental drug. The film’s unique visual style emphasises contained spaces, mirroring Jenny’s internal struggle and her use of imagination to navigate her fears. Shot in Morecambe Bay, Lancashire, by EMU Films, the short film stars Willow Bell (Emmerdale), Mike Fairall, and Alexandra Moen (Fortitude, Doctor Who, Dickensian, Hotel Babylon), bringing a powerful narrative to life.

Watch the Trailer for “Wider Than The Sky” Here:

Ultimately, “Wider Than The Sky” is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential of imagination to provide hope and healing. The soundtrack plays a crucial role in conveying these themes. Comprising songs co-written by Bird with notable artists such as Grammy Award-winning John Paul White (Civil Wars) and Hal Lindes (Dire Straits), and produced by Mike Hedges, the music is both cinematic and deeply emotive.

Re-composed and recorded with the help of Pete Davis, the soundtrack features orchestral parts recorded at Abbey Road and contributions from esteemed musicians like Russ Paul, Martin Ditcham, and Mikey Rowe. The soundtrack includes the film’s instrumental score and original versions of the songs that inspired the film, offering a rich and immersive experience that complements the film’s narrative of hope and imagination.

Black and white photo of Bird in the studio with headphones on, shades and standing in front of the microphone.
Photo Credit: Stefania Besancon

The evening concluded with a Q&A session where Bird discussed the inspiration behind her new album and the creative process of making the short film. Her candidness and passion were evident as she answered questions, giving fans a glimpse into her artistic world, and explaining the inspiration behind the semi-autobiographical film, as well as mentioning her father’s incredible cancer survival story. Joining her on stage to answer questions were the actors from the film, Willow Bell and Mike Fairall.

Overall, Bird’s showcase at Everyman Cinema was a truly unforgettable experience that captivated the audience from start to finish. Her ability to connect through both music and film is a testament to her talent and creativity. This event not only highlighted Bird’s musical prowess but also her skill as a storyteller and visual artist, making it clear that she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, and someone who is not to be missed at any live event.

Official album artwork for the Bird soundtrack of her short film "Wider Than The Sky" which sees a red card on a deserted countryside road.

To find out more information about “Wider Than the Sky”, you can visit their official website and view the official trailer. You can also visit Bird’s official website by clicking here.

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