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“Latency” EP by Sam J Garfield: A Sonic Tapestry of Emotions

by Jonathan Currinn
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Sam J Garfield, the bi-coastal music producer and sound engineer, has unveiled his latest sonic creation, the EP titled “Latency”. With an extensive catalogue of over 65 tracks this year and a reputation for pushing the boundaries of music production, expectations were high, and “Latency” does not disappoint. The release of this EP acts as his official solo follow-up to his 2020 single “Alone”.

We also managed to interview Sam J Garfield about this exciting new venture, releasing solo music for the first time in three years, and delving into what the “Latency” EP is all about. We chatted about a variety of things from the artists he has collaborated with and produced to his incredible career to date.

The EP opens with a few licks of the guitar during the first few seconds of “Pick It Up” before his honest and raw vocals kick in, effortlessly conveying the emotions that the lyrics are fuelling. It’s the perfect introduction to his music, his style, his production, and his overall superb artistic talents. The rhythmic beat picks up as the song continues while keeping a stripped-back quality to allow the emotion to seep through to the listener.

“Monsters” follows next, which was the first and lead single from this collection, which dropped a few months ago with an awesome music video. It’s a carefully crafted blend of experimental electronic and indie-folk elements, showcasing Garfield’s ability to seamlessly fuse diverse influences. The listener is immediately drawn into a world where unpredictability reigns, and synthy soundscapes intertwine with emotional lyricism.

He has amplified his signature electro-sound around a synth-heavy production that matches his indelible vocals. His ability to warp a huge amount of meaning into this song is beyond anything we’ve heard before, giving us his vulnerable side around his subtle calmness whilst throwing in a cry for help. The lyrics delve into feeling more comfortable amongst the monsters under your bed rather than fighting them, settling into becoming a monster yourself. They are introspective words as you then start looking inwards and realising you’re not as comfortable under the bed as you thought you were. The incredible production provides hope in misty breaks throughout, which effortlessly showcases his production talent – which is clearly off the charts.

The accompanying music video for the track, which has been directed by Carter Ray with Zack Rickeimer acting as Director of Photography, sees Sam J Garfield just as vulnerable as he sits atop his bed in just some Calvin Klein briefs before we shoot to under his bed where he spends time with two monster-like puppets.

Scenes flow around the bedroom showcasing him feeling lost and alone, relating perfectly with the track itself. While there is a fun side to this, it’s a dramatisation of his emotions and feelings, really bringing the song to life and connecting with his viewers on a relatable level. A masterpiece in every single way and a video that is definitely a must-watch.

Back to the EP now, and track three is titled “NYLON”. The track starts off similar to “Pick It Up” with the licks of the guitar, but it becomes more produced, leading to an addictive sonic rhythm that wraps beautifully around Sam J Garfield’s voice. The track continuously flows effortlessly while his vocals switch up and break giving into the passion and emotions.

Halfway through, the lyrics lead to vocalise that twists into the melody of the track, emboldening and strengthening it. Strength hits Sam J Garfield for the second verse, sending it out to the listener as he picks up his flow. Beaty and rhythmic, this artsy experimental track works incredibly and really stands out for all the right reasons.

The title track follows next, which sees keys drive the opening beat laying into the concept of “Latency” in and of itself. A sonic meld with a high-conceptual beat and experimental lyrics, this really does explore the title within a variety of forms. While this is how it starts, it certainly isn’t how it progresses, as Sam J Garfield continues to showcase his production talents by switching up the backing beat into a light-techno rhythm with melodic beats and delving vocalise.

The blend of upbeat synths and lyrical interpretations of Psalms hints at a deeper spiritual narrative. Not one to disappoint, he expands his artistic talent towards the end, bringing in some light drums and a more vocal consistency, continuing to showcase the definition of “Latency” (for those who don’t know, here’s how Google defines the word: the state of existing but not yet being developed or manifest; concealment.)

The final track on the EP is “Lux City”, a collaboration with WowAshWow. Bringing a huge positive beat from the outset, Sam J Garfield surprises with heartfelt vocals that hit differently to all the other tracks and an addictive verse from WowAshWow. This is a catchy track that shows the incredible progress that he has made through his emotions and personal issues, going on to feel better in himself and feeling good vibes which he pushes out to his listeners, sending motivation and positivity – what more could we ask for, what a brilliant end to the EP!

Overall, his “Latency” EP delves into a raw and vulnerable state of awareness, a testament to Garfield’s willingness to explore the depths of human emotion through his music. Sam J Garfield’s production prowess shines on every track, with meticulous attention to detail. Each note, beat, and synth is strategically placed to elicit an emotional response, resulting in an EP that is as sonically captivating as it is thematically rich.

As a producer and artist, Garfield has received recognition from prominent entertainment outlets, and “Latency” further solidifies his position as a boundary-pushing artist. It’s an EP that challenges the conventional pop formula, offering listeners a refreshing and innovative musical journey.

“Latency”, by Sam J Garfield, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via SJGarfield Productions. If you haven’t read our interview with him about this “Latency” EP, we highly suggest you check it out now!

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