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“Loveless Love”: Action Forever Unveils Riveting New Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Photo Credit: Nadia Doss

Action Forever, the brainchild of musical virtuoso Sim, unveils their latest sonic offering titled “Loveless Love”, a poignant exploration into the struggle of virtual relationships and how being out of touch with reality can severely impact your life. This acts as the debut single for this project.

Crafted from the intimate perspective of a protagonist consumed by the harrowing world of online sex addiction and parasocial relationships, “Loveless Love” presents a compelling narrative. Sim, the visionary behind Action Forever, delves deep into the psyche of a man whose life becomes entwined with the allure of live online interactions, sacrificing his values, aspirations, and financial stability for fleeting connections with virtual performers. The song intricately weaves a tale of distorted affection forged within the confines of virtuality.

Supplementing the thoughts behind the lyrics is this addictive groove that brings fringe-pop to the front and centre, iconically inducing the listener into an electrical transformative reality that reflects brilliantly with the narrative. This highly focused energy wrapped around an almost five-minute track truly allows the listener to relate, to some degree, to the protagonist; we’re getting to a moment in this 21st century where virtual reality has exploded onto the scene from VR games to VR within our phones and even VR experiences in shops or in bars or in arcades – so we feel like Action Forever is reminding us that reality is much more real than virtual reality.

“Loosely, the song tells the story of a man entranced by the world of live online sex, so much so that he gives up who he is: his morals, his dreams, his money, etc. for virtual transactional relationships with performers which he ultimately falls in ‘love’ with,” explains Sim. “I want the listener to feel the tension of the main character’s struggle – the struggle of addiction.”

Official single cover artwork of "Loveless Love" by Action Forever which sees Sim looking at the camera over his shoulder as he sits at a wooden bench, wearing a blue denim jacket.
Photo Credit: Paige Paton

Sim grew up in Brantford, Ontario, where he began his obsession with music at the age of five. He went on to study business as well as applied music which led to him being a part of many different bands, including a Police cover band (Blue Turtle) and a progressive-rock tribute act (Bypass Off).

He also went on to win Hamilton’s Brian Lee Griffith Guitar contest for an original composition and a live performance. On top of his incredible vocal ability, he is also a multi-instrumentalist, having learned to play the guitar as his main instrument alongside his voice, while he also learned to play the drums and bass, going on to play most of the instruments in his own work.

Action Forever is a project he has been working on for many years, with the concept of a body of work in the fringe-pop style as a four-piece band. Taking on a lively and groovy soundscape, Sim plans to touch on dark themes such as loneliness in a digital age, abusive relationships, loss of identity, and mental health. “Loveless Love” acts as the debut release from this project, with more new music to come.

As “Loveless Love” emerges onto the musical landscape, it promises to captivate audiences with its raw emotional depth, offering a profound reflection on the complexities of contemporary existence. The release of “Loveless Love” signals a significant milestone for Action Forever, solidifying their place in the realm of music that not only entertains but also serves as a catalyst for introspection and contemplation.

“Loveless Love”, by Action Forever, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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