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Tyler Del Pino’s Provocative Anthem “The Solution” Grapples with Global Struggles

by Jonathan Currinn
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Winnipeg’s Tyler Del Pino emerges as a huge rising artist on the music scene, wielding a powerful narrative in his new EP, “Out of a Clear Blue Sky”, soaring into the stratosphere this month. Amidst this musical journey, one track stands out as the pulse of introspection and societal contemplation – “The Solution”. This focus single acts as the follow-up to his single “Middle of Nowhere”

A reflection of Del Pino’s heartfelt concern for our world’s trajectory, “The Solution” blossoms from a deep well of contemplation. “I found myself caught in a whirlwind of thought and contemplation, deeply concerned about the state of our world,” Del Pino candidly shares. Within the intricate fabric of our contemporary landscape, where regional tensions surge and inflationary clouds gather, this anthem embarks on a journey. It navigates the delicate equilibrium between societal advancement and the fundamental welfare of humanity, unfurling a compelling narrative.

With clear influences from Americana, Rock-Pop, and East Coast folk-rock, “The Solution” has an addicting backing track that really propels the meaning of the song, inviting us to get to know Del Pino’s rhythm and style as he showcases “Canadiana” – forging his own genre path through music and is clearly at the forefront surrounded by others that are bringing Canadiana to the world.

The song, a cornerstone of his upcoming EP, unveils a departure from his conventional songwriting process. Del Pino unravels his thoughts with poignant lyrics that question the prioritisation of prosperity over humanity, a melody born not from musical notes, but from an urgent need to convey a message.

Del Pino’s introspective process birthed a song that speaks volumes, becoming a rallying cry for a community plagued by global unrest. “The Solution” serves as a beacon of hope, beckoning listeners to contemplate the essence of our collective existence while bringing an addictive unforgettable sound that is set to make an impact on any playlist.

Promotional photo for "The Solution" which sees a mid shot of Tyler Del Pino wearing a jacket and a brown fedora hat with a wide brim as the sun sets behind him with rays beaming at the camera and across the road in the background.

With each passing year, I watch as our planet descends into a more hostile and precarious place to live. From the emergence of regular forest fires to the unsettling escalation of regional conflicts, the relentless rise in inflation, and the growing struggle of individuals to merely stay afloat, I couldn’t help but wonder why our global society is hell-bent on maintaining its addiction to capitalism and yet so quick to forget about and dismiss humanity.

Driving home one day I began questioning why, as a global community, we found it so challenging to prioritize the well-being of our fellow humans over the pursuit of prosperity. Most songs I write begin with the music and the melody, but this song actually started with the lyrics, because I had so much to say.

Tyler Del Pino chatting about “The Solution”

With new music poised for January 2024, Del Pino’s dedication to provoking meaningful dialogue through his music remains unwavering. Backed by his band, The Brasstronautz, this anthemic EP promises not only an auditory experience but a catalyst for contemplation and change.

Del Pino’s “The Solution” emerges as an emblematic anthem, inviting introspection and dialogue about our world’s pressing issues. Delivered with candour and his infectious Canadiana sound, it’s poised to resonate deeply within a world yearning for solutions amidst the chaos. Tyler Del Pino’s poignant message encapsulates a resounding call to action – a melodious reminder that amidst the chaos, perhaps the solution lies within us all.

“The Solution”, by Tyler Del Pino, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, as part of his brand new EP titled “Out of a Clear Blue Sky”.

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