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“The Deepest Sea”: Myles Cochran Releases Evocative New Single

by Jonathan Currinn
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Renowned guitarist and producer Myles Cochran has unveiled his latest single, “The Deepest Sea”, a mesmerising track from his forthcoming album “You Are Here”, set for release on July 26, 2024. It acts as the follow-up to his previous single, “Glint”, which features Michelle Packman.

“The Deepest Sea” exemplifies Cochran’s signature sound, which he describes as a mix of “twang, jazz, folk, and chamber elements”. The track showcases his skilful use of steel guitar as well as his acoustic and electric guitar flourishes creating a dreamlike, immersive listening experience.

The purely instrumental track has a tranquil depth to it, gently drifting us away. The title effortlessly describes the track, creating an imaginative scene where we’re all just floating on a yacht in the middle of the sea as gorgeous sun rays beam down from above. Cochran’s undeniable ability to spirit us away with this incredible amalgamation of guitar chords just showcases his proficiency as a producer.

Myles Cochran, a Kentucky native, offers a unique blend of musical styles that reflect his diverse influences and eclectic background. Growing up in a musical household, Cochran was initially drawn to artists like The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, while country music, despite being omnipresent in his Kentucky upbringing, was something he only later came to appreciate. “I didn’t start playing guitar until just before I moved away,” Cochran recalls. “It became clear as soon as I started writing songs that country music was a part of my musical DNA—it was just there.”

“You Are Here” is set to take listeners on a journey through Cochran’s instrumental side, much like his 2021 album “Unsung”. This new album, mostly instrumental with just one vocal track, spans nearly an hour and explores a wide range of moods and atmospheres. “It’s the atmosphere of the music that people will notice right off the bat,” Cochran says. He describes the album as “ambient Americana”, with a strong emphasis on creating songs that build up and deliver a powerful impact.

Reflecting on the album’s creation, Cochran notes the diverse emotional palette present in his music. “Sure, the mood is speckled with mournfulness,” he says, acknowledging the challenging times during which the album was made. “But when I listen back, mourning is just one color in a larger mosaic of sensations that I get from these tunes.” Despite its gentle nature, Cochran believes the music feels “spirited and alive”, a testament to his ability to channel complex emotions into his art.

Now splitting his time between Devon and East London, Cochran humorously refers to himself as a “displaced Kentuckian”. His journey from Kentucky to New York City, London, France, and finally back to England has given his music a unique blend of influences and a deep sense of place. “Kentucky will always be a part of who I am,” Cochran reflects. “But in some ways, I was ‘displaced’ before I even left. The lines between [musical styles] don’t exist for me anymore. And I like it that way.”

Official single cover artwork for "The Deepest Sea" by Myles Cochran which is the same as the "You Are Here" artwork which shows an abstract image of brown colours in a water-like way, almost similar to wood found at the bottom of the ocean.

As anticipation builds for “You Are Here”, “The Deepest Sea” serves as a compelling preview of what’s to come. Cochran continues to push the boundaries of genre, creating music that is as evocative as it is innovative, effortlessly transporting his listeners away from modern life and into unforgettable dreamlike sequences.

“You Are Here” will be available in 2-LP, CD, and digital formats on July 26, 2024. “The Deepest Sea” is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via 9Ball Records.

Tracklist for “You Are Here”:

  1. Flag
  2. Making Something Out Of Nothing
  3. Signs And Symbols
  4. So This Is Now
  5. True
  6. Glint
  7. While You Were Sleeping
  8. On The Other Hand
  9. If You Could See Me
  10. The Deepest Sea
  11. You Are Here
  12. The Stories We Tell Ourselves
  13. Making Nothing Out Of Something
  14. Twice Shy

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