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Emilee Moore’s Incredible Billboard Performance at Coachella Route Sends a Message of Healing

by Jonathan Currinn
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In a heartfelt and innovative gesture aimed at reaching out to those experiencing heartbreak, singer-songwriter Emilee Moore took her music to new heights—literally—by performing on a billboard along the route from Los Angeles to Indio, ensuring that her message resonated with Coachella Festival attendees and passersby alike.

Known as “The Queen of Heartbreak”, Emilee Moore’s music delves into the emotional depths of first heartbreak and love lost, offering solace and understanding to listeners navigating the painful journey of healing a broken heart. Her latest endeavour involved showcasing fan-submitted photos of items representing lingering attachments from past relationships displayed prominently on a billboard to honour and validate the emotions of those struggling with heartbreak worldwide.

During the performance of her song “Hanging On”, Emilee Moore’s poignant message was projected on the billboard: “I made this billboard to help you feel a little less alone.” This powerful statement showcased her mission that feelings are valid and it’s okay to feel sadness in regard to a previous relationship.

Talking about her latest single release in an Instagram post, Emilee Moore said: “‘Hanging On’ is out now. I wrote this song about not being able to let go. It came from a place of knowing something is over and knowing it’s time to move on, but truly not being able to.”

She expanded by saying, “When I wrote this song, I reminisced on desperate moments where I told my best friends that it felt like there was a single string hanging out of my back attaching me to the person I loved so much and I was so close to letting him go but I just didn’t have a pair of scissors to cut that final string. And no one could help me do it, it had to be me.”

Emilee Moore continued, “If you’re hanging onto someone and it’s felt like forever, just know you’re not alone. Everyone heals differently. And I know how you feel because I’ve been there before. Hearts can take a long time to heal and that’s okay! Letting go is something only you can do, when you’re ready. This song is yours now and I hope it meets you in those quiet moments when you need it most and helps you feel a little less alone wherever you are.”

Emilee Moore’s billboard performance was not merely a spectacle but a testament to the power of music to bridge distances and emotions. It isn’t the first time that she’s performed at a height, last year saw her perform the Up movie theme song, thousands of feet in the sky, inside a hot air balloon, for the world’s highest concert. She also used fan-submitted content for this video, too. You can view this concert on her YouTube Channel.

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