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Kapture’s Heartfelt Single “Sailed” Chronicles Her Journey from Pain to Healing

by Jonathan Currinn
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Kapture, the rising star in the music industry known for her confident rap style, has taken a deeply personal turn with her latest release, “Sailed”. The track crosses hip-hop/R&B genres and has been produced by Sam J Garfieldwho we interviewed just last week.

This highly emotional track dives deep into Kapture’s tumultuous past, shedding light on her abusive relationship with her father and the traumatic experiences she endured during her childhood. The track acts as the follow-up to her previous single “Residuals” which features Groovyie.

In “Sailed”, Kapture lays bare her emotions, singing, “How do you sleep at night knowing I’m broken for life? I would just sit and cry… needed help to feel alive. Scars you let run deep inside. Said you’re tired of my tears. I’m tired of having fears… Abused for too many years.” These poignant lyrics provide a raw glimpse into her painful journey.

Undeniable in the talent that this track drew together, Kapture and Sam J Garfield have created a flawless track that hits listeners in the heart from the very beginning. The soft guitar licks are the perfect opening to her strong and powerful rapping voice that is clear and poignant. Telling her story with every single crafted word, this rising hip-hop star then flows into her R&B vocals for the chorus, giving more depth, more heart, and more chills.

Single cover artwork for "Sailed" which sees an old image of a woman with three young girls sitting in front of her - we presume one of the girls is Kapture and the woman is her mother.

The backing track offers a departure from Kapture’s usual confident persona. The track embraces a more stripped-down, acoustic vibe, allowing her vocals to shine amidst a gentle piano melody and delicate synth layers. This musical arrangement masterfully mirrors the emotional intensity of her lyrics, creating an intimate connection with her listeners.

Making sure that no one is fully alone, this female rapper opens up and showcases her vulnerability from the past and how it has now made her stronger. In doing so, she has allowed many of her listeners to identify, relate, and believe in themselves. She’s living proof that these things may break you but you can and you will make it through and heal.

Kapture’s journey to this vulnerable release has been marked by resilience and healing. Growing up in an abusive household and witnessing her parents’ tumultuous divorce, she turned to music as her solace. From the tender age of 16, Gabrielle Lambro, now known as Kapture, began journalling her deepest emotions, unwittingly crafting a poignant narrative of her broken parts.

With this newly released song, she invites her audience to join her on this cathartic journey of self-discovery and healing. The track serves as a testament to her strength and courage in confronting her past and offers hope to others who may be on a similar path.

Her willingness to share her vulnerabilities and her experiences through her music demonstrates her commitment to making a difference in the lives of those who have faced adversity. “Sailed” is more than just a song; it’s a powerful testament to the healing power of music and the resilience of the human spirit.

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“Sailed”, by Kapture, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via SJGarfield Productions. Kapture continues to solidify her presence in the music industry, captivating audiences with her authenticity and storytelling prowess.

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