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Brooke Moriber Drops Addicting New Single “More Love” and Embark on Special Performances

by Jonathan Currinn
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Exciting news comes from Brooke Moriber, this week, the former Broadway star turned country music sensation has dropped her latest single, “More Love”. This heartfelt anthem, designed for the current times, calls on us to open our hearts and embrace both our similarities and differences. This is more poignant than ever as the world is currently facing a wide variety of issues, that just seem to be getting worse as the days go on. This release acts as the follow-up to her previous single “Half a Heart“.

Written by Alex Kline, Emma Lee, and Liz Hengebr, whilst it has been produced by Dave Pittenger, “More Love” is poised to resonate deeply with audiences, delivering a powerful message of unity and compassion during these challenging times. Moriber brings her incredible vocal talents to the table, connecting with the song on a much deeper level and delivering chills across the board, making listeners feel every word.

Her country aesthetic adds to the impact of this song, especially during a time when the likes of Beyoncé releasing a country album has caused a huge stir due to her race even though country music can be dated back to black heritage. Add that to the political climate with LGBTQ+ issues and drag bans, plus the wars that are taking place in the world, and we all really do need to show more love and more compassion for one another. Spread positivity and love! We don’t want negativity or hate!

Moriber brings this positivity to the forefront, with brilliant vocals, an addictive country beat, and more love than we could possibly ask for. Important and influential, Moriber continues to shine and showcase to the world that you can go on to achieve your dreams with kindness, love, and integrity. A huge example of a rising star who we can all look up to and learn from, someone who deserves so much more credit and all of our support, tenfold.

In addition to this newly released track, Moriber will grace the stage at select events across the US throughout April and May 2024, showcasing her new track alongside fan-favourite hits like “Half a Heart”, “Little Bit Of You”, and “This Town Made Us”.

One of the standout stops on Moriber’s schedule includes an appearance at Live In The Vineyard Goes Country (LITVGC) in Napa Valley, CA, from April 23 to April 25, 2024. This exclusive event pairs intimate performances by today’s top country artists with Napa Valley’s finest wines and culinary delights. The line-up includes Scotty McCreery, Rodney Atkins, Sara Evans, Drew Baldridge, and many more.

Following this, on Saturday, May 11, Moriber returns to The Bitter End in NYC for the third instalment of the Songwriters in the Round series, “Nashville in New York (NINY)”. This acoustic performance event promises an intimate and captivating evening, featuring Moriber alongside accomplished songwriters like Emily Shackelton and Victoria Banks. On top of this, she is also planning to return to this year’s Montauk Music Festival, set to take place from May 16 to May 19 in Montauk, New York.

Moriber’s journey into country music has been nothing short of remarkable. A native New Yorker, Moriber’s career began on Broadway before she transitioned to songwriting as a teenager, using music as a means to cope with a rare eye disease that threatened her eyesight. After finding success with her independent release “Cry Like A Girl” in 2019, Moriber signed with Reviver Records and has since made her mark on the country music scene.

Keep an eye out for Brooke Moriber’s upcoming performances and her upcoming music releases. She’s really made an impact recently and is certainly making 2024 her year to shine.

“More Love”, by Brooke Moriber, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Reviver Records. We highly suggest that you catch her at one of the events she’s set to perform at, as we’re certain that she’s somebody you won’t want to miss.

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