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Brooke Moriber Unveils Incredible Heartfelt Single “Half a Heart”

by Jonathan Currinn
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In an exciting announcement, country music breakout star Brooke Moriber has released her first single of 2024, “Half A Heart”. a captivating anthem celebrating living life to the fullest and embracing wholehearted love. The track delivers a powerful message about staying true to oneself despite external judgments. This acts as the official follow-up to her previous single “Summer”.

Written by Alexa Valentino, Brooke Moriber, and William Diluigi, whilst it has been produced by Todd Lombardo, “Half a Heart” has soulful lyrics that resonate with the essence of unwavering commitment, as Moriber sings, “I might take everything too far, but I’ll never love you with half a heart”.

The release invites listeners to reflect on the significance of living authentically and cherishing genuine connections. Moriber shines from the get-go with her gorgeous vocals setting the tone of the track, full of honest emotion and strong integrity. Accompanied by subtle guitar chords, “Half a Heart” sends chills to every listener, especially when the first time the chorus hits as Moriber makes sure that this track enters our hearts. Subtlety is key in every way, driving home the message of the song incredibly.

Promotional photo for her New York shows which sees Brooke Moriber posing with a guitar, wearing jeans and a black top.
Photo Credit: Jeff Fasano

The track later builds, with Moriber adding more strength to her vocals with her awesome signature twang being added to the mix and some harmonies while drums and an electric guitar boost the backing track, giving it a country-rock ballad vibe that still has that awesome subtle edge. Power embellishes the end of the track as Moriber showcases her superb vocals and unforgettable voice. This track not only hits different, but it also makes a huge impact on every listener. This is the track that is set to astound people attending her gigs—this is the one track we need to hear live one day!

To commemorate the single’s launch, country music fans were invited to join Moriber at the legendary The Bitter End on Bleecker Street in NYC on Saturday, January 13, 2024. The event marks the debut of Moriber’s bi-monthly Songwriters in the Round series, titled “Nashville in New York”. The intimate acoustic performance featured Moriber, alongside award-winning songwriters Jeff Cohen and Kara DioGuardi, as well as a special appearance by members of the 615 Collective—which includes Aaron Goodvin, Sarah Darling, Michael Logen, and Nicole Witt.

Moriber’s journey in the country music scene has been nothing short of extraordinary. Originally from New York, Moriber began her professional career on Broadway before turning to songwriting as a teenager. She used it as a coping mechanism after losing her eyesight to a rare eye disease. Her resilience and talent led her to Nashville—when the disease went into remission—where she signed with Reviver Records.

“Half a Heart” is not only a testament to Moriber’s musical prowess but also a celebration of authenticity and resilience. The release is poised to captivate audiences with its soul-stirring melodies and profound lyrics, marking another milestone in Moriber’s unconventional and inspiring journey in the world of country music. The track is set to stand out on any playlist and is already making huge waves amongst her fans.

“Half a Heart”, by Brooke Moriber, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Reviver Records.

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