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The Tattoo Tour 2023: Loreen Enchants London with Mesmerising Performance, Supported by Olivia Lunny

by Jonathan Currinn
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Electric Brixton, a pulsating hub for music fans, became the epicentre of enchantment on the third stop of Loreen’s enthralling “The Tattoo Tour 2023”. Following the fervour in Dublin and the exuberance in Glasgow, London embraced the evening with fervent anticipation.

Before the lights dimmed and the two-time Eurovision winner, Loreen, took centre stage, the venue buzzed with excitement as attendees eagerly awaited the spectacle. Notably, among the enthralled audience, Rylan Clark’s presence in the box added an extra spark, igniting some whispers of excitement throughout the venue, although most people noticed at the end of the night when the lights came up and people started looking his way – he did post on his Instagram story as the crowd waited for Loreen.

Olivia Lunny’s Soulful Prelude Accompanied by Live Band

The night commenced with Olivia Lunny’s magnetic performance, enhanced by the synergy of her captivating vocals and the dynamism of her live band. Every note reverberated through Electric Brixton, capturing the essence of Lunny’s artistry. Her stage presence exuded confidence as she effortlessly navigated through her set, connecting with the audience on an emotional level.


Olivia Lunny (@OLIVIALUNNY) stunning the audience at Loreen’s Tattoo Tour 2023 in London at Electric Brixton with her addicting song “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT”. #OliviaLunny #TheTattooTour #HEARTBREAKONREPEAT #ElectricBrixton

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Having recently released her stunning EP “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT“, we expected Lunny to captivate us from the get-go, and she certainly did that. Her set shined, her vocals were flawless, and her band brought the energy. Her sweet honesty was portrayed as she introduced her backing band and she completely nailed tracks like “FIX THIS” and “TIMEZONE”.


We loved @OLIVIALUNNY gearing up the audience for Loreen last Friday on the Tattoo 2023 tour in London! She even sang her latest single “FIX THIS” which sounded AMAZING! #OliviaLunny #TheTattooTour #FIXTHIS #ElectricBrixton

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

The live band accompanying Lunny elevated her performance, adding layers of depth to her already mesmerising sound. Their synergy was palpable, creating an immersive experience that set the stage for an unforgettable night. What an opener! Lunny made sure to excite the audience for Loreen, showcasing her perfection as a support act in every way – she continues to prove exactly why she is someone to watch in the next year or so.


There’s no denying how brilliant “I Got You” will always sound! @OLIVIALUNNY once again nails the song and proves why she won that episode of The Launch season 2! She was incredible in London as the support act for Loreen at Electric Brixton on the Tattoo Tour 2023! #TheLaunch #OliviaLunny #TheTattooTour #ElectricBrixton #IGotYou

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

Loreen’s Transcendent Showcase: Unveiling the Magic

An Electrifying Start

As the anticipation reached its zenith, the atmosphere crackled with excitement, heralding Loreen’s arrival. The stage illuminated as she graced it, launching into an electrifying rendition of her incredible discography. From the ethereal notes of “In My Head” to the soul-stirring melodies of “My Heart is Refusing Me”, Loreen’s vocal prowess painted a vivid tapestry of emotions, captivating every soul in attendance.


Iconic through and through, @Loreen started off her London set with “In My Head” as part of her The Tattoo Tour 2023 at the Electric Brixton #Loreen #InMyHead #TheTattooTour #ElectricBrixton

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

A Journey Through Iconic Tracks

Loreen’s set was a testament to her talent and ability to enrapture the audience. She didn’t merely sing her songs; she crafted an evolving aura that grew as she wove her way through her stunning setlist. Captivating her audience throughout, she made a decisive impact with her superb vocals, building and expanding her set.


Stunning in every way “Crying Out Your Name” will forever be one of our favourite songs that @Loreen performs live! She was flawless in London at the Electric Brixton on The Tattoo Tour 2023 #Loreen #TheTattooTour #ElectricBrixton #CryingOutYourName

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

It’s undeniable how talented she is, managing to blow us away with some of her most iconic tracks, but there were certainly some unforgettable moments. “Crying Out Your Name” was one passionate performance, allowing her gorgeous vocals to wash over the audience, creating a heartfelt occasion that seamlessly flowed into the spellbinding rendition of her new single “Is It Love“.

The newly released track is easily one of our favourites from her discography, but hearing “Is It Love” live is truly unforgettable, and it’s clear how much she loves this song, herself, as she later sang it a second time, in her set, something she didn’t do with any other song. We really fell in love with the song when it was initially released, and we adore the music video, but there’s certainly something magical in it when hearing it live, effortlessly allowing Loreen to put her heart and soul into it.

Embracing Heritage and Culture

Paying homage to her cultural roots, Loreen serenaded the audience with an Arab song – a rendition of Wanda’s “Batwanes beek”, showcasing her appreciation for her heritage. The transition between her slow ballads and up-tempo beats revealed her deliberate and masterful control over the set’s dynamics, later stating that she loves to start her sets off slow before adding her dance tracks.


Powerful is exactly how we would describe @Loreen when she’s on stage singing “My Heart Is Refusing Me”! The crowd absolutely loved this track in London at the Electric Brixton during The Tattoo Tour 2023! #Loreen #TheTattooTour #ElectricBrixton #MyHeartIsRefusingMe

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

The Euphoric Second Half

The latter part of Loreen’s set was a crescendo of excitement and energy. Loreen stunned her audience, even more so, grabbing our attention with the likes of “Ride”, “My Heart Is Refusing Me”, and “Body”. She excited us all with a remix version of her Eurovision 2012 winning song “Euphoria”, bringing an extended version to the mix allowing us to bask in the glory of this formidable winning track.


Who doesn’t love “Euphoria”? Gosh did @Loreen absolutely nail it in London! She gave it a slight remix and extended the version, which we were ecstatic about! The crowd really did go wild for this Eurovision 2012 winning track at the Electric Brixton on The Tattoo Tour 2023! #Loreen #TheTattooTour #ElectricBrixton #Euphoria #Eurovision #EurovisionSongContest #ESC #EurovisionWinner #EurovisionSong

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

Revelling in Radiant Soundscapes

Continuing to impress, she absolutely nailed “Neon Lights” – a song that totally deserves so much more credit. It was then that she performed her Eurovision 2023 winning song, “Tattoo”, and while we may not have had the theatrical floating box and staging, we did have a smoke machine, Loreen’s long nails, and her down-right perfect vocals. “Tattoo” has embedded itself in our memory, and her impeccable delivery was totally next-level.

It also seems that “Tattoo” is set to get a resurgence on the UK Official Singles Chart, thanks to both her concert and Strictly Come Dancing as Layton Williams and Nikita Kuzmin danced the Argentine Tango to this track in what should’ve been a perfect 40 score as it certainly seemed exemplary to us. This was brilliant timing to have this track on the show on the same week that Loreen performed in London.

An Iconic Finale: “Is It Love” and “Statements”

The climax of the evening culminated in an unforgettable moment as Loreen concluded the show with a captivating acoustic rendition of her sensational new single, “Is It Love”. Previously performed in its original version earlier in the set, this acoustic rendition cast a spell over the audience, leaving them in awe of Loreen’s versatility and emotive depth. Having previously heard the audience sing the track at the top of their lungs alongside Loreen’s original version, it was incredible to not only hear Loreen strip it back and tone it down but also hear the audience do the same, harmonising with the Eurovision winner.


WOW! That Voice! FLAWLESS and PERFECTION! @Loreen knows exactly how to stun her audience, and that’s exactly what she did with this faultless and superb acoustic version of “Is It Love” as she started to close out her show at the Electric Brixton in London on The Tattoo Tour 2023! #Loreen #TheTattooTour #ElectricBrixton #IsItLove

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

The iconic ending statement came with the final song of the night, “Statements”, a powerful anthem that reverberated throughout the venue, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all present. How this song didn’t make it to the Melodifestivalen final, we’ll never know, but what a way to end her set.

Harmonies That Echoed Beyond: Loreen’s Unforgettable Night of Transcendence

The echoes of Loreen’s ethereal performance lingered in the air long after the final “Statements” note had faded into the night. As the audience slowly dispersed from Electric Brixton, they carried with them a profound sense of awe and fulfilment, having been part of a musical journey that transcended the boundaries of time and space.


There’s nothing like hearing a sold-out show singing at the top of their lungs, but wow “Tattoo” was phenomenal hearing it live, @Loreen did an incredible job on stage at the Electric Brixton in London for The Tattoo Tour 2023. This performance and this exact part will live rent-free in our heads forever! Just wow! Definitely worthy of that Eurovision win this year! #Loreen #TheTattooTour #ElectricBrixton #Tattoo #Eurovision #EurovisionSongContest #ESC #EurovisionWinner #EurovisionSong

♬ original sound – Good Star Vibes

The synergy between Loreen’s magnetic stage presence, Olivia Lunny’s soulful prelude, and the enthralling amalgamation of “Neon Lights”, “Tattoo”, and “Is It Love” created an aura of musical brilliance that enveloped every soul in attendance. The interplay between the luminescent melodies and radiant harmonies became a tapestry woven with emotion, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all present.

As the doors closed on this monumental night, what remained was not just the memory of stellar performances, but a lingering sense of unity forged through music. Loreen’s “The Tattoo Tour 2023” in London became more than just a concert; it became an experience, an escape into a world where melodies danced and emotions soared, uniting a diverse audience under the banner of musical transcendence.

The Tattoo Tour 2023 Setlist (Electric Brixton, London)

  • In My Head
  • Crying Out Your Name
  • Is It Love
  • Batwanes beek (Wanda Cover)
  • Jupiter Drive
  • Ride
  • Dreams
  • My Heart Is Refusing Me
  • Body
  • Euphoria (Remix/Extended Version)
  • Paper Light Revisited
  • Neon Lights
  • Tattoo
  • Is It Love (Acoustic Version)
  • Statements

Catch Loreen on the remaining dates of The Tattoo Tour 2023:

Loreen is set to continuously tour extensively across Europe hitting countries such as Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Noway, Finland, and of course her home country of Sweden, amongst many more. Many dates are sold out, although reseller tickets may be available – we recommend you only buy from trusted sources. You can find ticket information on her official website.

  • November 16 – Warsaw, Poland – Klub Stodoła
  • November 17 – Hamburg, Germany – Docks
  • November 19 – Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller Music Hall
  • November 20 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega
  • November 23 – Stockholm, Sweden – Cirkus Arena
  • November 26 – Helsinki, Finland – Vanha Ylioppilastalo
  • November 27 – Tampere, Finland – Pakkahuone
  • November 29 – Tallinn, Estonia – Noblessner Foundry
  • November 30 – Riga, Latvia – Palladium
  • December 1 – Kaunas, Lithuania – Kauno Arena
  • December 4 – Zürich, Switzerland – X-TRA
  • December 5 – Paris, France – Alhambra

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