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CATDADDY Unleashes Brand New Single “SUPERPOWER”: A Groovy Fusion of Funk, Disco, and Pop

by Jonathan Currinn
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CATDADDY, the fantastical funky duo consisting of Aidan Paul and Leonardo Bacan, are celebrating the release of their third single, “SUPERPOWER”, today. The dynamic pair, known for their flair for all things Funk music, are gearing up for the debut of their “CATDADDY EP” later this year. This single acts as the follow-up to their sophomore single “YLTN”.

Aidan Paul, an interdisciplinary and multi-dimensional artist, and Leonardo Bacan, an artistically versatile musician, combine their unique talents to create a musical masterpiece in “SUPERPOWER”. The track, self-composed and self-produced by the duo, themselves, and featuring the brilliant percussion of Armando Baeza, seamlessly blends electronic, pop-funk elements with addictive structural rhythms and disco-soul energy.

The journey into “SUPERPOWER” begins with a mesmerising cascade of acoustic notes, delicately setting the stage for the velvety vocals of Aidan Paul. His voice, a harmonious fusion of soulful resonance and contemporary finesse, guides the listener through the song’s intricate musical soundscape. Their signature bouncy disco vibes jump in at the start of the first verse, seamlessly infusing the track with an undeniable energy that transcends traditional genres.

This disco-funk-pop masterpiece is a sonic marvel, skillfully crafted with a push-and-pull dynamic that captivates the senses. As the rhythm unfolds, the song engages the listeners and conveys a compelling message of empowerment. The lyrics, “Take back your superpower,” echo through each beat, encouraging listeners to confront their fears with unwavering courage, while bringing a sensation of relaxation with the funky melody. This sonic escape becomes a transformative experience, where the synergy of sound and message creates a variety of emotions, inviting the audience to immerse themselves in the empowering journey envisioned by Aidan Paul and Leonardo Bacan.

Intoxicatingly addicting, this new single proves to be irresistibly captivating, a musical gem that lingers in your mind and leaves an insatiable desire for more. The addictive allure of the track is undeniable, prompting an instant reach for the replay button as the final notes fade away. Infused with a potent blend of strength and self-belief, the song is poised to make a lasting impact. Its infectious energy suggests that it will undoubtedly ignite the stage at any CATDADDY performance—we can’t help but hope we’ll have the chance to witness the electrifying stage presence that they would bring to this musical powerhouse, live on stage.

The duo, Aidan Paul and Leonardo Bacan, infuse their musical prowess and artistic versatility into the soul of the band. Aidan Paul, a graduate with a BFA in Music Theatre from Florida State University, brings forth a magnetic blend of dance, songwriting, and production, captivating audiences with his jazz-funk, acoustic-soul, and disco-pop performances. Now a resident of Little Havana, Aidan Paul’s multidimensional approach adds a vibrant layer to the duo’s dynamic sound.

Complementing this artistic dynamism is Leonardo Bacan, equally versatile and uniquely talented. With a background in fine arts, Leonardo Bacan intertwines his artistic expertise with a keen musical ear, injecting rock-inspired electricity into the pair’s signature vibe. A self-made success, Leonardo Bacan’s journey involved mastering the art of composition through YouTube tutorials and sheer repetition, carving out a distinctive niche in the musical landscape. Together, Aidan Paul and Leonardo Bacan form the creative heartbeat of CATDADDY, pushing boundaries and ensuring their music resonates with a diverse audience.

The duo have garnered attention with appearances on The Songwriter Radio Show and features in Mesmerized Magazine, Sinusoidal Music, and PopHits New. Aidan Paul, also running two burlesque cabaret shows in Wynwood, Miami, regularly performs the duo’s fan favourite, “DISCO LOVE”.

“SUPERPOWER”, by CATDADDY, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. With their fusion of retro and mainstream relevance, CATDADDY continues to captivate new audiences and bring nostalgia to their fans. Stay tuned for their upcoming “CATDADDY EP”, which we cannot wait for, as this funky duo continues to make waves in the music scene.

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