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Olivia Lunny Stuns With Her Incredible New EP “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT”

by Jonathan Currinn
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Canadian singer-songwriter Olivia Lunny has dropped a musical bombshell with the release of her highly-anticipated EP, “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT”, which is now available to download and stream across all platforms. The EP, brought to you by Infinity & Recordings and UMG Music Canada, is a brilliant blend of emotional yet edgy pop hits that will undoubtedly strike a chord with a wide range of listeners. This acts as the official follow-up to her previous title-track single “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT”.

The “FIX THIS” Single & Music Video

One of the standout tracks on the EP is the lead single, “FIX THIS”, a collaboration between Olivia Lunny and platinum-selling hitmaker Bryce Vine. The track, of which, was also released as an official single, with its own single cover artwork and its own music video. Melding these two pop powerhouses’ voices together gorgeously, this uplifting and heartfelt synth-forward single effortlessly showcases both their artistry in all its glory as well as their incredible devotion to music as a whole.

The music video for “FIX THIS” directed by Sam Leviton, takes you on a visual journey through the California desert, featuring Lunny and Vine on an unforgettable road trip. They are joined by a group of friends showcasing #FriendsGoals in every single way. It perfectly complements the essence of the single, leaving you captivated and invested in this group of friends, Lunny takes the wheel of the campervan / RV, truly enacting our “singing in the car” music video dreams.

Watch the music video to “FIX THIS” by Olivia Lunny & Bryce Vine here:

Olivia Lunny spoke in the press release about her EP and working with Bryce Vine – who also chatted about “FIX THIS”

Olivia Lunny’s personal touch on the EP is evident as she encapsulates the rollercoaster of emotions that come with independence, love, and heartbreak. In her own words, “Writing this EP helped me navigate the growing pains I’ve experienced in the past few years – moving to a new city, being surrounded by new faces, and keeping up with my career heavily fueled the inspiration for these five songs.”

She continues, “I’m so excited to take fans on a journey with this EP and share my acoustic roots with songs like ‘SECRETS’. and new wave tracks like ‘FIX THIS’ & ‘HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT’. I’m so thrilled to have Bryce Vine on the lead single ‘FIX THIS’. I’ve loved Bryce’s storytelling and songwriting for years now. His verse and vibe really gave the song the vibrancy and energy it needed.”

Bryce Vine reciprocates the excitement, saying, “You know I love talented musicians from up North, and Olivia Lunny is no exception! When we first met, Olivia told me she was a fan, and after this collaboration, I’m a huge Olivia Lunny stan! Our song ‘FIX THIS’ is a banger, and I’m really proud I get to support a strong female artist on her new EP.”

olivia lunny stuns with her incredible new ep heartbreak on repeat
Photo Credit: Sammi Smith

Our thoughts on Olivia Lunny’s “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT” EP

Shining from the very start, Olivia Lunny captivates her audience by kickstarting her EP off with “FIX THIS”, the collaboration with Bryce Vine. The addicting track showcases both artists’ incredible artistry, allowing their vocals to be spotlighted and blended, creating a beautiful conceptual sound. The incredibly relatable track delves into the start of a breakup when a relationship just isn’t working and one person wants to find a way to fix it, but it’s just not happening – it takes two to tango, to work it out, to fix it. We’ve all been there, so we all can identify with this track, and these two incredible artists flood the track with heartfelt emotion that truly hits listeners in the heart.

The title track follows next bringing a few haunting melodies – right on time for Halloween – around Lunny’s gorgeous vocals where she hits her falsetto, at times. The infectious dance tune increases as the chorus kicks in with Lunny promoting self-empowerment and independence. Fierce, sexy, and knows exactly who she is, Olivia Lunny is set to leave that person behind as she moves forward in her life.

This is followed by the unforgettable track, “TIMEZONE”, which has a nostalgic Y2K vibe to it, especially with the awesome bridge. Lunny fully impresses with her vocals and as she unlocks relatable lyrics about long-distance relationships. Connecting with listeners around the world – we’ve all been there – this incredible singer-songwriter makes us wish we were also in her timezone. The ending chorus hits different impressing on a whole other level and showcasing how amazing this rising superstar really is.

Track four is “GAMEBOY” – which is a Nintendo games console from the ’00s and something a lot of us ’90s babies had. The song is more stripped back, starting off with an acoustic guitar. This subtle backing track allows Lunny to fully showcase her beautiful vocals as she compares herself to a Gameboy and how she’d love for someone to plug a game in and play her every day.

Written by Lunny and AJ Healey, they manage to show their flawless songwriting ability, encapsulating everything to do with gaming and personifying it in relation to her being a Gameboy. Clever and inspiring, this track certainly delivers, but in so many more ways than one as a deeper dive into the lyrics suggests sexual connotations that really take naughtiness to a whole new level.

The EP ends with the track “SECRETS”, which takes the backing track down even more – where “GAMEBOY” can be considered an upbeat pop-acoustic track, “SECRETS” is more of an acoustic pop-ballad track. It starts with a slow acoustic guitar rhythm, that Lunny matches with vocally during the bridge giving a superb vocal run that hits her gorgeous falsetto. She then keeps that upper range for the chorus, chilling listeners to the bone! The sweet honest track opens up about opening up in a relationship.

If anything, Olivia Lunny has shown her art in all its forms on this “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT” EP. She has delivered her vocals, her lyrics, and her emotions in a number of upbeat dance tracks, alongside acoustic guitar anthems. She’s one of the most real artists around showcasing her beautiful artistry and empowering her fans and listeners. Vocals for days, she is a powerhouse vocalist who deserves to go on to become a global success, and it seems she’s taking steps in that direction and we’re excited to follow her career path. We’ll be listening to this EP on repeat for the next few weeks.

Olivia Lunny on Tour

Olivia Lunny’s meteoric rise continues as she prepares to tour with Ellie Goulding and two-time Eurovision champion Loreen all across Europe. Starting on October 16, Lunny will join Goulding on tour, playing shows in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, among other cities. She’ll then embark with Loreen in early November, playing over 15 European dates, including a performance at London’s Electric Brixton on November 10.

As Olivia Lunny continues to build on her success, it’s clear that she is on an unstoppable trajectory toward electronic-pop stardom. Having gone from being one of six winners of season 2 of The Launch, winning episode four, back in 2019, to dropping her self-titled debut album in 2021, to now crossing the Atlantic to perform all over Europe, Olivia Lunny is set on superstardom! Her music, resonant lyrics, and mesmerising vocals have collectively garnered over 15 million global streams and earned recognition from various media outlets. Olivia Lunny’s journey in the world of music is one to watch closely! We also can’t wait to see her support Loreen in London – yes, we will be there!

Olivia Lunny standing in a multi-story car park wearing a plaid top and skirt with white boots, leaning against a wall holding up an old phone to her ear, which is attached to the wall.



Ellie Goulding UK and Ireland Tour Dates

  • October 16 – Dublin, Ireland – Olympia
  • October 18 – Glasgow, UK – Barrowland
  • October 19 – Newcastle, UK – O2 City Hall
  • October 20 – Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy
  • October 23 – Birmingham, UK – O2 Institute
  • October 24 – London, UK – Roundhouse
  • October 25 – Oxford, UK – O2 Academy

Loreen Tour Dates

  • November 7 – Dublin, Ireland – The Academy Dublin
  • November 8 – Glasgow, UK – St. Luke’s & The Winged Ox
  • November 10 – London, UK – Electric Brixton
  • November 12 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
  • November 14 – Antwerp, Belgium – Trix
  • November 15 – Berlin, Germany – Metropol
  • November 16 – Warsaw, Poland – Klub Stodoła
  • November 17 – Hamburg, Germany – Docks
  • November 19 – Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller Music Hall
  • November 20 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Vega
  • November 23 – Stockholm, Sweden – Cirkus Arena
  • November 26 – Helsinki, Finland – Vanha Ylioppilastalo
  • November 27 – Tampere, Finland – Pakkahuone
  • November 29 – Tallinn, Estonia – Noblessner Foundry
  • November 30 – Riga, Latvia – Palladium
  • December 1 – Kaunas, Lithuania – Kauno Arena
  • December 4 – Zürich, Switzerland – X-TRA
  • December 5 – Paris, France – Alhambra
Olivia Lunny lying down on a row of seats that are backed against a wall, wearing a plaid top with matching skirt, resting up on one arm, looking at the camera.

The release of “HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT” is undoubtedly a significant milestone in Olivia Lunny’s career, and it’s a musical journey you won’t want to miss. So, give it a listen and immerse yourself in Olivia Lunny’s enchanting world of pop and check out all her other music releases by listening to her artist profile on your favourite streaming platform.

“HEARTBREAK ON REPEAT”, the new EP by Olivia Lunny, is now available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Infinity & Recordings and UMG Music Canada.

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